This forum gets spammed.

A lot.

Yes it does.

You don't see too much of it leaking through, though, because I have the forum set to moderate the posts of new users.

What this means is that some posts from some newer users may get moderated from time to time. I'm not sure what the triggers are nor am I sure how long it lasts in the real world. These are part of the black magic of vBulletin.

What I am sure of is that it reduces both the amount of spam you see and the amount that the spammers try to post.

As such I'm willing to tolerate a few trips a day into the moderation queue, when I find the time, to release valid posts and to delete the spams. All I ask is that you please tolerate the inconvenience for your first days here.

That is all. And yeah, it was more than a word...