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  1. Please help me locate some software for this?
  2. The VCFA is back!
  3. Ultra Mega Huge Vintage Computer Haul
  4. Tony Sale - engineer who led rebuild of Colossus, has died aged 80.
  5. Seeking software for Promise Tech EIDEMAX 16-bit ISA Card
  6. 1st HD
  7. The Bit Barn Vintage Computer Museum- Possible New Museum here in Michigan
  8. 10 Worst PC's Of Al Timel
  9. Nixdorf Computer Museum - Paderborn Germany
  10. Hardware resources on the web
  11. Picked up a new Bondwell Portable Computer from the recyclers
  12. SYM 1 Microcomputer
  13. Meseran Surface Analyzer
  14. Old Eprom Programming Unit
  15. Funny ebay stuff
  16. Major E-Waste score yesterday (Commodore PET etc)
  17. Are you a Hardware guru ... or a Software guru? or both?
  18. COPY 2 PC Option Board
  19. My Apple IIc Plus Computer Review
  20. Cardinal PC10-386SX
  21. Steve Jobs died :-(
  22. I made the local news for my Steve Jobs Memorial and my Apple Collection
  23. It's been a good few weeks in classic computer world...
  24. Had a good Friday at the local Recycler
  25. Compact Flash on DOS PC
  26. Plastic Simm slots on motherboards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. emate 300 sync options
  28. Modems driving me crazy
  29. Vintage Computer Festival East 8.0
  30. Tape hangers
  31. Still kickin'
  32. Dennis Ritchie passed away
  33. WHO out there use an older system (8086, 286, 386 or 486) as their MAIN computer?
  34. Vintage Computers in random youtube video
  35. How to get FAT drives to show up in Vista?
  36. Attrition of Vintage Equipment... and one possible solution
  37. Show off your OS/System disk collection!
  38. Keeping old computers in good condition.
  39. Posting some items on E-Bay
  40. Restoration Monitors
  41. Atari ST Milan Clone worth?
  42. Suggestion for a flat panel LCD with 640x480 native resolution
  43. [Story Researching] Modempunk; Everything Else
  44. Using BeOS/Haiku...
  45. 8085 SBC v2 Writeup + Schematic
  46. I remembered how I did it in the late 90's! (comms with no phone)
  47. Want to build first 486 or Pentium machine for DOS games; suggestions?
  48. IBM 5170 Restoration
  49. honeywell dps6 can-8 CAI programming language
  50. Trying to identify PDP boards
  51. Thoughts on reprouctions/new 'old' tech?
  52. Hit the motherload- Warehouse full of equipment
  53. [Story Research] Building your own Box
  54. USB 5.25" Floppy Drive
  55. Misc bits and pieces looking for a new home
  56. Which computers were used for what purposes?
  57. What kind of computers can be plugged into other computers?
  58. Need a good emulator for testing vintage software
  59. Worked My Arse off today sorting computers
  60. First OS to have truly smooth font characters
  61. OSI custom replica badge
  62. Video: BBC The Computer Programme
  63. Christmas Software
  64. Glennís Computer Museum
  65. IBM 5155 luggable with all the stuff
  66. Composite to VGA adaptor...any one use one?
  67. Core plane identification
  68. Vintage computing store / trading in Los Angeles area?
  69. IBM 5150 boxed Binder Manuals - Revisited
  70. The top vintage platform for word processing and desktop publishing?
  71. What the HECK is this?
  72. PC Tech Journal available anywhere?
  73. 8-bit computer sound chip comparison
  74. Are dial-up modems useful for anything?
  75. Santa Stopped by and Left my boy an Apple IIc
  76. Helped a Family in need this christmas and fixed there 3 year old up with an old mac
  77. Craigslist find of the year, Commodore SX 64
  78. John Sculley interview part 1 posted
  79. unknown card
  80. BBSes, Modems, and VoIP
  81. Inventor of BASIC giving lecture at VCF East !!!
  82. Seven how-to classes at VCF East 8.0 this year
  83. Who here does not want one of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????
  84. Catweasel or Kryoflux?
  85. Computers in TV and movies - Starring the computer
  86. Former Sysops...
  87. Not quite vintage, but useful - USB HD that mounts ISOs and emulates optical drives.
  88. Leaving the hobby
  89. BBS rebirth thanks to SOPA and PIPA?
  90. Commodore PET model 8296..is it worth $1200 CDN ..not on EBay
  91. My Vintage Computer Setup with Pictures
  92. 1980's green screen w/ touch sensitive off/on switch...
  93. He wanted an offer, he got one!!!
  94. Anyone have any knowledge in packet radio and BBSes?
  95. How to capture video of vintage Mac games?
  96. History of Computere Data Storage
  97. Free Osborne Spam Ads
  98. It smells like retro spirit (a.k.a to each his own)...
  99. VideoBrain- What is it worth?
  100. Anyone have any current experience with running Hermes BBS?
  101. Astral 2000?
  102. 8" Flippie disk
  103. Instant Collection on ebay.de
  104. Interesting reading about the XT-IDE Project
  105. What are your specialties?
  106. Classiccmp.org & Bitsavers.org - both down?
  107. Floppy drive replacement with USB option
  108. Back in the C Saddle and hosting a MUD
  109. ATi VCwiki is temporarily moving
  110. Old Computer Paintboxes
  111. Anyone know of a legit Pentium 1 and earlier swap list?
  112. Just arrived: Asante EN/SC!
  113. I'm still a big sucker for CRT MONITORS
  114. PET index?
  115. Help Identifying a keyboard
  116. BBS / DOS / Telnet server ...making them play together, anyone?
  117. Didn't you love those classic '90s "Linux installation reports"?
  118. There oughta be a law...
  119. Tandon Teardown and a new blog
  120. Request: your opinion on a semi-vintage IBM ThinkPad's price
  121. Learning VHDL Programming language - Altera CPLD programming
  122. Current loop to RS-232?
  123. Yowza! RIP Conner HD
  124. Selling my whole collection
  125. IBM 5150 & 5161 pricing from 1982/83
  126. Bigboard 1 - Jim B. Ferguson & Russel Smith
  127. Mining at home
  128. Amazing article: Windows 3.1 on the Internet by-serial-line
  129. BBS and WWW in 1995
  130. Rare ncr pc4 fully functional &...
  131. Yay! I got one! Tabor TC500 Drivette 3.25" Floppy Drive!
  132. Eat my Octagon
  133. FreeDOS 1.1
  134. Apple 11e harddrive
  135. Arachne Rated "five stars" by ZD-Net !
  136. Retro computing survey
  137. Getting BBS online using Windows 95 on a 486 machine with an ethernet card
  138. $70 too much for a new old-stock AT case?
  139. My first hands-on computer
  140. Looking to start getting into Tandy computers...
  141. Bits & Bytes and other 80's Computer TV shows on the Web
  142. motherboard/solder question
  143. Trolling vendors for a laugh: sending today vintage registration cards...!
  144. Cromemco Dazzler
  145. Found 2 old computers: What is this?
  146. how do you store your vintage gear?
  147. Craigslist: TRS-80 Model 4 $2500????
  148. Having some trouble figuring out Windows 2.11/286
  149. Vintage computers that are still in (indespensible) daily use
  150. An article for a public space and museum at the new Apple campus
  151. DOS is for lazy people
  152. 486DX2 motherboard... where's the CMOS battery?
  153. Got stories to share? The Museum of Computer Culture is interested!
  154. A little notice about RetroBright !
  155. Does anyone know what the heck this adapter is?
  156. How to value vintage gear ?
  157. Connecting external synth for use in games - Anyone ever done this?
  158. Dimension 68000
  159. Picked up an IMSAI 8080, War Games Computer
  160. Friden Flexowriter in action!
  161. Another One Bites The Dust...
  162. Pick my next adventure!
  163. Circuit board Bathing!
  164. Vinatge Wang Monitor from 1982
  165. GRiD Compass
  166. Good looking AT cases?
  167. Treating corrosion on IC leads
  168. What was the most expensive personal computer at its initial introduction?
  169. Need help identifying......
  170. Just found a SEEQUA CHAMELEON in an estate.
  171. Goodwill find of the day
  172. 96 Column IBM Punch Cards
  173. E-waste extinction event looming
  174. Vintage computers and IPv6.
  175. VCF 8.0 East
  176. "UK Collectors" Group
  177. Acquiring a Tano Dragon
  178. C++ 25 years on.
  179. archive of 80s computers performing 21st Century tasks
  180. Now if you were to manufacture your own retro style computer...
  181. Using LED's to combat case yellowing
  182. Computer history book on sale!
  183. Spoof of windows ballmer ad, but with vista...
  184. Filling cracks and scratches
  185. routing all my computers through one set of input/output
  186. Retro Spotter Inside A Thrift Store
  187. A couple of odd restoration thoughts!
  188. 8-Bit BASIC Competition from Retrospectiva
  189. anyone know if a standard 5 1/4" floppy drive fits in an International Flat Rate box?
  190. 3D printers - use for making replacement parts?
  191. Where are the Apple museums?
  192. Get a great deal on a recently published computer history book
  193. So what happens to your collection when you are dead?
  194. What card is this?
  195. Here is a game I wrote (unfinished)
  196. compucorp 645 missing operating system
  197. Shugart model 400 floppy drives
  198. Component List
  199. Black, 3.5" HD disks with black shutters for all you evil types...
  200. Things to watch for at sales and recycle centers
  201. Is this against ebay policy?
  202. Zenith MiniSport floppy drive; will it work off a standard floppy disk connector?
  203. Wow. I can't imagine. You had to put everything together???
  204. I hate soldering cables (Venting)
  205. EvilBay
  206. Minitel goes offline this Saturday.
  207. Completely new to this, have kind of a lot of questions
  208. BBS list?
  209. Numonics 2210 Digitizer
  210. Restoring old machines with non-original parts?
  211. Serial Header Cables: Not Created Equal
  212. BBC Micro and the BBC Computer Literacy initiative
  213. Schematic Emulation?
  214. serial to Ram
  215. Vintage Finds
  216. Tweeners
  217. The operation was a complete success!
  218. Vintage computer tape drive manufacturer question
  219. sharing data cross platform
  220. Reading punched cards the modern way
  221. What's your dream machine?
  222. [Researching/Fiction] Minitel, could it have worked in the US?
  223. IBM Keyboards
  224. Seeking info on Satellite Weather gear (Was: Seeking info
  225. Good article in Time on the TRS-80 Model 1
  226. Has anyone had experience with Zebra Systems Inc?
  227. It liiiiiives!
  228. Locked computer cases or case with strange screws or locked keyboard?!
  229. DOS and Windows Network Shares (Was: Shares)
  230. Which defunct/disappeared computer manufacturer would you bring back?
  231. Ran across: Quatech Inc. DS-200 rs-422 card!
  232. KTM-2 SYM-1 values?
  233. 110,000 IBM 3590 cartridges migrated to 3592
  234. In search of BBC Micro TV Series
  235. why is it hard to throw old things out?
  236. Possible mega haul on craigslist El Paso.
  237. Label-It System
  238. Assistance Transferring/Receiving Files - DOS 3.3
  239. 5.25" Floppy Drive Confusion
  240. Identifying a Cable Television Teletype Application and Computer
  241. Just bought Dysan Alignment disk 224/1A
  242. Vintage Software - How do you like yours?
  243. Looking for BBSes or DDials running on vintage computers.
  244. Terminals in 1982's Tron?
  245. Vintage Computer and Electronic Recycling Center
  246. setting up a separate network for vintage systems
  247. Anybody know what this is?
  248. (POLL) What kind of monochrome monitor do you prefer?
  249. Tehehe
  250. x86 Front Panel Computers?