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1993 NEC Ultralite Versa PC-410

1993 NEC Ultralite Versa
PSU: 7.2V NiMH OP-570-4001/Orig AC
CPU: i486 DX SL-25MHz
RAM: 4MB on-board
FDD: 1.44MB 3.5" Floppy
GFX: C&T 1MB SVGA, 640x480 ACt Mtx
SND: Internal Speaker

ISSUES - there are a lot

- Entire case is cracked to pieces, will be a massive operation to repair the damage if even possible to result with a structurally sound laptop

- Motherboard is dead, smells like someone spilled their mussels dinner on the laptop and the AC adapter. Oscillator on the bottom rusted out. Does seem to be recieving power up to the power board. Makes clicks when battery installed.

- AC Adapter is dead, bad caps + mussel dinner smell as well

- Screen utterly destroyed, top layer of polarizer melted, but boards inside screen are good xferring to NL6448AC30-10 panel)

- Good battery and FDD

May decide to keep for parts if I find a better condition Ultralite Versa that would make a decent unit. Just need to find one. Would not mind finding a 20 with a touch or monochrome screen to compliment the color screens of the others.
  1. Motherobard Assembled - Top Half.  It does not POST nor pick up battery status, and there was ticking from the battery area when a battery was...
  2. Bottom of the motherboard, south and east of the C&T graphics controller you can see where that Canistor Resonator rusted out.
  3. A box of pieces in a puzzle.....a not-so Ultralite puzzle if you ask me.
  4. The origial brick power supply is dead - looks like Capacitor leakage, or whatever dolt spilled his clam dinner hit the PSU too.
  5. I roughly put the "Puzzle" back together - maybe if I ever get this thing going I should make the hostname "Humpty".
  6. The Box o' Plastic - this thing is like a Jigsaw puzzle right now - there's a mere possibility I might try putting it all back together with J.B....
  7. The rusty can oscillator, it's a 
1.8432 (MHz?) 
220A 3E
  8. A can Oscillator fell off here - it appears this computer was a victim of a serious spill.....possibly someone's seafood since that's what it smelled...
  9. Intel 486 DX SL 25 CPU on the main processor board
  10. Case completley crumbled on the way here - it's literally a box full of gray plastic shards now.  This is where the HDD sits with the others - it's a...
  11. Looks like I have my work cut out for me on this one.
  12. Base unit looks in pretty good shape.
  13. Wow....what the heck happened here?  Looks like the 486 DX had a bit of a thermal fit.
  14. Screen looks like Godzilla took a bite out of it, but at least all the chassis covers are still in place XD
  15. Looks like the 70th week of 1993 on this one, if I'm decoding the serial right.  PC-410 - that means it's a 25MHz model (the PC-400 is the 20 MHz...
  16. This side looks almost perfect except the chunk of plastic missing off the latch for the screen.
  17. Intel Sticker still in tact.....this is awesome.  Screen is obviously messed up, especially it's chassis - holy crap.  There's another one just like...
  18. Funny they measured it since it's basically as thick as an Electric guitar, and as long and wide as a A4 piece of paper.
  19. The bottom casing looks perfect - no cracks, no breaks, I'm willing to bet al the screw anchors are still in good shape.Kind of neat to see how...
  20. Look at that old logo.  This is how you tell the original Ultralite Versa from the later models.  The E and V series in DX2 only showed "VERSA" on...
  21. Closed the top does not look that bad.  Sure the corner is destroyed - but we may be able to fix and reinforce it using Aluminum, J.B. Weld, Baking...
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