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1994 NEC Versa M/75 486 DX4-75 Laptop

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Yet another Versa, I'm really digging these....
- Intel 80486 DX4-75
- 24MB RAM (soon to be 40)
- 244MB and 80GB HDD (2nd shared with 40EC)
- FreeDOS, DOS 6.22/WFW 3.11
- Touch Screen w/ Pen Provisions
- Crystal Business Audio
- Cisco Aironet LMC-352
  1. I wake up one night to find out the Versa M/75 had charged (using the aftermarket battery from the P/75) and was now running under it's own power.
  2. Almost 1.5 hours on a single charge while playing multiple games on this thing - not bad for a 25 year old well-traveled former-AAC laptop.
  3. I don't think the meter is that accurate, it runs for around an hour to an hour and  a half, then goes into Standby (somehow my bridge battery still...
  4. Starting work on the Monitor Stand.
  5. My plans for the Docking Station Monitor Stand
  6. Trying a new method to shock worn out NiMH Cells back to life - My trusty 12A Car Charger....good enough for a Ford, good enough for an NEC.
  7. Pulling the Smart Module out of Battery #2 to hit it with 12 amps at 12 volts  with my car charger.
  8. 2 Batteries and no Floppy Drive.....I'll fix that soon enough.
  9. Checking the Battery Gauge while Battery #2 starts to charge - using the NEC Battery Utility in Windows 3.11 For Workgroups
  10. Gut Shots
  11. Gut Shots
  12. Gut Shots
  13. Gut Shots
  14. Gut Shots
  15. Gut Shots
  16. Gut Shots
  17. Gut Shots
  18. Gut Shots`
  19. System 2000 CommPac Words+ Insides
  20. System 2000 CommPac Words+ Insides
  21. System 2000 CommPac Words+ Insides
  22. Laptop on the patio 2
  23. Laptop on the Patio 1
  24. Digitizer Part Number - it's a 3M Microtouch part
  25. Digitizer Part# and Connetion
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