It is probably time for a gentle reminder about forum etiquette. Some of us have been here since the beginning of time, and others are new. However, it benefits all of us if we understand the basic rules. And so, without further delay or unnecessary wordiness, here is a gentle reminder.

Thou Shall Keep Relatively Close To Topic

There are over 40 different areas to post to. You should be able to find an appropriate area related to your topic of discussion. There are even four areas in the 'Completely off Topic' area for any discussion that doesn't relate to vintage machines. Please familiarize yourself with the different areas and use them. Remember, this is "The Vintage Computer Forum."

Thou Shall Contribute Something Meaningful

To put things in engineering terms, we value a high signal to noise ratio.

If you are taking less than 30 seconds to make a post, then you are probably doing something wrong. A post should be on topic, clear, and contribute something meaningful to the discussion. If people read your posts and feel that their time as been wasted, they will stop reading your posts. Worse yet, they may head off elsewhere and then we lose members of the community for no good reason.

It is ok to throw in the occasional one-liner - we are all human. But let's get serious about what we are posting. If this place devolves into another meaningless chat room, then we all lose.

Thou Shall Be Polite

There will always be disagreements. But it should not turn into rudeness. We are all here voluntarily. (Admin's note: I have a particularly low tolerance level for trolling, flaming and other rude behavior.)

Conduct yourself as you would at any other place where people come together to discuss their hobby.

This should be obvious but, just in case: profanity, threats, slurs against any group (sexual, racial, gender, etc.) will not be tolerated.

Member Contact

From time to time we get requests to contact members of the forum outside of the standard forum methods (posts, PM and email.) This will never happen so please don't ask. If a member has blocked emails and won't respond to posts or PMs then there is nothing that the administrative staff can do. Sorry.

Other Suggestions

- Use Google, books, or other definitive sources.
- Spelling and grammar are not rated, but they do make a post easier to read.

Up to this point the moderators have been doing an excellent job of moving posts around. We reserve the right to delete threads and posts outright. Users who habitually start off-topic threads will be warned and dealt with privately.