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  1. Vintage Computer Usage
  2. Vintage Computer BBS List
  3. First experience with Retr0bright
  4. Ultimate computer rescue - Home of ICT1301 + Darling Buds of May for sale UK £1.35m
  5. Vintage Computer Orchestra
  6. What is the most useless vintage computing item?
  7. What's the most common vintage computer you come across?
  8. Xerox Star Question
  9. The boneyard
  10. Qantel Computer System
  11. CDC 3600 Core Plane
  12. Remembering Our Digital Past With Computer Historian David Greelish (cultofmac.com)
  13. What's the WORST setup you've ever done/used/seen?
  14. Were the old cd drive caddies standardized?
  15. A petition to Apple's Leadership Team - Create a public venue / visitorís center
  16. EPROM burning for beginners
  17. An attempt at vintage computer humor....
  18. Cool looking vintage computer cases
  19. Prototype HP products brought into work; PIX!
  20. A vintage emulator for a vintage machine in a vintage machine!
  21. The last ICT 1301
  22. For this price, couldn't you just buy an actual Apple II computer?
  23. Removing Nicotine Smell
  24. IBM 5161 Expansion Units!
  25. IBM 5150 - video options
  26. is data general ibm?
  27. Big computer shipping
  28. Multiple formats on the same floppy disk?
  29. Books for programming Windows 3.1
  30. Computer case painting
  31. Post your horror stories
  32. Dick Smith System 80 as a development platform?
  33. Witch computer - worlds oldest original running computer - on show from tomorrow!
  34. Floppy Disk Storage Boxes
  35. Five o'clock shadow
  36. Could temperature be related to more computer problems?
  37. MoMA Gets Video Games
  38. $640,000 for an Apple 1, $16,000 for an Altair!
  39. HP Omnibook 300
  40. Don Maslin's archive
  41. What constitutes as "Rare"?
  42. Etsy is full of vintage computers and calculators
  43. my mini computer models now available....
  44. Apple 1 article and interview with local big-time collector Lonnie Mimms
  45. Weaving core memory
  46. Archiving large PC boards?
  47. the "dumbest" thing youve ever done with a pc setup
  48. how to remove black marker writing
  49. New retro computing site: neoncluster.com
  50. Lambda 8300 at webshop
  51. Identifing tantalum caps values.
  52. having issue HF frequency to low
  53. Vintage Business Software Use Today
  54. A dialup ISP in your basement?
  55. Pulling files from .dsk images
  56. Where to find vintage items for good prices?
  57. Identify this machine
  58. Work for Project MAC at MIT!
  59. [research] Home computer in the 80's that could handle HTML?
  60. Old Microsoft Software
  61. is this the hanging note bug or a bad wavetable header?
  62. Stay away from tvrsales on ebay
  63. Retr0Bright: Does re-yellowing occur even in the absence of UV light?
  64. How can I use a 5.25 floppy on a modern computer? I need urgent help.
  65. holy capacitors batman
  66. Cif accelerates plastic yellowing?
  67. extemely, unbelieveably, very rare on ebay !
  68. Which is the first computer that used to output data using a monitor?
  69. DEC store in the mall
  70. Stuff Cooler Than First Thought - Random Impulse Grab Finds
  71. eBay item does not sell, so increase price 40%, almost double the shipping
  72. Can you recognize those vintage microchips on the picture?
  73. "Silicon Valley" airing on PBS tonight
  74. venting on the US PO
  75. IBM 3270 whats it worth.
  76. ESD Bags?
  77. best way to ship us to italy insured?
  78. Terminal hook up
  79. Unknown variation of a Chicony KB-5181 Keyboard
  80. hp150 II troubleshooting "Power on test failed 1000"
  81. Tips for scanning in manuals?
  82. LCD monitors for vintage computing/gaming
  83. Don't cringe: IBM PCjr Sales Training video
  84. Wired Article about Vintage Computer Restoration Efforts
  85. Anyone like cheap EISA ethernet cards?
  86. Found this old photo of me and my second computer
  87. Help with new CRT for Apple II - Makes noises [Lots of JPGs]
  88. Oy vey! Gross mischaracterizations of our hobby.
  89. Ibm 5362
  90. Photos of the inside of early computer stores?
  91. Scott Muellar's "Upgrading and Repairing PC's" Books editions questions
  92. You win some, you lose some
  93. Which OS would you use for each Proc?
  94. Old 1991 Web Post for Atari ST
  95. DEC Computers, available, and what to get
  96. Getting my daughter started
  97. Canon AS-100, need OS disk
  98. Parts / MOBO Storage
  99. Moving off an MFM drive to an IDE drive on a 386 saga.
  100. Argh! I just missed an auction for one of my top wanted!
  101. What computer have you owned the longest?
  102. Ats bravo 3/33
  103. Mice in a computer
  104. Here's a new eBay seller twist for you
  105. classic-computers.org.nz offline at the moment
  106. What's the furthest (metaphorically or literally) that you've gone for something?
  107. Floppy Disk Recovery Techniques?
  108. Is it safe to wash Model M keyboards?
  109. is it safe to use 23 year old floppy disk cleaner
  110. Does anyone remember a site called the 386 Club?
  111. Modern PC Motherboards with Legacy Ports
  112. Article: "Radio Shack TRS-80 vs. Commodore 64: Battle of the Titans"
  113. need help with some issues after adding SCSI CD-ROM drive
  114. the Creative DXR2 board
  115. What is this? Northstar C5 Bus
  116. If something had to go...
  117. Fun services
  118. Please help me understand where my RAM is going...
  119. Otrona Attache value?
  120. Unidentified Tandon Card
  121. Freecycle bloopers
  122. Oddware? "Memory card" for Panasonic CF-V21P and CF-41.
  123. Tseng CP320P-1.00, anyone know?
  124. ID this vintage PC with portrait screen and two 5.25" built in
  125. AT/ATX boards: what am i doing wrong?
  126. YES! I finally found one! ...and free shipping to boot!
  127. wow....!
  128. Issues with my External Hard Drive
  129. vintage IBM Server Racks
  130. Do SCSI CD-ROM drives have issues reading CDR's?
  131. when it rains, it pours! (ebay conquests)
  132. Found on E-Bay: external floppy disc drives
  133. Hacking an OmniGo PDA to run DOS games
  134. Does anyone specifically insure your collection?
  135. IBM Startup Logo Screen
  136. Best haul in a long time.
  137. Scrap yard pick up and what are these boards worth?
  138. error code
  139. IBM 5100 Start Up Error
  140. Is this a mouse holder?
  141. Manly mouse ... (IBM PC RT)
  142. Is the mouse a threatened species?
  143. Is it worth buying?
  144. My Vintage Computer Museum website
  145. Anyone else miss the old DAK catalogs?
  146. assigning drive letters in DOS, problem with new drive.
  147. Homebrew Microcomputer...sourcing ICs and Stuff
  148. Sanyo MBC 1150 Help
  149. cannot get any mouse to work with windows 95
  150. Altair 8800 Clone
  151. Having issues with ftp
  152. Great Vintage Video
  153. "PCI Bridge" error under windows 95
  154. JDR Microdevices catalog archive?
  155. Packard-Bell Corner Computer. . .
  156. Recapping Gravis Ultrasound with new capacitors
  157. AVL Eagle II?
  158. Ibm 5324?
  159. help me decide on video card for win95 machine, virge/gx or viper v550 tnt
  160. XT keyboard on a USB port (Hagstrom)
  161. Does your significant other ever threaten to destroy your computers?
  162. Which Graphic Card will be fine for my system??
  163. Newly purchased vintage computer items coming dirty?
  164. found a couple MCA cards
  165. New Guy Looking For IBM Ballhead Printer Type Device
  166. Circuit Cellar article on N8VEM project
  167. what is it? (gold amd 14 pin dip chip)
  168. HP Netserver LD PRO
  169. Vc irc
  170. World changing Computer Problems in 1968
  171. Should we upgrade the Forum software?
  172. Paper Tape Readers
  173. "Computer Chess" (U.S.A., 2013)
  174. Please help identify computer from description
  175. IBM I/O typewriter
  176. Start up procedure
  177. Early Sound Blasters - did they support stereo sound?
  178. "My History in Computer History Nostalgia - From my Book"
  179. Gigabyte m61vme-s2 motherboard chipset, DOS support
  180. Need Information about these (military) old slots
  181. Lotus 1-2-3 cartridge required to test my 1986 Simplifier!
  182. Packard Bell Computers
  183. Need help with deciding what to build
  184. Back From the Dead: Hex Display Project
  185. What are your "Holy Grails?"
  186. 10Amp Variac
  187. Wang PC-S2-2 Really need some help with this please.
  188. Anybody ever buy anything on Etsy?
  189. Vc bbs!
  190. The Microsoft Archive
  191. IBM 5161 questions
  192. What is this poster from Computer Chronicles (tv series)?
  193. Is there such a thing as computer swapfests?
  194. The care and feeding of 5.25 and 8 inch diskettes
  195. Most versatile PC for use with your retro computing collection
  196. If I had one 60's, one 70's, and one 80's...
  197. Newer motherboard floppy drive compatiblity tests
  198. The Benchmark Thread
  199. This has been a great year for picking up vintage stuff
  200. Apple SE FDHS Carry bag
  201. What with this Ebay listing? Tyan s1830s motherboard AT form factor
  202. Suggestions to start playing around with the z80?
  203. OS X 10.5 serial terminal software that does full screen?
  204. Networked IBM PS/2's in schools and educational software
  205. New Book Idea - Need feedback
  206. follow up insuring collection
  207. Pentium 166 - system revival
  208. Many Thanks!
  209. The Great Roland Hunt
  210. Computer Historians
  211. EPROM Programmers
  212. TRS-80 Model 4 update
  213. Correct parameters for reading a 360K floppy in a 1.2 MB drive?
  214. First Programming Language?
  215. Livingston Portmaster Fun
  216. RIP William C Lowe
  217. Cryptography on a TRS-80 Model I
  218. Off Topic Printer
  219. %/14" Label stock
  220. How many computers do I need?
  221. Best way to sell SWTP 6800 and ASR33
  222. NOS computer books,parts,software etc.
  223. Where can I find a download for Windows 1.0/2.0/3.0?
  224. CPUs and Systems becoming Vintage
  225. Help me please to find my fist 80286 Desktop.
  226. did they ever make a 3.5in internal scsi zip drive?
  227. Working systems vs. As-Is for Parts or Repair
  228. Radioshack TSR 80 color computer
  229. Monitor Setup Options
  230. Old giant hard drive
  231. Old giant drive
  232. Installing Programs from Floppy Disc
  233. The Great VCF Data Transfer Time Thread
  234. Looking for original setup information
  235. Panasonic Toughbook CF-45 help!
  236. Trying to decide on a final vintage computer purchase for the year.
  237. Is anyone here from the St Louis area, or better yet, west of St Louis?
  238. what computer was in the tv show Dallas
  239. Anywhere to get or find older Computer Parts around Pittsburgh?
  240. How to clean a Mac Cube
  241. How Computers Work by Ron White Older Editions...
  242. Roland MT-120 - Roland Questions
  243. Tips on displaying / storing / using old computers and equipment?
  244. Census question: Types of computers:
  245. IBM 5100: What to do with it?
  246. Cleaning Contacts on old ISA Card
  247. Creative Video Card Help
  248. PCMCIA Adapter Card Help
  249. BIOS Type Select?
  250. It doesn't get more vintage than this...