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  1. What do you guys know about terminals?
  2. Crossroads
  3. Unbuilt Super Elf kit
  4. Anyone have their own PBX setup?
  5. (Hopefully) New Computer "Museum" in Utica, NY
  6. what is best site - service - format to post video of a vintage computer operating. ?
  7. Weird 6800 behaviour
  8. Hayes Chronograph Post
  9. I just bought the 9th worst computer ever made (according to PC Magazine)
  10. An attempt at building a first version SWTPC keyboard
  11. 3.5 flash disk emulator
  12. Most Collectible Microcomputers of All Time
  13. Floppy drive belt replacement: rubber band?
  14. Grounding with antistatic wristband/mat
  15. Turning a Raspberry Pi into a Parallel "Zip Drive"?
  16. I want to know what kind of computer hardware?
  17. Photos of your computers from the 70s/80s/90s - Post Them Here!
  18. Shipping collections in 2017
  19. would you consider either a Epson LQ-400 or LX-800 Vintage enough ?
  20. Tech Predictions That Came True
  21. Corsham Serial Card
  22. An incalculable loss
  23. Is the cover on this Northstar original?
  24. Good Morning fellow collectors!
  25. VCF West updates
  26. Trying to understand flip chips
  27. Intel I4004
  28. Anyone know what these memory boards are coming from?
  29. Pics of Siemens Fernschreiber 100 Telex, finally home in my Computer room
  30. VCF needs shelving
  31. sharing a quickly taken pic of the vintage section of my electronic-computer room
  32. Let's share how our retro-computing place looks like....
  33. If you were downsizing...
  34. IBM XT vs. Apple IIe - which is better?
  35. USB Floppy Drive that supports 720K
  36. Is this an actual IMSAI 8080? Grey Case?
  37. The Worst Computer Of All Time
  38. What is your most prized vintage computer item?
  39. Does anyone know which computer this is...
  40. what is the weirdest piece of hardware/software in your possession?
  41. late model large CRT Monitors . are they worth saving or simply sending to eWaste ?
  42. 37 pin PC floppy interface for swapping 8" and 5.25" floppy drives?
  43. Contacting Dave Dunfield?
  44. Whats your biggest blunder while working with vintage hardware?
  45. LGR's Latest Video "Restroing an IBM Thinkpad 380XD"
  46. Help me decide, which one goes to the basement, which one stays in my Room!
  47. Equipment longevity questions...
  48. Which machines have held or grown their value?
  49. Getting drives shipped back from Sark
  50. Sony Mavica, which version of Photo Studio?
  51. Epson Equity LT and Intro
  52. What happened to WinWorld?
  53. Interesting Website
  54. EPROM reader recommendations
  55. Are vintage computers doomed in the long run?
  56. Burroughs "mini disk 3" 8" floppy disks
  57. MUSICQUEST MQX32M ISA midi card
  58. Resurrecting an Intel MDS800
  59. USB floppy adapter and options for drives in modern PC's
  60. PC Museume Visit (Pictures)
  61. how do YOU define a "tweener?"
  62. 90's Acer MFG Dates
  63. I have a 1973 Intel board with a zebra stripe C4004 & several 400x support chips...
  64. Idris operating system (PDP-11, Mac, PC, Atari ST, etc.)
  65. rediscovering BASIC programming
  66. Let's help Lee Felsenstein
  67. Vintage LED prices
  68. What is the most powerful 8008 computer built?
  69. International shipping of vintage computer collection
  70. Setting up a local vintage computing club
  71. I am showing my ignorance on Network Topography dynamics by asking this question
  72. Vintage Computer Sales Tracking Spreadsheet
  73. Non-IBM PC Windows 1.x ports?
  74. maben.homeip.net
  75. My friend's storage unit finds...
  76. New vintage-computer (sort of an Apple 1.5) kit available..
  77. Rework station recomendations
  78. Help Identifying Vintage Portable/Luggable and Mainframe PCs - Pre 1986
  79. Rejuvenating old printer ribbons
  80. Got me an "NEC" CDR-550 MultiSpin 3xi CD-ROM
  81. Idea: using X-rays on integrated circuits
  82. Advice on selling NEC PowerMate Portable SX APC-H7020X
  83. Midiman MM401 ROM versions
  84. Fires in California
  85. Voltage configuration question on a XT computer
  86. Refurbishing/modifying beat up vintage cases?
  87. MC6800 reference material
  88. How to deal with floppy disks on modern PCs?
  89. How to reliably get data onto older machine?
  90. Why does enabling cache RAM cause my 386DX to lock up during boot
  91. Metal Mutant compared on plasma screens of Toshiba T3100e and Toshiba T5100
  92. ISA to USB - Are these anywhere to be found?
  93. Regrets Of The Past
  94. "Mini MAS" terminal?
  95. PS2 To Serial Mouse Adapter
  96. On set expert in LA
  97. eBay Warning: Seller AAPro/XT-IDE Knockoffs
  98. Hewlett-Packard historical archives destroyed in Santa Rosa fires
  99. Jim Huffman's PC-68
  100. Story of a Roland SC-88 repair work
  101. Goodwill Kaypros-Misc
  102. Your Project Lists
  103. Huge load from Craigslist!
  104. FPGA based replacment for 40 PIN CPU
  105. Changing refresh rate in MS-Dos - Possible?...
  106. Can't identify this
  107. Shipping SNAFU: Local pickup, but no car
  108. Zenith ZF-158-21
  109. Some kinda microcontroller homebrew?
  110. Oldies on Smartphones
  111. "Classic Computing" - Computer History Book, printed copies for sale
  112. Is Woz wrong on this one?
  113. character corruption
  114. IBM Model M keyboard repair
  115. Any BBS sysops around?
  116. Battery packs
  117. Had a lost document win with an unexpected ADDED SURPRISE.
  118. LGR: Proper Computers for retro PC gaming.
  119. Help! Video Cable Broke
  120. Looking for advice on dealing with international shipping size limits
  121. Can't remember name of 90's PC App
  122. Grant Searle's site down (Source of Homebrew 6502/6809/Z80 systems)
  123. Story of the First Hobbyist BBS
  124. moved all of my bits from the rented 20ft shipping container home. NOW cannot move !!
  125. Monochrome VGA monitors: different types of phosphor
  126. I'm looking for the name of a weird PC vga monitor
  127. Computer Netronics Produced
  128. Rework station recomendations
  129. Kryoflux folks looking for hard sectored disks
  130. Searching for a NFS server for Windows 7-10
  131. First Osborne Group? (FOG)
  132. Finally.
  133. If a 286 can emulate a z80 or C64 why no console love?
  134. Sound Blaster Compatibility
  135. Need help getting past bios on IBM PC 300 PL
  136. File Dropbox
  137. What were some good vintage monitors with outstanding picture quality?
  138. What Card is this
  139. The computer gets pokey, I tickle the keys.
  140. Questions about ROMs
  141. Commodore Vic-20, atari 800xl and 1050
  142. Don't forget! VCFed needs your love!
  143. Atari 1050 + 800XL, Commodore Vic-20
  144. I am upgrading my main DOS Machine
  145. The Jason Scott Documentary Three Pack on Kickstarter
  146. What monitor came with a Stealth Aptiva?
  147. History of the "girlfriend" PC
  148. Dot Matrix Printer Stands: Can I find a simple one?
  149. MIT needs to borrow a working ASR-33
  150. Adventures in garbage rooms, I-never-wanted-a-car-so-badly-before Edition.
  151. Looking for preservation help in worchester area Massachusetts
  152. MPI 52 5.25" Drive Problem
  153. Looking for someone with a working QIC tape that can do dumps...
  154. Aptiva's and OS/2
  155. Please someone look at this video diagram
  156. Laser Printer as accelerator?
  157. Looking for source/disk image from a book
  158. motherboards with LGA1155 socket and floppy connector
  159. 1982 Xerox Diablo 620 Daisy Wheel printer on an IBM compatible?
  160. what's your favorite vintage computer monitor?
  161. Problem with the Altair front panel
  162. Should I buy a TRS-80 model 1?
  163. best dos program to Physically test MFM or RLL hard drives for functionality
  164. for those who restore vintage PC's, why do you do it?
  165. Card Graphics for Gaming..!
  166. Sneak preview: 2018 Vintage Computer Festival shirt design
  167. Need assistance in terms of what is worth what, if I will set up a hardware swap.
  168. ID Help
  169. Cheap VGA -> DVI/HDMI converters that don't suck?
  170. What's your vintage computer to do list look like for 2018?
  171. Free 3.5" Floppy drive, and Floppy diskette score!
  172. Voodoo 2... for anything other than games?
  173. Final reminder! :) VCF Pacific Northwest is THIS WEEKEND
  174. IRC on Vintage Hardware
  175. Where are you finding your vintage computers these days?
  176. Did Compaq EVER offer a computer in a non-proprietary form factor?
  177. Playing 1/2 inch NASA data reel through 1/4 inch audio reel to reel recorder
  178. Anyone try an Asterisk PBX for using dialup modems?
  179. Https recently broken on site?
  180. solutions to get 5.25" floppy drive into modern computer
  181. ESA opposes preserving old titles by museums
  182. Price Factoring
  183. What happens when you import an Olivetti M380-40 from Italy...
  184. My Vintage Computer Wall
  185. Votrax Type N Talk working set up
  186. What would you guys consider a good "tweener" system?
  187. Packard Bell navigator
  188. This is why I have a SuperCard Pro.
  189. what was this thing?
  190. Scoping out pins on a mouse?
  191. How about a MR-BIOS ROM file repository?
  192. reading single-sided format floppies in a PC with a 5.25 inch 1.2 Mbyte drive?
  193. Why do images of this hard drive end up being different?
  194. Picked up a small group of items today
  195. Help: Is this a vintage pc?
  196. New to vintage PCs: My lessons learned.
  197. Things spotted in Ready Player One
  198. Forgetfull new post function
  199. Unisys MPI 4663?
  200. Need to Build a legacy PC to write 5.25" images.
  201. Help regarding an illusive IBM Tower
  202. Sealed Lithium Battery Solution for Barrel Battery Replacements
  203. New old stock computers?
  204. retrobrewcomputers.org
  205. How do you setup and have room for all your Classic Computers?
  206. Some questions for anyone using a 3d printer and scanner to make replacement parts
  207. Incredible shipping box
  208. The find of a lifetime!! The APF Imagination Machine 2!!
  209. Online ticketing is open for VCF East
  210. Can the XMODEM receiver CANCEL a transfer?
  211. My first exposure to Forth
  212. IBM Portable PC 5155 for $1
  213. Just for fun - Fav ~Dream Machine~ builds
  214. Repair of missing case plastic
  215. Looking for a motherboard manual!
  216. A few VCFSE 6.0 photos
  217. Making FR4 Look Old, Without Dye!
  218. Disk Box Ideas
  219. VCF SE Pictures
  220. What does IC IBM 58x5144 / 74 70 / 85301 05020
  221. There ARE still bargains to be had - great haul this morning
  222. VCF East XIII -- Two weeks away!
  223. Thinking of selling my Mark-8 boards
  224. Express FM Radio Card (8-bit ISA)
  225. GUS card not found
  226. So, it turns out that I'm hot garbage at desoldering
  227. Sony PCG-XG19 laptop - what is my sound card?
  228. BromCom computers - URGENT!!!!!
  229. How do you pack an old computer for shipment overseas?
  230. Machine Learning + RetroComputing
  231. Old 486 Computer TV Ad and my thoughts on it.
  232. Yesterday, we lost Nekochan
  233. AdLib Personal Computer Music System IBM PC 1987 Value?
  234. What's the "Bendix Computer" in "Gog"?
  235. Any really good FORYRAN 77 books out there?
  236. Re-creating Byte magazine covers
  237. Hi
  238. VCF museum needs a rack console
  239. Datapoint Equipment
  240. Roland DG Computer Monitor?
  241. WTAMU cultural display
  242. Dial-Up at Home With a Line Simulator
  243. Best way to organize ICs?
  244. Does something like this exist - cassette emulation using sd card?
  245. Compatability between Drives
  246. Anyone know what are the specs for this 1977 Intel ram chip
  247. Help me identify this switch
  248. Elementary Episode "The Game is A-Finger" 06/04/18
  249. plastic repair (Atari in this case)
  250. Looking for vintage computer collection to use as background in video (NYC Area)