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  1. Sorting your ram
  2. Motorola SystemV/88k needed
  3. Feeling bored?
  4. Which 3 1/2" Floppy Drives are the best?
  5. 16-bit to 16-color images?
  6. I need a list of BBS numbers
  7. PET Alive!
  8. Screen capture techniques
  9. Classic Computer emulators: An XP-compatible list
  10. Some of what I've been up to. . .
  11. CompatiCard I...
  12. New computer history video podcast
  13. wifi workarounds?
  14. A single display in multiple monitors
  15. Need help setting up a Xircom Network Adapter
  16. Any device that could capture a composite video image to a flash drive stand alone?
  17. Anti-Static Bags
  18. Vintage computer bargain hunting on Koninginnedag (Queen's Day in the Netherlands)
  19. Recycling contest
  20. Please identify this computer (it is going to be recycled briefly)
  21. How low can it go?
  22. GREX System to Terminate Dialins
  23. Major E-cycle score today!
  24. What computer items do you own and would not sell and why?
  25. TI TX486SLC/E 25 - is it 3.3v or 5v?
  26. 98SE wants to continually go into Setup for a fresh install..?
  27. Kaypro Video Problem:
  28. Acorn computer released in the USA?
  29. The best retro/classic/vintage computer sites (Was: Da Best
  30. Restoring a Philips MSX
  31. Anyone going to HOPE this year?
  32. Post HERE using your vintage computer!
  33. What do you use your computer for?
  34. Thinking about thinning collection
  35. Mid-80s Computer Book Title?
  36. Old Infoworld issues give good insight into computer history
  37. Windows 98 Driver Packs
  38. Removing permanent marker
  39. Sad Sad News
  40. HP 7933a
  41. Vintage System Drivers Pack Project
  42. Great score today!
  43. Add activity LED to MFM hard drive?
  44. What do you do with your DOS machines?
  45. The right CoPro for me...
  46. doesn't it feel good to find a home for old gear?
  47. Tiki-100 pictures
  48. ND-110 computer
  49. LS-120 drives as floppy replacements
  50. MS Windows Presentation Manager?
  51. SPARCclassic and Kaypro II coming to The Next HOPE
  52. Got a free iMac!
  53. Is software collecting ever going to be as popular as hardware collecting?
  54. vintagecomputer.net updated
  55. New Floppy Emulator for Atari, Amiga, Amstrad and Others...
  56. Pentium II & III motherboards and Processers for free
  57. Upgrading/retrofitting modern PSUs in vintage computers
  58. HP 98x6 - a listing and the files off a floppy I found
  59. Back, and with a question (of course)
  60. Expensive Keyboards..
  61. What was the last computer released with built-in basic?
  62. Apple Newton.
  63. Cork Pads for IBM 5150, 5160, 5170 (and similar) & Clicky Keyboards
  64. Ideal conditions for storing computers
  65. How do you notify the moderators of spamming?
  66. Trip to Los angeles
  67. Dell/Goodwill Reconnect - Scourge of Vintage Collecting
  68. GET LAMP is here
  69. Suggestions for another vintage computer
  70. I have 2 Vintage Printers
  71. zilog z8002 cpu
  72. Latest Haul
  73. Please help identifying an image from an old Byte
  74. Replacing old hard drive with new?
  75. Replacing CMOS battery on a 486 mainboard
  76. Lost Apple II+ at auction
  77. An Example of How NOT to Price Your Computers
  78. Danes, Finns, Sweedes & the like - Teac drives in your area
  79. Does this package contain media?
  80. IBM 4019 printer
  81. The BBC Micro as part of a modern programming class
  82. Good resto project?
  83. VCGM Promotional items and contest
  84. Stan Veit's Death
  85. NEC MultiSync Color Monitor (JC-1401P3A) and Tandy TRS-80 Model 2000
  86. Who here is going to VCF Midwest?
  87. Commodore USA
  88. What's up with www.classiccmp.org?
  89. Grid Compass 1101 Laptop sells for $2,148
  90. Court upholds End User License Agreements
  91. Scanning literature, magazines. Expected quality?
  92. In need of a PC key list
  93. Vintage Computer Recycling should be banned
  94. Someone mind helping me with a BBS?
  95. If you could relive an era of vintage computing?
  96. ClassicCmp mailing list
  97. Mounting old CPU's for display
  98. Building up a new disk imaging machine
  99. Possible Project: Cheap Retro Hex Displays
  100. Ibm 5120
  101. Xerox Alto Just Sold for $30,100 on eBay
  102. Commodore 128 and Mac LC III
  103. Vacuum Sealing
  104. Retro Computing Roundtable podcast - first show!
  105. Announcing a new breed of magnetic disc analyser...
  106. I have a great old toshiba satellite pro 435 cds
  107. It's 1976. What's on Your Holiday Gift List?
  108. "55 Vintage Computer Ads" news post
  109. Los Angeles / Southern California stores or warehouses
  110. punchto make 10 sectored disk
  111. 5 1/4 drive/adaptor to connect with my laptop ...
  112. Hayes Smartmodem 1200 B
  113. Single board computer, unknown?
  114. Was there a daisywheel printer made by IBM?
  115. Kaypro vs. TRS-80 - which is most fun?
  116. Classic Windows on not so classic screen...
  117. Home Serial BBS Network?
  118. One of these things is not like the other...
  119. are these D.A.T.A.BOOK's garbage? 81-82
  120. Does the hobby world need another 8-bit kit?
  121. What was the largest capacity full height 5" hard drive?
  122. Another source shreds...
  123. Silica Gel?
  124. Dos browser with JavaScript?
  125. Bus Machine Progress: 8085 Processor Board Layout
  126. What I did this morning
  127. Revisions to the 8085 SBC -- Suggestions?
  128. Anybody for some Vintage Computer holiday wishes?
  129. vintage/homebrew computing Facebook pages
  130. If you own a 70's-early80's machine can you please post here your score?
  131. Whats Your Favorite Computer and Why?
  132. Can someone look at my dongles
  133. How do you store your PCs, boards, etc?
  134. Aussie VCF Members
  135. A DOS style home page
  136. The value of software other then games
  137. Is there a market for these vintage HP cabinet samples?
  138. Vintage Computers making a cameo in "Kindergarten Cop - 1990"
  139. EPROM Programmer/Copier Advice?
  140. Any Pravetz Collectors?
  141. So how do you protect your vintage computers?
  142. Schneider euro pc problem rtc bios....
  143. Texas Instruments invented the microcomputer!?
  144. Test post - ignore
  145. Ebay rant
  146. Identification
  147. ASCI u68 System X - power cord?
  148. What Are the Odds of This?
  149. What does your vintage computer workshop look like?
  150. I want to build OPL3 myself. How do I?
  151. What happened to the Corestore?
  152. Do I need this to get my TV-out-only equipped machines to display on a composite?
  153. Just checked out the Computer History Museum yesterday
  154. Mathematic/Scientific Software
  155. Interesting trip through history on Maximum PC
  156. Coiled keyboard cords
  157. HP Paintjet for sale
  158. Some old computer with 8" drives
  159. Need help doing cosmetic repairs of an IBM 7534
  160. problem with my floppy teac fd-55b-20-u
  161. EPROM Speed Question
  162. Sinclair spectrum +3 issue with loading disks..
  163. Why do you collect?
  164. Soul of a New Machine
  165. Teletype Help
  166. R.I.P. 300 Baud Magazine
  167. ZX81 at 30
  168. HP-55 charger issues
  169. Your "Must-have" computers
  170. Students holding computer paraphernalia for no reason
  171. How rare are early-production Z80s?
  172. When did computer collecting become common?
  173. File Hosting/Mirroring at the Glitch Works filedump
  174. Is this computer rare?
  175. Is this apple/// an good offer?
  176. When to replace electrolytic caps?
  177. Midwest Gaming Classic 2011 Computer Museum
  178. Best Selling IBM PC-Compatible Computer
  179. Patent for the HOME key
  180. SBC-188 Assembled and Booting!
  181. 8085 SBC Version 2 Ready for Etch!
  182. Help with knowing what these computer chips are?
  183. Kermit support ends
  184. Hayes "Government 2400" modem?
  185. IBM PS/2 for FDD 5 1/4"ers?
  186. what is a dll
  187. Does Your Wife/Girlfriend Approve Of Your Collection?
  188. EPROM Type Question--27C020 and 27C2001/27C040 and 27C4001
  189. Nixie Tube Calculator!
  190. Intel i8008-1 Lot from China -- think these are legit?
  191. how to configure tcp/ip in windows (fw) 3.1?
  192. It's time to backup all CDs
  193. Recreating the era of 8-bit computers - BBC Article
  194. Amiga VS Apple IIGS (Sound Quality)
  195. Source for parts
  196. Reproduction White with Grey Traces 4004
  197. Apple II Prototyping Edge Connector
  198. Buying parts from Advanced Computer Products, Inc. (Warning on shipping policies)
  199. Great historical resource
  200. Build your own working core memory stack!
  201. Looking for regional collectors across the world.
  202. Really old nasty discolored glue
  203. State wide search for craigslist
  204. Book: Fire in the Valley
  205. RIP Tom West
  206. IBM5150.net
  207. Help a Director make his film! (Atlanta, Georgia)
  208. Windows 1.0 slideshow
  209. 1980s British computer magazines
  210. Butt-load of boards
  211. About how much does the average IBM AT weigh
  212. Happy 100th Birthday IBM!
  213. Quality of KAO Brand 3.5" Floppies
  214. What to do with several vintage PCs
  215. Yellowing Alert: New workshop has windows
  216. Does anyone know what the purpose of this is?
  217. Sphere 1
  218. Name Computers and Accessories that have kept their value
  219. Robert Morris, Pioneer of Computer Security, Died at age 78
  220. Windows 1 Launch Squeegee
  221. DS1287 Rework. How Am I Doing So Far?
  222. My book project at kickstarter.com
  223. Amiga floppy drives/drive emulator
  224. San Diego State University Computer Museum
  225. Old computers still hard at work
  226. Raymond Commodore AMIGA discussion
  227. PC Connection (Maybe off topic?)
  228. Software for IBM portable PC & Kaypro 2
  229. Had a minor vintage success with the kids this weekend
  230. Software for reading mac-formatted floppies in windows 98
  231. On the internet with a 1964 accoustic modem
  232. Best way to ship a Kaypro 2?
  233. IBM 5150 vs Compaq Prolinea 4/25s Boot Up Time ;)
  234. modifying vintage games
  235. Acoustic connections
  236. Used my #1 5170 tonight Had a grand time...
  237. Packard Bell DOS Manager program
  238. Computer History Book project
  239. Vintage Computer Seller Rant!!!
  240. HUGE Thank you to johnorun
  241. Upgrading my Vintage computer storage space
  242. Computer History Museum in San Jose
  243. Did some Retr0brighting today- First time and Im very pleased
  244. A mix of old and new technology
  245. Selling equipment and paypal and taxes
  246. Bletchley Park volunteers rebuilt the WWII code-breaking Tunny machine
  247. DOS in Virtual Machines (Was: Silly DOS question
  248. Looking for images of vintage computers for documentary film
  249. Interest in Parts Kits for N8VEM SBCs
  250. Does anyone know what this is?