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  1. Why Can I Not Resist?
  2. Lots of free computer books in DC area
  3. What's Your Rank?
  4. Mystery 8" hard drive NEC DKU031-HBSC
  5. Vintage Computers in Hanoi
  6. "Where are they now" - computer/electronics catalogs you used to get
  7. Some guy interviewed in Vintage Treasures magazine
  8. Suprise Encounter with Vintage Computers
  9. Best advice for a quick computer / video card testing station
  10. Manage social media
  11. Fire in the Valley - 3rd edition
  12. 9100B upgrade project
  13. have you _ever_ contemplated manufacturing a picture tube (crt)?
  14. Help with Epson Equity I+ or Apex 100 to find SETUP.EXE Utility
  15. "Weak Disk" protections in TransCopy format
  16. Using a Wyse Terminal monitor on a typical 286 or 386 pc
  17. How valuable are Digital Computer Terminal VT102?
  18. Silcon Graphics category in the Genres section?
  19. Orchid RamQuest 8/16 Memory Expansion Boards
  20. Whence Apple "PRAM"?
  21. My 2nd Attempt at Retr0Briting
  22. What to keep: Amiga 1000 or Apple IIe ?
  23. VCF East X pictures and articles
  24. Has anyone ever spray painted a vintage PC?
  25. Floppy reliability. Is it just me?
  26. Intel 8087 - No homebrew computers featuring that co-processor?
  27. My first foray into SMD reworking
  28. Triumph-Adler Alphatronic P2
  29. Any Vintage PC experts in Chicago Area?
  30. spray painting project
  31. no enough space between symbols in the dosbox
  32. Looking for pictures/info of/about Olivettis....
  33. Arnold Spielberg and the birth of Personal Computing
  34. Sydex Items on eBay
  35. Re-making vintage computers again on a single chip.
  36. best way to interface vintage printers with pc [tutorial]
  37. Candidate for one of the worst predictions of the future...
  38. David Hasselhoff - True Survivor (from Kung Fury)
  39. Which of these vintage computer systems had the most Japanese software available?
  40. What vintage systems were equally popular in both the U.S. and Japan simultaneously?
  41. Brother HR-25 color print ribbon?
  42. Daisy wheel printer as medium for art [discussion & examples]
  43. How can I use a vintage computer to compose text for a modern blog?
  44. Restoring some Univac 1050s modules
  45. Looking for a history or retrospective book on the Atari ST line
  46. I got a cool B&W TV. Looking for [B&W only] computer.
  47. Fleamarkets in the USA
  48. Electronic Product Associates Micro 68 Computer, need info
  49. Buying a starter motherboard.
  50. When did the 8-bit era end?
  51. Large stash of old computer magazines near Wash DC
  52. Computer Stores and Shows in the 1980s
  53. Who were the creators of these retro systems?
  54. is anyone interested in IBM production lists?
  55. Are NOS Orion R15APMA-DH Orange Monochrome CRT Tubes Worth Anything?
  56. What were some good non-G.U.I. environment word processor software packages?
  57. On this day in history:
  58. NYT video on collecting computers
  59. History of portable computers book
  60. Alternatives to StarTTY
  61. Identifying an unknown Pixar card with Transputers on it?
  62. A question or two about vintage analog computers in the US
  63. Apricot Qi 650T
  64. When does a computer really become vintage.
  65. Worlds First Relay Computers
  66. George, the computer.
  67. Amiga 30 event in Amsterdam
  68. MCA hard disk shock mounts dissolved.
  69. Shock mounts desolved on an MCA direct connect drive
  70. Rubber shock mounts just disolved
  71. Sirius: A tri-processor 8051 handheld computer
  72. Maybe in the wrong place, but - Hazeltine and Execuport portable printing terminals
  73. Information
  74. My book is in print!
  75. Any Idea where to get: Tadiran TL-5253/C Battery 6.8V
  76. What 70 years of computing sounds like
  77. Model Railway controller
  78. My Youtube video channel
  79. Xeltek Unipro EPROM burner
  80. Help with value on an old group of computers? Part 1
  81. Help with value on an old group of computers? Part 2
  82. All My Floppies Are Dead! :(
  83. Digging up some internal HP stuff, is any of it cool?
  84. Polish forum for old computer stuff
  85. Huge news! MARCH's 501c3
  86. Law Review Note
  87. PC World Volume 10 Issue 12 Page 170 scan
  88. Need info about IBM thermo transfer printer or typewriter of about 1989 / early 1990
  89. My grandfather's Olivetti computer was an M380-40!
  90. How to bring back original color of plastic panel on old PCs
  91. PC Magazine: 7 Amazing Vintage Computer Collections
  92. Movies/Shows Involving Retro Computing
  93. Core Memory 64 bit (picture heavy)
  94. Scans of computer magazines from Yugoslavia (early '80s to late '90s)
  95. Photos at Microsoft Corp (1979)
  96. willing to buy Xerox Alto! please help!
  97. 1984 Microsoft Word For Macintosh ver 1.0 Sealed.
  98. CompuColor 8001?
  99. Looking for information on this old Acer
  100. silicon graphics prices
  101. Who purchased the Jupiter Ace license?
  102. The Computer Museum Store Catalog ~1985
  103. Didn't see that coming!
  104. Best way to repair carbon rubber keypads
  105. original compaq portable looking for new home
  106. Exidy Sorcerer II Questions
  107. Extron VTG200. Interesting device to check vintage monitors.
  108. The "All Night Fighter" PS/2 model 25 coffee cup!
  109. How to use Escape Sequence codes for Printers? (Juki 6100 daisywheel printer)
  110. "Abacus to smartphone" book update
  111. R.I.P. ftp.microsoft.com (1993-2015)...
  112. any HP oscilloscope afficionados?
  113. Intel Above board - 14 pin DIP SHUNT?
  114. Epson SD-560/SD-540/SD-521 Floppy Drives
  115. INSIDE the Microsolutions Backpack 3.5" external floppy drive
  116. Eagle Computer model list
  117. New logo: Vintage Computer Federation
  118. What do you actually do with your vintage computers?
  119. Having trouble with a toshiba t1200 laptop
  120. Intel C8080A - Only code on it is 0051A - what year was this made?
  121. Keep Vintage Computer acquisition "dirty"?
  122. What a day!
  123. IBM 3270 Graphics Control Program Manual and Floppies
  124. Transplating 1/2" audio/VHS/DLT/LTO tape into 9-track reels?
  125. Crypto-Journalling
  126. Orchid Tiny Turbo 286 - Badly bent and twisted pins (FIX)
  127. Who wants to help me with a little experiment? (and some street cred!)
  128. What's the max than an IBM XT case can take - IBM XTeroids upgrade?
  129. Hey! Let's have a vintage computer item sell-off!
  130. Best path to an Altair 8800
  131. I found a very interesting website that rents old computers as movie props!
  132. How long have you let projects collect dust and then finished them?
  133. Floppy disk emulator : (Price question aside) .....GOTEX or Lotharek's?
  134. 1956 GE Carboloy Machinability Computer
  135. What is an Osborne occ 1 worth?
  136. First computer/handheld with LED backlight
  137. Best SVGA monitors?
  138. Is a replica ever more than a replica?
  139. 5.25 and 3.5 on the same cable
  140. VCF East XI: April 15-17, 2016
  141. Advice needed with large lot of vintage hardware and electronics... XT, MFM, ISA etc.
  142. CRT substitution
  143. Help on converting a Basic Txt file to a wav file
  144. "invalid response from real time clock" (DALLAS DS1216E)
  145. Ultimate ImageDisk and TeleDisk computer?
  146. K6 2+ Retro Box: Dual booting 98SE and 7
  147. What is the best way to clean vintage computers both inside and outside?
  148. 5 1/4" Disk Labels
  149. A lighthearted look at testing one's stored computers
  150. Latest find: Ampro Little Board hidden in dual floppy drive case
  151. Bunch of Links to vintage computing sites
  152. A word of caution about storage and cables...
  153. How *not* to sell me your old computer
  154. 27256 vs. 27C256 and 28256 vs. 28C256
  155. I picked up some free computers!
  156. HP 9123D and HP 150-2
  157. Apple probably wasn't happy
  158. HP 9100B shipping horror story
  159. When you DIE, will your collection Die also ? ie Chucked in a Junk skip by others
  160. Motherboard size examples?
  161. Old VCF East/West videos going online soon
  162. Why do computers in storage seem to go bad?
  163. Building a mock Dial-up ISP
  164. More videos!
  165. What is the point in old computers
  166. Disk cataloging system that parses diskette images?
  167. IBM Deskstar 75GXP
  168. Yet another batch of videos!
  169. Osborne Effect and first portable computer
  170. Windows 3.1 & NT browsing the Internet today
  171. Networking vintage machines, linux bridge/router?
  172. Gene Roddenberry's Floppy Disks
  173. ASR 33 Questions
  174. Windows Free Licenses ?
  175. Dos 3.3 Question / Dos 5.0 Question
  176. Has anyone connected their vintage PC to their Raspberry Pi using SLIP?
  177. Thank you, VCF , for sending me off the deep end on my music project!
  178. Tulip 286 ISA card?
  179. JUMPtec MOPS/586 PC/104 card free to good home
  180. HxC SD/SDHC floppy drive emulator
  181. SGI In Michigan?
  182. Funny Dymo label on an old Ohio Scientific board
  183. With an AT, would you rather?
  184. Old Advertising that makes you cringe ...
  185. The Appeal of 4:3
  186. How far do you go to say a collection is complete?
  187. Vintage Printer
  188. Altair disk drive in Knight Rider pilot
  189. SlimLine IDE Drive Adapters for LS-240 SuperDisk drives
  190. 720k on Windows 10?
  191. Circuitwriter not conducting?
  192. Collectors around the world
  193. Colorado 250MG computer
  194. Windows 98 in a Microdrive?
  195. Motorola 6845 - Which deployment looks best?
  196. What do you consider "tested"?
  197. Wes Clark, 88 :(
  198. How do you dump a PC BIOS with debug
  199. HP Pavilion a220n
  200. Can you identify a VGA monitor by its cable?
  201. Scrapping info/resources
  202. What are some good ways to find old computer equipment?
  203. VGA -> RGB adapters
  204. Vintage Computers in the Pacific Northwest
  205. Ray Tomlinson (an early email pioneer) has passed away
  206. Any recommendations for an 80s machine to tinker with?
  207. Family Ties - What Computer Is This?
  208. Anybody here work on laptops and have a microscope?
  209. Vintage Laptop w/ ISA Slots?
  210. Need help in identifying this unfinished CPUs boards (Pentium Pro?)
  211. Lots of DEC stuff available
  212. IDE ZIP + LS120 + Desktop NAS
  213. Vintage Computer Sales Records
  214. Anyone else use a CRT for their main computers?
  215. Advice on choosing vintage Apple computers?
  216. Re-Bitten By The Collecting Bug
  217. microchannel scsi cable adaptors, a sucess story
  218. Selling a Vintage Computer on Ebay - Safeguards / Opinions
  219. Adding an ISA slot
  220. Are you a heretic?
  221. Appropriate Scope for vintage computer diagnosis
  222. PSU servicing
  223. Disappointment After Going Through Old Collection
  224. Computer Collectors in North East Florida
  225. Get back Excel files after D drive
  226. Oldest still-in-use bus?
  227. When an index to the web fit on one CD
  228. Decision Data 8010 keyboard... ASCII?
  229. VCF East story in Electronic Design Today
  230. Sick Sorcerer II
  231. Where do you guys buy screws for you vintage machines from?
  232. What are these things?
  233. Help me with questions for an interview with Michael Fryer, VP of Engineering for GCC
  234. RS232 Splitter?
  235. Toshiba Satellite
  236. Logic probe vs logic analyser
  237. So what computer is your workhorse?
  238. Original Donkey Kong Arcade
  239. People still collect plotters?
  240. 15 Year old with 200 Apple Computers
  241. Modification of address for Dallas DS1216E SmartWatch RTC module
  242. Hercules and VGA dual-monitor task-switching
  243. Data General Nova 3
  244. Sites that offer download of programs in .wav?
  245. XT-IDE via floppy boot instead of EPROM?
  246. MOnSter 6502 - Microprocessor in Discrete Components
  247. Recommended Vacuum Cleaner?
  248. Sperimentare Magazines
  249. New to eprom progrmaming; what programmer for Atmel 28C64 eeprom?
  250. Audiovation/A OS/2 Drivers