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1994 NEC Versa M/75 486 DX4-75

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1994 NEC Versa M/75
POWER: 7.2V NiMH Smart Batteries + AC
CPU: i486 DX4-75MHz
RAM: 24MB - 8MB on board, 16MB card
FDD: 1.44MB 3.5"
HDD: 80GB Seagate Momentous (DDO)
SND: Crystal CS-4231 WSS Digital Audio
GFX: 1MB C&T w/ 640x480 A/M LCD 9.4"

Laptop is a mix of parts from my original M/75 with touch and an AAC, and a unit that had a bad screen circuit in it that I replaced with the guts from the previous M/75 screen assy'. Currently is backup to the P/75.
  1. At the WFW311 Desktop.
  2. Booting to Windows For Workgroups 3.11 on the original 540MB HDD - this thing is so clean and uncracked you could eat off of it.  It looks like it...
  3. Bottom shot showing the model number.  This one was made around July 94' based on the date codes inside.
  4. After replacing the LCD with the one from my 40EC (trying to kit-bash and/or repair the other 2 NEC NL6448AC30 panels I have for the 40EC when the...
  5. Shot of the DOS PRompt - notice how the active C:\> prompt is cut off.
  6. Another shot of the original LCD with it's magin problem.
  7. Original LCD panel installed.  Showing the "margin" from some kind of timing problem with the original daughter card.  With the other daughter card I...
  8. The original LCD - NL6448AC30-12 - with the original LCD Controller daughtercard it's pushing the image down about 32 pixels.  Not sure what's going...
  9. The original hard disk had a very stripped down install of Windows 95 on it.
  10. Early shot with the original M/75's touch screen assembly.  I had to swap out an LCD controller board to get this to work as the other board was...
  11. #2 Back E-bay
  12. #2 Top Ebay
  13. #2 Open Ebay
  14. #2 Bottom Ebay
  15. Original NEC Display Panel during repairs/tweaking
  16. NEC NL6448AC30-10 - original LCD panel, doing repairs/fixes.
  17. CMOS Battery hiding spot under chassis cage.
  18. Docked
  19. Crystal CS4231-KQ WSS Compatible Audio located below the PCMCIA Slots (no OPL)
  20. I wake up one night to find out the Versa M/75 had charged (using the aftermarket battery from the P/75) and was now running under it's own power.
  21. Almost 1.5 hours on a single charge while playing multiple games on this thing - not bad for a 25 year old well-traveled former-AAC laptop.
  22. I don't think the meter is that accurate, it runs for around an hour to an hour and  a half, then goes into Standby (somehow my bridge battery still...
  23. Starting work on the Monitor Stand.
  24. My plans for the Docking Station Monitor Stand
  25. Trying a new method to shock worn out NiMH Cells back to life - My trusty 12A Car Charger....good enough for a Ford, good enough for an NEC.
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