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  1. Soundblaster Curiosity
  2. Great new deal on my computer history eBook of zines PDF eBook, just $3.99!
  3. Things you regret doing to vintage computers and parts
  4. Cobalt Qube3, a bit lost
  5. Shipping blues
  6. Post your 2014 vintage computing new year resolutions/goals
  7. Info needed by a Vintage Computer noob. ICL 9542 + Perex Perifile 6041
  8. Help needed with computer specifics for fictional story!
  9. Oh the Humnanity!!
  10. Apple's Macintosh Computer Turns 30: Did you know it almost failed?
  11. Keep the Wiki?
  12. Disable Windows 9x Volume Tracker?
  13. Guess the IBM model (large server with car fuse box inside)
  14. Vintage Computer BBS List (updated)
  15. VCF East 9.1 - Official Announcement - Cross-posted to events subforum
  16. Does laplink work with DOSBox?
  17. Wireless network access for classic wired-Ethernet only machine
  18. erik interviewed in Wall Street Journal - anyone already see this?
  19. Soldering questions
  20. What in the Time Capsule with Steve Jobs' mouse?
  21. Any way to repair flakey CD drives?
  22. Device or circuit to emulate green/amber monitor on a color monitor?
  23. Pay What you Think Is Fair
  24. Took my Apple //c out for lunch
  25. My HP 7475A is now finally printing. :) (also uses a modified silver Sharpie.)
  26. Major VCF East updates
  27. what is the extra edge connector for on this 1.3mb drive
  28. Reading schematics
  29. IC substitutes
  30. help nedded with old 2003 mobo !
  31. kb/ mouse support on old mobo ?!
  32. Cat Weasel line of products
  33. Painting a case
  34. The sculpture "Mainframe" shows how logic gates work
  35. Where do you guys find old monitor specs?
  36. Local Weather Channel
  37. Computers on the TV show "The Americans"
  38. So what do you call it?
  39. The search of the Worst Atari Video game of all time!!!
  40. Why aren't there more SCSI > IDE / SATA converters out there?
  41. Shipping Method from USA to Canada?
  42. IBM AT Keyboard, or Model F
  43. IBM PC Junior in factory-sealed carton
  44. IBM 5150 Model Numbers
  45. Preserving/repairing vintage hard disks?
  46. Anyone with old clipper-based and prior Intergraph gear?
  47. ID some old TV computer-related gear
  48. Cleaning up green trace corrosion
  49. Floppy Sleeve Thread
  50. Where do you find your vintage gear from?
  51. some ultrabooks/ laptops have magnets in the chassis to keep the lid closed
  52. A very funny story...
  53. Vital MF002BR 8bit ISA sound card help
  54. This is exactly why we need a vintage computing community...
  55. I-wipe
  56. What I did with my day today
  57. I'm becoming a magnet for old PCs
  58. The myth is no longer myth .. Atari cartridges found in a New Mexico dump
  59. Soviet Mouse
  60. Powder Blue of 50s, 60s, and 70s; does it have an official name? Or even unofficial?
  61. IBM Model M Soarer conversion....just go it
  62. U.S. Military still uses 8 inch floppies!?
  63. More than a disk drive?
  64. VCF E PEEKing into BASIC Lecture slides
  65. How to properly paint modern black components to match beige?
  66. What on Earth?
  67. bios / eprom file needed for ati mach64
  68. Change colors in dos 3.20
  69. Never received keyboard repair kit
  70. funny ebay apple "UNICORN"
  71. The Home Computer Wars - on pdf? is this legal?
  72. Frustrated!!
  73. ESD Mats
  74. PIC-based Hex Display
  75. Anyone have information on the Roland DXY-880 pen plotter?
  76. Replace all my old HDs with CF?
  77. vtr and tapes
  78. Catch and Halt Fire - Drama set in early days of personal computing
  79. Carrier to send PC from USA to Europe
  80. Help me identify these PCBs!
  81. IBM 5160 - Dishwasher time?
  82. Anyone remember the IBM 5083-11a tablet ?
  83. Tcpf429's Vintage Computer Thread
  84. Vintage HP computers
  85. Data for 82C486
  86. IBM 5161 Expansion Unit cable
  87. IBM 5150/5160 Monitor Compatibility
  88. Is this the way it is supposed to go????
  89. Project MPU (Roland MIF-IPC-A replica project to connect MPU-401s)
  90. Let's Get Japanes-y MSX and X6800
  91. Refurbishing new in box floppy disks?
  92. 8088 domination: an official sequel to 8088 Corruption
  93. Monochrome CRT tube swap
  94. Compaq Portable Keyboard question
  95. Good lord, a Tandy CD-rom machine?
  96. Value of old Manuals / Software?
  97. This is shocking.
  98. Good price for ST6356B1/UE
  99. Help Needed with Computer Specifics for Fictional Story, Part 2
  100. Toshiba 7140ct Dismantling
  101. Using DOS Only - Anyone here do that?
  102. BBS and terminal programs for MS-DOS, Amiga and Commodore 64 computers...
  103. Which to use; Telnet or SSH for logging into Bulliten Board Systems (BBS's)?
  104. What is an "internet gateway" and how does it work?
  105. What is the difference between 'OpenGEM', 'FreeGEM' and 'Owen's FreeGEM'?
  106. Packard Bell remote question
  107. What years did the 8-inch, 5.25-inch and 3.5-inch floppy diskettes die?
  108. Software written in 100% Assembly
  109. A Tale of Two PC's - 5150 as a tweener
  110. Server for Vintage Computer Disk Images
  111. Nw8240 Laptop failing. Heat pipes?
  112. GPIB plotter checking from hp Basic
  113. Any idea what this is? PC? Apple II?
  114. You could WIN a Hewlett-Packard Calculator!
  115. 1983 home computer prices
  116. Rhino Scorpion Robot + Software
  117. HP Plotter Pens; An alternative source for pens ?
  118. CPTEX80 - What the hell is this?
  119. Interesting way to refill HP plotter pens ! Clean and easy! No hands!
  120. The 2400 "baud" modem
  121. My IBM 5100 halts at 'I' checkpoint
  122. Rare joysticks
  123. External 5.25" floppy case. Uncommon?
  124. 5 1/4" Floppy Drive Not Reading?
  125. Finding Old Computers! (from my experiences)
  126. dump or sell vintage ibm PC?
  127. Texas Instruments Insight Series 10 Value?
  128. Combo Floppy and Hard disc controller
  129. scrap or collect DEC Alphaserver 4100
  130. Audio Format for software
  131. Floppy Days Podcast...
  132. Memory addressing/architecture and system responsiveness
  133. 8 bit sound card question
  134. Estate Sale Insanity
  135. FYI: Electronics Plus is closing and they are having a huge sale on a lot of old and
  136. Express PC question
  137. Purchasing From the Forums
  138. OK...what's my avitar
  139. computer motherload inheritance
  140. Does anyone have information on this magnetic core memory. Electronic Memories inc.
  141. It's BASIC Week on RetroBattlestations
  142. Apple accelerator sticker reproductions. Any suggestions?
  143. 1984-85 Microsoft Word for Mac Version 1 (Sealed)
  144. Good Retro Game Room Ideas?
  145. What was it used for and what value?
  146. Is this some sort of programming paper?
  147. IBM Displaywriter commercial
  148. Original computer prices
  149. Phone Line Emulator Idea
  150. IBM Hursley Museum
  151. What happened to Briel Computers?
  152. Does anybody care about IBM software unboxing?
  153. Dot matrix printers
  154. Dell 386SX..,486P built to last!
  155. Get my book "Classic Computing" free!
  156. Ready to build the XT-IDE...... Hummm.... but How?!
  157. KBXT.exe - switch control from AT to XT mode
  158. Ready to build the XT-IDE...... Hummm.... but How?!
  159. Your most memorable experience involving Vintage Computers
  160. Check those batteries!
  161. low level formating
  162. Can you identify these keyboards?
  163. Sinclair QL ; Sell or Keep ?
  164. When did the slash through zero become standardized?
  165. Is it worth keeping an Olivetti ETV 250 typewriter with CRT monitor?
  166. 35 Years Ago Today, VisiCalc was Released
  167. Need Assistance with setup
  168. Three Questions - CP2PC, 486/133 and Assembler
  169. How many systems can you support?
  170. USB to Null Modem Cable
  171. The ultimate 'tweener'?
  172. Mintel....... Early precussor to internet.
  173. (WAS: support how many systems...) NOW: Breakdown Support by Type
  174. want to buy my first vintage pc need help
  175. A mystery cacophony of 1982-1984 QIC tapes...all for one system?
  176. Birthday Apple ink.
  177. The sixth stage of grief is retro-computing (from medium.com)
  178. mid-life crisis, thinking for getting AltairClone
  179. Fill in the Soundcard(s) for me
  180. Help me find my perfect prototyping system
  181. wood computer cases
  182. BIOS installation help
  183. Lo-Tech CF ISA Card Install Question
  184. Commodore 64 - VIC-20 Keyboards
  185. Computerworld Newspapers
  186. A little Vintage/New school Apple humor! What do you think?
  187. Vintage Computer and possible water damage
  188. I NEED a IDE CF Adapter with a Female end on a bend angle
  189. can you ID this cable?
  190. Tektronix 4951 Joystick
  191. IBM Music Feature Card store demo recovered
  192. Cleaning up an IBM PC 286
  193. Wanted: Your story for Christmas (or the holiday season)
  194. Moving!!!
  195. CGA/EGA to VGA converters, are they any good?
  196. ZIP100 parallel port ATA hard drive mod?
  197. IBM Personal Telephone Manager
  198. IBM Diagnostic & Driver Disks
  199. Farewell, Dr. Dobb's
  200. VESA LB Motherboars does not come to live
  201. Best Vintage Computers to buy
  202. Strange brew
  203. CGA & Composite RCA jack and NTSC
  204. IBM PS/2 P70 issues
  205. ID this Lektromedia device?
  206. Possible dream job for someone in this forum...
  207. do you agree with this wiki quote?
  208. floppy disk question
  209. MARCH's YouTube channel
  210. NeXT video from 1985
  211. Is Having No Battery a Problem?
  212. ID This Ancient Laptop?
  213. HUGE '90s Newcom computer speakers available from Parts Express
  214. Full Motion Video with Hercules Graphics
  215. Found board - don't know what it is, maybe someone here does?
  216. ok I'm going to bit the bullet and ask this question, may seem offensive to some
  217. Vintage Computer members in Glasgow, Scotland??
  218. IBM PS/2 Paint color and type
  219. Got this military crated computer, first haul in s while!
  220. MCT EEPROM Programmer proprietary interface card. Help!
  221. Crowdfunding: my computer history book
  222. Garage Storage of Computers and Parts
  223. How to determine shipping costs?
  224. build me your ideal retro computer . . . quick!
  225. Interesting interview with Vint Cerf discussing the "cloud"
  226. NEED Help: Data Loss Horror Stories
  227. Prototype C65 goes for almost $23,000 USD
  228. Remember the 16550 UART (and the modem era)?
  229. Bizarre IDE Failure and Recovery
  230. 1981 Catalog from Radioshack those were the goood old days
  231. Archiving Your Original Programs
  232. How Much Is A Retro Computer Worth on the BBC
  233. Setting CD-ROM Speed in Win95 Control Panel
  234. Any dot matrix printer repair experts here?
  235. Got anything vintage related at work/in your office to remind you of our hobby?
  236. ATX power supply with -5V and big +5V +3.3V rails?
  237. LAST CALL - VCF East exhibit reg. ends Monday
  238. What is this system
  239. Dial-up modems connecting thru VoIP or other internet/digital telephony - or not?
  240. VCF East shirt preview!
  241. PDP 11/45 DIGITAL Computer found on attic.
  242. hi, PDP 11/45 found at Attic? What is this?
  243. Cleaning vintage computer motherboards
  244. More New Zealand Bits & Bytes
  245. Anyone who ever bought from me, please get in touch.
  246. Video Card u
  247. Vintage Computer Mecca? Video of Electronics "Junk" Store
  248. Thanks for the memory
  249. quantity of the years spinal some kind of film
  250. What hardware and software was this? Something I played with in my childhood.