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1995 NEC Versa P/75

The third (and final) Versa in my collection of Versa Laptops. This is also the final version of the Versa PC-4xx series laptop platform (removable screen). My plan is to put Windows 9x on it.

- intel Pentium 75
- 40MB of RAM
- ESS688 Audio
- 1MB C&T SVGA w/ 800x600 TFT 9.4"
- Windows 95 OSR 2.5
  1. P75RAM
  2. P75ram2
  3. P75 first time undocked running win95
  4. This particular version of the Versa PC-4xx model series has an ESS688 Audio Drive SoundBlaster compatible chip rather than a WSS compatible chip...
  5. Cleaning the chassis, giving a few gut shots. (did not take many at that time)
  6. Top Cover After Cleaning
  7. Top Cover Before Cleaning
  8. p755
  9. p754
  10. NEC Versa P/75 Finally Came home... 
- intel Pentium 75 MHz 
- 8MB RAM (no Memory Card) 
- 1.44MB Floppy 
- replacement battery 
- 540MB HDD...
  11. Home At Last
  12. And it's a refurb too....
  13. This thing has seem some s***
  14. Dirty dirty dirty....
  15. Well used....
  16. Full front shot
  17. Look at how dirty this thing was...
  18. Top
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