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  1. Have you seen this font?
  2. Sperry/Remington Rand Microfilm Cabinet, Perfect for ICs
  3. Voodoo5 5500 - Image issues - Desert heat waves!
  4. SO what does a 1000 (US) Dollar monitor look like darn neat 17 years later
  5. Firefighting, Emergency Electrical Isolation, First Aid in ur Vintage Computer Room
  6. Laptops with Twisted Nematic display / sunlight readable
  7. Big announcement
  8. Early computer lightweight review
  9. Fully working Woz-signed straight Apple 2 + Lee F.-signed Sol-20 for auction
  10. Brand New Sealed in Boxes NEC ProSpeed SX/20's
  11. Just been to my favorite eWaste collection place. Was surprised what I encountered
  12. #giveAccessToEwaste for Vintage Computer and Vintage Electronic restorer's
  13. Laptop bought 6 months in the Future ie Dec 2016, is listed on eBay
  14. Mystery EPROM
  15. Vintage Computer Collection
  16. Can you spot the BIOS battery, because I can't!?!
  17. Programming a Fujitsu MB7052 bipolar PROM
  18. Selling N.O.S. parts, to open or not?
  19. USB 5-1/4 Floppy drive?
  20. Comptometer
  21. Barrington E'lite Questions Need Help Please!
  22. Using a vintage US NTSC monitor in the UK.
  23. RF to Composite (RCA) converter?
  24. Public Displays?
  25. PowerBook 540 (black and white) Found!
  26. Amstrad CPC464
  27. imaging scsi drives on new machines, any experiences?
  28. Vintage computers in Napa?
  29. Junk Shop in Colorado Springs
  30. AMAZING READ , go look at this document 1964 dated. located on Bitsavers
  31. Cleaning Old Sharpie from Computers
  32. Is our hobby starting to decline a bit?
  33. Computer History Museum in Mountain View CA
  34. Restoration of Cheap Metals used as RF Shielding
  35. FYI: VCF West is streaming Live [link]
  36. Period correct vs beefed-up hardware
  37. What make and model of AT Baby Tower is this?
  38. etiquette to met in person, vcf foke, especially International 1's, U chat to here ?
  39. Which Computer and Scientific Museums Globally are a Really a MUST see and why ???
  40. Uses for Vintage Computers Today?
  41. Can anyone identify this vintage computer?
  42. Revisit of "6800 MORSER" article BYTE Magazine October 1976
  43. Are there any decent surplus stores left in London
  44. BAD Timing synchronization issue between eBay global sites ???
  45. BAD Timing synchronization issue between eBay global sites ???
  46. sorry all, Not sure why that eBay timing issue post, double posted ??
  47. Scammed on eBay
  48. Have IBM PC 5150 w monitor and printer
  49. $815K for latest Apple 1
  50. Ideal Machine for OS/2
  51. RIP, John Ellenby, he of the Grid Compass
  52. More VCFest videos posted
  53. File .iso di Floppy disk (from 1.44KB to 720KB)
  54. Opinions on SMD rework stations
  55. Free Vintage Gear if you come help sort it0 Located near Midland Michgan
  56. Shipping a Teletype
  57. Largest Private Vintage Computer Collections
  58. It's Diagnostics Day
  59. Photoshop 1.0 Unboxing
  60. I have the secret chip!!!
  61. Looking for advice on expanding a collection
  62. Strange behavior of the Floppy Drive TOSHIBA T3100e, T3200
  63. Has anyone cloned the SSI-263P speech chip?
  64. VCF West Video Audio Question
  65. Chord Keyboards
  66. Some Photo Art-Work with old PC's )
  67. The Vault - Synchronet BBS
  68. Olivetti ETV 300 Restored
  69. Small CRT repair
  70. Olivetti M20 ST Keyboard clean up
  71. What is it with the ELFs?
  72. Toshiba T3100e Modem Card not recognized
  73. Foam-in-place packing?
  74. Paper tape
  75. Vintage IBM thinkpad 380XD , processor upgrade issue
  76. Video card
  77. Vintage Toshiba Laptop: Which product year interests you?
  78. Swtpc mp-a2
  79. Make a Post Using Vintage Computer Here
  80. Bondwell BW 34
  81. What were those 'metal sockets' called?
  82. Questions about Olivetti monitors
  83. The strangest Olivetti PC I've seen online??
  84. Got my ASR-33 today!
  85. Keyboards with mouse interface? Which systems used to have this?
  86. Acquiring systems without having to pay out the nose?
  87. Trying to extend a floppy cable
  88. Cost of a second hand IBM PC by the late eighties
  89. Possible PayPal scam
  90. Any ideas what this ISA card is?
  91. Date Code for 8267N?
  92. Connecting Two Modems Directly to Transfer Files
  93. Help identify these boards, please.
  94. Existential Vintage Computing
  95. USB floppy emulators
  96. What are some serial devices that one could play around with on a modern PC?
  97. For the love of Wang...
  98. Need ASR33 Teletype instructions or code
  99. Need help installing XP on a Sandisk CF card ( removable bit set)
  100. Cataloging Your Collection
  101. Can anyone identify and put a pricetag on this fossil of a computer?
  102. "A home computer is a long term investment" so Ti Says back in 1981.
  103. Unusual 8" floppy disks?
  104. Funny things found in/on old computers...
  105. How to be focused in De-Cluttering my workshop and collection space
  106. Clearing unallocated sectors in FAT disk image
  107. 65802 vs. 6809 vs. 65816
  108. Altiworld BBS
  109. Quarter-inch audio output vs. 3.5mm audio output questions
  110. Most advanced 8-bit CPU ever...... 6809? 65816? Z280? eZ80? AVR? Opinions?
  111. Took my computers to GAME FILM EXPO at Sokolniki )
  112. Can you identify this book?
  113. Author seeking advice for novel--data on an IBM 2314 or similar
  114. 1981 printer: slashed ohs/unslashed zeroes?
  115. Multiple Vintage computers with one display
  116. Museum's in the New england area?
  117. Core Memory lifespan?
  118. List of computers/hardware once thought to be rare that aren't today.
  119. Anyone have a hardcopy of More Basic Computer Games (non-trs80 edition)
  120. Hidden data worries me... (My mental illness)
  121. Picked up a new (old) computer
  122. Hello.. new here
  123. 5.25" floppy with write-protect "slider"
  124. Connecting a vintage PC to the internet via serial port and wifi
  125. Tech VIPs we lost in 2016
  126. 8" floppy storage (box)
  127. Anyone with a Cray?
  128. How do you organize your stuff while keeping it accessible/usable?
  129. Just bought a CIB Sound Blaster card from a thrift store! I have a few questions.
  130. Storing and cleaning old circuit boards
  131. Your Vintage/Retro projects for 2017?
  132. Hardware Purge/Case Connundrum.......
  133. Musings: You know you're into vintage computing when...
  134. Olivetti M380-40 on eBay Germany
  135. How do you go about powering up your latest Acquisition ????
  136. Has anybody tried Rust-Oleum Recolor on a yellowed case?
  137. Mark-8 Obtronix kit
  138. Got some cool original documents
  139. looking for older pc working web servers
  140. Eric S Raymond: Things every hacker once knew
  141. Insane ebay prices
  142. !!!Help needed!!! Converting CADSTAR 6 (and earlyer) files from ATARI ?!?
  143. Movie Hidden Figures
  144. Windows 3.x still in use in PCB manufacturing in 2017
  145. Vintage computer PCB fonts
  146. VIC 20 in John Wick Chapter 2
  147. I'm New
  148. Younger collectors: What brings you into the hobby?
  149. How to clean yoghurt out of a computer?
  150. A random Z80 micro controller
  151. Floppy Drive Felt Replacement
  152. Nice honor from EEWeb
  153. What kind of computer cassette tape is this? (TEAC CT-600H)
  154. Obscene Floppy Drive Prices
  155. 40 Years Ago
  156. Defining Eras of Vintage
  157. Using DOM/CF/SD as IDE hard drives: Benefits/Drawbacks?
  158. SCSI to PCMCIA adapter, need help determining if they are true SCSI devices
  159. "The Computer Chronicles"
  160. Can I store a dot matrix printer on its side?
  161. Gateway 2000 p5 100 xl Wonder if the price is fair ?
  162. New old stock floppies loosing data...
  163. Help building 62k CP/M for Kaypro 4
  164. Zenith ZVM - 121 - just having fun
  165. Retail Outlets for Early Computers
  166. Stupid me!!!
  167. What was the first joystick for a home computer?
  168. Historical Pros/Cons of storing filesystem data on track 0?
  169. To recover the data from my old computer
  170. www.classiccmp.org & cctalk down?
  171. Noisy PSU fan
  172. Amdahl corporation mcc multiple chip carrier 470
  173. Mm1101an
  174. Just getting into Vintage
  175. User group newsletter reflect a bygone age
  176. Buying on ebay
  177. Seen on ebay: Unbuilt McGraw-Hill NRI Microcomputer kit
  178. What's this terminal?
  179. VCF East is just 10 days away!!!
  180. Windows 95/98 DCC null modem serial cable doesn't go past verifying username / pwd
  181. Need help locating alternative part for vintage Sony trinitron tuner neon bulb
  182. Dremel drill bits for circuit boards
  183. NJ Motor Vehicle Commission still using DOS?
  184. Improvising a Shugart-34 to PC-34 Connector Cable - doable?
  185. Apple 1, Commodore 65, Enigma Machine, Inventor of C++
  186. If you have a 3D printer, heres a 5.25" full height to 3.5" floppy adapter I designed
  187. What is this?
  188. Volunteering at non profit
  189. SATA to IDE adapters for using new SATA devices on older machines?
  190. How do I hook this SCSI ID select switch up?
  191. VFX-1 VR Gaming Helmet Reverse Engineering Project
  192. Question for vintage software collectors
  193. Do you know which brand this case from late 90's ?
  194. Hotels for VCF West?
  195. Rusted off chip legs
  196. VCF Southeast - April 29-30
  197. Where do you guys get all your vintage gear?
  198. Calling All COBOL programmers
  199. GoFundMe for Cap'n Crunch
  200. What vintage PC hardware is considered highly collectible or ordinary and unwanted?
  201. EvalPac, RealVoice, SpeechPac and others
  202. Harry Huskey, Bob Taylor - sad news
  203. Adventures with an 8" drive
  204. Browsing the net on 486 laptop over null modem cable
  205. Where do you find old computers?
  206. Now if you were to manufacture your own retro style computer..
  207. Does the person who coded the POST beep get royalties each time it occurs?
  208. Introduction to www.museodelcomputer.org in Italy
  209. A tale of two diskettes.
  210. Very old viruses on floppy images, need antivirus
  211. Do you install antivirus on older PCs running old versions of Windows?
  212. The Open Source Scan Converter and vintage computers.
  213. NCR Software Distribution Backup Discs from 1983
  214. Need Advice: Cleaning Dusty Floppy Drives
  215. Win 3.11 and network card - locks up on startup
  216. What was the last system that could be fully grokked?
  217. Banner printing software recommendations?
  218. Heathkit Cassette BASIC
  219. Solid State XTA IDE? Maybe!
  220. A what is it thread? Hnad wired wrapped board.
  221. Multibus forum?
  222. How do I get my ZIP100 drive working in Windows 3.1?
  223. Connecting a T440 terminal to a distant computer - modems are needed?
  224. What happened to the 'coming soon' BBS?
  225. Setting up some old computers - but where do I get OS?
  226. Do you remember the name?
  227. Suggesting a "Guess what it is Picture" Post. So what Forum section should be in ?
  228. Anyone own a copy of PC Magazine vol.1 no.5 (Sep '82)...
  229. What is this? Post Photos of Mystery Items Here (vintage computers only)
  230. Odd floppy disk formats?
  231. Networking and internet with Windows 3.11
  232. The Self-running Promo/Demo Disks Thread
  233. Looking for help identifying my old computer
  234. HP 110 first laptop c.1984 working condition for sale
  235. Debugging 8088 programs
  236. Anyone got a repair shop recommendation in Phoenix?
  237. Radio Shack archives auction
  238. Sphere 1
  239. Computer case painting
  240. Farewell Radio Shack
  241. Televideo vs Lear Siegler
  242. Questions about Toshiba Satellite 320CDS
  243. Coding and computer logic for a complete beginner
  244. What was the last 5.25" hard drive?
  245. What type of switch is a standard ATX power switch?
  246. My PCB prayers have been answered (maybe)
  247. Who made the Olivetti M6 500 suprema?
  248. Forum style change - default mobile format
  249. Dumping a mixed FM/MFM floppy
  250. Default Found a rare Novell Data Systems "Nexus I" computer. Need help with diagnosis