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1994 NEC Versa 40EC PC-440-1531

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My portable retro battlestation/restoration project. Lots of fun with Batteries and J.B. Weld.
  1. AT&T DS Front Panel
  2. Ethernet card in NEC Versa Dock II/AT&T DS
  3. NEC Versa 40EC running with Dock
  4. CD ROM Shennanigans - NEC CR-560E in Action (trying to install Office 97')
  5. AT&T DS Docking Station Tag (Rebadged NEC Versa Dock II)
  6. NEC 40EC running M/75's screen with the Digitizer removed prepping sound card drivers for the M/75 - working on my patio at night.
  7. Just a random shot from a day or two ago while doing battery experiments.  Currently I'm working on ideas that allow me to make vintage PC's capable...
  8. And the battery experiments continue.  There was some sort of device originally on teh orange joint between the sense pin and the negative for the...
  9. Making note of the 640x480 TFT Active Matrix Dispaly.  Surprisingly, it seems NEC also used these in industrial equipment, and they are a heck of a...
  10. A writeout of all the components that make up the NEC OP-570-4001 and OP-570-4401 NiMH 3800mah primary batteries.  I eventally have an idea to maybe...
  11. A closeup of my WFWG Links DOS Window web surfing session.
  12. Surfing the internet with TLS 1.0 under Links 2.20 in Windows For Workgroups 3.11.
  13. Charging the two NiMH battery packs I tried rejuvinating.  Unfortunatley I'm blowing a LOT of cells, lol.
  14. Some late night surfing in Arachne 1.97 on Uncreative Labs forums.
  15. POST
  16. My current main WiFi Card - Cisco Aironet LMC-352, it works great tethered to my cell phone's data plan
  17. Playing SimCity 2000 for DOS
  18. BBSing with cool Anime ASCII Art
  19. Surfing the web at a AirBNB Cabin, December 2019, Lake Tahoe
  20. Surfing the RetroComputing BBS
  21. PIcture of the WaveLAN Silver card I'm using (I also use a Cisco LMC-352 occasionally, Aironet card)
  22. Surfing the internet in Windows 95 over a Orinoco Advocent WaveLan Silver on my home WiFi
  23. Pllaying NES Games in NESticle, has amazing performance for this considering it's a 486 DX2-40 SLC CPU
  24. Playing DOS Games
  25. Cover Closed - FIxed
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