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  1. What would it take to figure out a way to program new software for the Videobrain?
  2. Who are your favorite vintage computing YouTubers?
  3. Bell and Howell Ebay Auction with Stencil - Clean off or Keep?
  4. Possible alternative for DS1287/others replacement.
  5. Thicknet/10base5 Ethernet: A Test Setup, Cable and Parts Available!
  6. Common Wire Connectors Writeup
  7. Do you guys ever get lost browsing ebay?
  8. Vote on my next project!
  9. Common / Affordable Desktop Retro LAN Parties (USA)
  10. More exhibitors and volunteers needed for VCF West
  11. Computer that used a DB9 connector for casset interface?
  12. Revealing a personal (non-VCF) project
  13. What time of the year do you work on vintage machines the most?
  14. Using a PS/2 PC keyboard on a HP 700/96 terminal
  15. My Personal Workshop
  16. Colors of Vintage IC's
  17. Value of an IBM 5150 still in its original packaging?
  18. PET in childhood TV show
  19. Thank you to our hardware supporters!
  20. Terminal with twisted image - is it possible to fix?
  21. paypal credit fueling higher ebay prices
  22. Microsolutions Backpack Parallel Port 5.25 floppy drive
  23. VCF West -- Online ticketing + speaker summaries
  24. Bubbled/delaminated screens
  25. Help with Assigning Value to 5150 Computer
  26. Why did shipping costs rise faster than inflation?
  27. VCF West XIII -- next weekend!
  28. Push On/Push Off Switch Repair in a HP 700/43 Terminal
  29. Writing IMD files
  30. Micom2000's Computer Collection Inventory
  31. Casio PB-700 memory question
  32. Do you store your system units horizontally, or vertically?
  33. Looking for some nice vintage computers book
  34. OSHPark
  35. Vintage Japanese 8 Bit Computers
  36. Electrical safety reminder .. maybe you've read similar before BUT read & refresh !
  37. Modification of Rare Computers Question
  38. Unusual old computer boards
  39. bios access quandry
  40. Laying out PCB traces the old way
  41. WiFi to Dial-Up Adapter?
  42. A New Zealand-based early '80s microcomputer retailer talks about his experience
  43. First time I've seen something like this. What is it exactly?
  44. OSI software on ROM?
  45. LTL Freight shipping
  46. Video: Why I Don't Include Sockets for Every IC in Kits
  47. Vintage Lego robotics -- a new web site
  48. Dan Roganti
  49. Why are standalone vintage ASCII keyboards so hard to find?
  50. Buy/Give
  51. Odd CRT effects.
  52. Another Apple I up for auction
  53. Old mask ROM issues - questions
  54. OSI Terminals?
  55. Brittle Plastic
  56. Looking for an Exidy Sorcerer game called "Wilderness"
  57. Cleaning Vic 20 and Commodore 64
  58. A pretty good rant!
  59. Looking for a Packard Bell mouse (Legend series)
  60. Computer history website - can't find it...
  61. Anyone else have a SWTPC GT-6144?
  62. Commodore 64 refused to die
  63. Ultima V Box Art Variations - Help me get a crisp scan?
  64. What's with the Rev 0 Apple replica boards?
  65. PS/2 to parallel keyboard project
  66. Who made SWTPC chassis?
  67. VIC20 and C64 Keys - How to get them all working??
  68. IBM 5150 defiled...
  69. How to repair thin conductive keyboard trace?
  70. Paul Allen dead at 65
  71. Vic 20 and Commodore Power Supplies the Same?
  72. Anyone else interested in restoring / maintaining the classic web ?
  73. Retrobright
  74. Shiny metal
  75. Paint removal
  76. Central Data board
  77. Intel 80186 Poster - Cant find anything about it
  78. Build your own robot type book
  79. Z-Nix mouse
  80. Looking for a good case for a sleeper build.
  81. Arcing
  82. The First "Graphics Card"
  83. Usenet
  84. Using super glue to attach, solder, fine wire to surface mount.
  85. The First "Home Computer Printer"
  86. Shopgoodwill.com discussion
  87. CRT nicks and scratches
  88. Would this keyboard be ASCII?
  89. disk dumping
  90. Did anyone see the Vintage Tech Hunters show on Discovery Canada yet?
  91. Everex Step Megacube 486/33 Elsa
  92. For you monochrome lovers out there, which phosper do you prefer?
  93. At Last, I Have Them All
  94. Can you guys help
  95. Pricing
  96. Was wondering what this terminal/computer is
  97. Taxan RGB monitors
  98. Bill Godbout update -- please read
  99. Swapping a CRT on a CRT monitor
  100. What's my best shot at reading off a disk?
  101. PROM Burner?
  102. The fundamental building block of modern digital design turns 100
  103. Unknown PCB ID
  104. Morrow MDs
  105. Xitex keyboard... with power cord??
  106. Bill Ragsdale on The Secret Origin of FIG-FORTH... and the Founding of FIG
  107. Shipping cost from Japan to US
  108. Siemens Nixdorf PCD-3NCsl display problem
  109. George Keremedjiev
  110. Toshiba Satellite Pro T2450ct: The Sound Card
  111. Micom 2000 - R.I.P. Lawrence
  112. Identify this cable please
  113. Adapter for using C2N datasette on other platforms
  114. Symbols, Icons and Diskette Labels from Apple
  115. Pin Out for Commodore 64 Power Supply - Pins 6,7 with no Volts??
  116. VCF holiday shopping!
  117. Picked up a Sceptre Videotex system
  118. Olivetti TOP 100 typewriter question
  119. The Five Generations of PC
  120. Unusual one
  121. Exidy Sorcerer Tapes on Ebay
  122. Need Help Identifying These Items
  123. hello forum nice to meet all
  124. Radio Shack tape recorder
  125. Repair crushed computer case?
  126. Question about converting assembling listing to EPROM
  127. Apple's John Sculley: Hero or Villain?
  128. removing rust stains from plastic
  129. The Box Conundrum
  130. Recreating motherboard?
  131. Current vintage computer magazines being printed.
  132. Teledisk woes
  133. Merry Vintage Computer Christmas 2018
  134. Differences amongst newer CRT monitors
  135. Look What I Just Found - My Old Stuff
  136. How to Dump Intel D3624 PROMs
  137. My 1 week late Christmas present
  138. Attempting to archive the OCH, anyone good with the Wayback machine?
  139. List of defunct hdd manufacturers
  140. Why does the 5.25 drive/controller in the 5170 ve such an elaborate startup sequence?
  141. Compaq LTE Lite 4/* LCD Ribbon Flex
  142. monarch butterfly poster used to advertise HP 150 ... need poster, scan, good photo
  143. Oric Atmos 48k
  144. Top 100 Computer Hardware Collection
  145. Programming Tesla Bi-Polar proms
  146. Hey everyone! I'm new here, sort of.
  147. Likelihood of a bad CPU damaging a motherboard?
  148. Obtaining Software for NEC PC-8001A
  149. windows 3.X pc speaker sound driver
  150. Computers in Desks
  151. Floppy Drive Troubleshooting
  152. Vintage Computer Festival PNW / Italia / East / West dates for 2019
  153. The Human Resource Machine, teaching programming to young beginners
  154. Commodore PET Mini
  155. Fourdja LD100 - anyone ever fix one or have a repair manual?
  156. Is there list of unarchived / missing software?
  157. Mindset Floppy Drives
  158. Let's play guess the cable
  159. Teledisk w/Single Density Floppies
  160. Tell me about the gotek...
  161. Exatron Stringy Floppy (endless tape cardridge drive)
  162. Pricing of my vintage computers.
  163. NEED HELP with dump PALCE610-25PC
  164. Need help sourcing a discontinued TTL chip, anyone have some to spare?
  165. Mystery UVEPROM Chips (1702/1702A? 2708? or...?)
  166. Need help IDing a mystery micro (terminal?) from Twin Peaks (1990)
  167. can anyone tell me more about this vintage computer?
  168. How does an attributes controller work?
  169. Major disappointment
  170. Who invented/patented the tile-technology ?
  171. Hi i',m new here and need some help with a 486 Motherboard.
  172. Need help from a French speaking collector
  173. Vintage computer 11-foot drop test results. . .
  174. My first and won't be my last dumb question
  175. Repairing a ceramic 2708 with a broken pin
  176. So token ring is coming back...
  177. I need to read a Wabash disk, advice?
  178. How would have the stock computers worked in trading places.
  179. Finally built my submersion retrobrite tank... didnt go according to plan.
  180. replacing all the capacitors
  181. Xerox 820 boards
  182. Suggesting More Vintage Computers in Canada
  183. Which way should 3.5" floppy disk labels go, up or down?
  184. What does the D in 74LS123D mean?
  185. XON/XOFF is it only unidirectoinal?
  186. eBay buyer protection
  187. DEUCE Emulator Project
  188. Are these parallel ASCII?
  189. Today's Google Doodle - the PCjr!
  190. DTK PII-151B jumpers
  191. UART/serial BREAK questions
  192. crt rejuvenation.
  193. Software for Imaging Old Drives on a New Computer
  194. unknown type of keyboard switch
  195. Selling a collection - what would you do?
  196. Snagged an Altair 680 Case
  197. Does anyone have a Vintage Toshiba Accessories Catalog?
  198. Free Kaypro ll and Kaypro 4
  199. Newbie needs help with old chips and more
  200. Looking for local help with IMSiA & PET power supplies - Livermore CA
  201. No-Gotek for me today
  202. Does anyone know of online manuals for Phar Lap 286 extender?
  203. Tms4041 data sheet?
  204. MS Basic on a SOL
  205. What is the vintage 286/386/486 market like these days?
  206. Looking for advice for first vintage computer
  207. Any Intel Multibus 1 interest now?
  208. Polystyrene melted by cable?
  209. What's are some good period correct cassette recorders for 1976-1980 machines?
  210. Got an Altair 680 case
  211. Need Help Connecting An AS/400 To A Terminal.
  212. Toshiba Satellite 2520CDS
  213. Fixing old dead AT power supplies
  214. noticed 2 Vintage CRT Monitors at my local eWaste, aus$10, should I have bought them?
  215. Motorola 6800 interfacing question (a bit OT)
  216. Ohio Scientific research
  217. Need some expert help with windows 98, how to determine version, SE or first edition?
  218. 3D Model of PC Brackets
  219. Is anyone able to identify this Baby AT case?
  220. Intecolor keyboard
  221. Shugart SA-455 compatible with PCs?
  222. Virtual Computer - A PC emulator for the true historians
  223. Removing stubborn spots and scuffs on plastic
  224. I don't know if anyone has seen this yet, but this place is a literal gold mine!
  225. Homebrew TVT I picked up
  226. Floppy write protect question
  227. Trying to ID early core stacks from ERMA or GE 200 series (like for Dartmouth basic )
  228. Jumper setting of 5.25" Teak FD-55GFR 149U for FC5025 USB 5 1/4" floppy adaptor pcb
  229. Making Backups of IBM Formatted Copy Protected Floppies
  230. XT-IDE rev 4 Kits + Assembled to be Discontinued
  231. What was "Fidonet" back in the 1990's versus what it is in 2019?
  232. Would it be possible to set up my own BBS or dial into someone else's BBS now days?
  233. Sord Computer model EP-4A?
  234. Forum post longivity
  235. Are all CGA/EGA monitors white if they are not plugged in to a powered PC?
  236. PDQ-3 Computer used on Hunter TV show
  237. Sharp EL displays LJ640U80
  238. Thinning the herd, Need HELP
  239. Godbout G8008
  240. Hard drive I would like to get data off of - tips?
  241. Win31FileSystem Registry key to force 8.3 file name usage
  242. Big news!!! Re: mobile computing history
  243. Anybody know what this F8 board is?
  244. Scored a Dasher!
  245. SWTPC 8212 Terminal
  246. Cleaning Up an Original Software Box
  247. Why are terminals still so expensive?
  248. looking for ITT Xtra PC
  249. Cheap China retro-computing knock-offs. Good or bad thing?
  250. RS232 bridge