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  1. Need documentation on Cumulus "Newmark 386 SX" AT-SX ISA add-in board
  2. KIM-1 debug kit
  3. Nut size for AT Case Standoffs
  4. Real Time Clock IC Replacement ?
  5. Where to find the specifications starlan network card RETIX StarSeries PC-19?
  6. How am I supposed to hook up a Seagate ST-157A?
  7. Mysterious paper tape punch
  8. Win95b Support for Large SCSI Drives
  9. IBM Dials, LPFK & Spaceball
  10. Vintage Hard Disks
  11. Baking hard drive for stiction
  12. Apple IIe video ROM
  13. Sharp PC-7000 Keyboard cable
  14. Ink Jet woes
  15. Non-standard Citizen 26-pin floppy drives
  16. Origin of timing jitter in output port signals 8088 computer.
  17. Tandon TM848-2 fuse
  18. Recapping and replacing RAM in a Macintosh 128k
  19. HD Size Limits and Issues, with regard to BIOS, OS, etc.
  20. Thoughts of SD-USB-M3 disassembly (LS-120)
  21. Any drivers for WD33C93B? (non-linux!)
  22. Cheap taiwanese VGA
  23. CD-Rom Hardware Issue?
  24. Best Source for 4:3 monitors?
  25. Power Supply Testing - AT Power Supplies / ATX Power Supplies with Load
  26. IBM5155 Amber computer display monitor, mystery IC.
  27. HP LaserJet 4Si rescue - now need to refurb
  28. IBM5155 Keyboard issue.
  29. IBM 5150 Rev.B boot issue
  30. General best practice for power-on?
  31. Name of the CD audio connector on early Creative cards
  32. Recapping an ABIT BP6 capacitor questions
  33. Looking for Boca Research FTP site lovin'
  34. Replacing the BIOS on a Proprietary System?
  35. Possible Tube for an IBM 5145 Monitor
  36. Friden SPD-V
  37. Two questions about memory in a IBM 5170 (8mhz)
  38. HP Vectra QS/20: System won't see RAM in bank 1
  39. Unknown variant of ATI VGA-Wonder 16 distorted video?
  40. Hard Drive Mounting
  41. Blinking Power Lights on a Compaq Portable III
  42. Trouble with an SD Card to IDE adapter.
  43. ps/2 to db9 serial adapter
  44. Tandy 1000 SL and NEC JC-1401P3A
  45. Removing Adhesive from Processor
  46. Having issues using XTIDE bios on a DTK286
  47. Ibm xt 286
  48. 8-bit VGA Plus jumper & switch settings ?
  49. NIC Etherlink III found under WfW, but not under DOSS 6.22
  50. Manual for WY-150 needed
  51. Catweasel & Copy Option Board Disk Archiving
  52. Maxoptix T3-1300 how best to connect?
  53. HP vectra E5 286 manual needed
  54. How to remove cylinder from Qume LetterProPlus printer?
  55. Heatshrink Tubing Sizes
  56. IBM COMMS Module CJ2216 ?
  57. Board that (reportedly) can handle 64mb RAM only sees 16mb?
  58. External Battery Pack Connector
  59. Quadram Microfazer II print spooler manual
  60. Removing rubberized coating suggestions?
  61. Req info on Minolta CR-1 monitor
  62. Colorado Trakker 700 convert to internal
  63. Computer Case Front Panel Swap
  64. Commodore Datasette, 1902a Monitor issues
  65. Need Help identifying Serial Card
  66. NetPi-IDE disk emulator using a Raspberry Pi Zero
  67. Painting Retro Case Cover
  68. 1M x 1 DRAM
  69. NEC MultiSpin 6i (CDR-502) DOS Drivers
  70. Odd Find at my Local Thrift Store
  71. Need help to identify serial mouse for PC
  72. PC Front Panel MHZ Display
  73. Right tool for the Job! (OKI PGA-X)
  74. IBM5155 computer power supply schematic mystery.
  75. Help with an ibm 5150 that won't post
  76. AT to ATX Converter Cable Wiring to Power Switch
  77. SMT Electrolytic Cap replacement trick
  78. Missing Pins on Intel 387 Chip
  79. bnc to rj45 adapter
  80. Logitech Logimouse model C7 serial port settings and driver?
  81. DATA I/O 201 firmware
  82. Quantum ProDrive LPS 240MB IDE hard drive - setup utility?
  83. IBM Displaywriter Questions
  84. Looking BIOS for Video Seven VGA-16 (chip L1A4199) ISA video-card
  85. Wang WLTC P/S: Value of R43 needed
  86. Okidada 120 Printer: Will it work with MS-DOS?
  87. IBM 5153 rolling screen / Vertical sync lost?
  88. Bad Keyboard Interface
  89. Tandy 1000 SL RGB output questions/issues
  90. How can you get files onto a system that you don't have a disk drive for?
  91. How to burn 2708s
  92. Side Project - Putting Motherboard into OEM Case
  93. XTIDE questions...
  94. Lifesize Sound Enhancer, Covox clone?
  95. 7111 82S23 27S18 6330 74S188 18SA30 7602 prom burner help
  96. Tandy 1000SX Floppy drive issues
  97. Compaq Portable +12V rail on motherboard is shorted.
  98. DEAD 386 board
  99. ONe Set of SPeakers, Mulitple Computers
  100. 3 1/4" Floppy disks.
  101. Disk won't go all the way into Apple Unidisk 5.25"
  102. Replaced keyboard foams - most keys work, but not 20% do not...
  103. Tandon TM100-2A Logic Board Failure
  104. Testing a non-working Motherboard - Things to Check / Any Good Sites?
  105. Computer placement on cement
  106. Joystick Spitter
  107. Thinking of building a Tweener.
  108. IDE to CF Woes - Anyone experienced?
  109. Looking for a TSR file called 2M
  110. Do ATX Blanking Plates Fit in AT Cases?
  111. Serial Cables for KVM
  112. CD-ROM head humming, won't read discs.
  113. CGA card identification help
  114. Connecting composite video monitor to a PC?
  115. Temperamental A)IBM XT B)ST-225 C)Controller D)All of the above?
  116. Replacing BIOS Chip
  117. AT2XT redux
  118. Possible / Easy to Wire One of these up?
  119. Need help IDing a Mouse and what looks like a serial card for it.
  120. Where does this go? Floppy drive disassembly
  121. Need help to indentify mouse and connector!
  122. Needing help identiying a wire-to-board connector
  123. IBM 8560 -041 PS/2 Floppy Drive bay
  124. Great Tek HRGPEGA EGA card, jumper settings?
  125. Microsolutions Backpack parallel daisy-chaining devices help needed.
  126. Strange behaviour of a 5151 Monitor.
  127. TEAC FD-55GFR 7193-U won't read or write
  128. IBM 5150 Won't Boot
  129. Jumper Wire Suggestions
  130. Toshiba T5200 Dead FDD
  131. Adjusting geometry on IBM PS/2 Model 25 CRT
  132. More about XTIDE
  133. Speaker Hum From Powered Speakers when Plugged In
  134. What Motherboard does this thing go to?
  135. What are these connectors (Pentium II Mobo)
  136. Laser XT not recognizing a Seagate ST-250R Hard Disk
  137. Fwiw
  138. Do any motherboards support four floppy drives?
  139. Boot from a Backpack parallel port floppy drive in a 5150?
  140. Service manual for Hyundai HCM-1420 EGA monitor
  141. What is this thing?
  142. KVM Issue with Serial Mouse
  143. Using an IOMEGA Zip Drive to connect to an XT Clone
  144. CompuAdd 3.5 Floppy mounting
  145. Digispeech DS201A
  146. Kaypro II CRT Replacement
  147. paul's 5150 PSU mod to from 110Vac 220Vac
  148. Legacy OS 3.5 floppy drive
  149. Miniscribe 8425XT, looking for info / specs
  150. A Quantum Go•Drive dies for seemingly no reason at all.
  151. Keyboard fuse recommendations?
  152. Found a Good ATX to AT Converter Pigtail
  153. Help identify this card
  154. Apple monitor to VGA adapter
  155. 5 1/4th floppy drive jumper settings
  156. BIOS CHIP - Flashing Question
  157. Advice on Flashing XTIDE Bios on an Olivetti M24
  158. AC'97 audio driver or Sound Blaster emulator for DOS?
  159. Do all 2114 SRAMs have the same pinout?
  160. Looking for a Toshiba 5.25" floppy drive maintainance manual.
  161. suggestions for period fitment of heat sink to ceramic 8087 40pin DIL
  162. Need replacement or reworked D12887 CMOS battery
  163. Live video (VGA or component) to HDMI converter suggestions needed
  164. Can Someone ID These?
  165. IBM PS/2 Model 80 (8580) Not POSTING
  166. Radial Capicitors: Determining Voltages
  167. PET 2001-16 N with no power?
  168. Are internal modems worth anything anymore?
  169. VT82C42N keyboard controller generating continuous interrupts
  170. Zenith ZF-150-52: RAM failure message
  171. C0-Max IBM PC-AT 80287 Accelorator
  172. Toshiba t5200/100 problem
  173. Fire in the hole!
  174. My 5151 Monitor seems to have died.
  175. Toshiba t2150CDT and Compaq Contura 430c, how to get to BIOS?
  176. Mystery boards found in an IBM AT 5170
  177. Reading the Eprom data from a vintage UV Eprom CPU
  178. Microsolutions 1.4MB parallel FDD disassembly help needed.
  179. Another hill to die on (FDDI to Fast Ethernet on 3com 2500)
  180. Leading Edge DC-2014 Keyboard
  181. Recommend a good DOS GPU
  182. Modem and Dial-Up over VOIP?
  183. Video freeze frame machine.
  184. Rebuilding a DS1387 RTC/NVRAM Module
  185. Why not a 5 1/2" usb floppy?
  186. Did I buy the right RAM?
  187. ST-325X spin-up problem
  188. Wanted BIOS for CHIPS EGA card: " Phoenix Enhanced Video BIOS PLUS Version 1.02 01 "
  189. Socket 5 CPUs?
  190. Biostar MB-1433/50UCV-D CPU support question
  191. AST Rampage / EGA for AT Card
  192. Iomega Ditto Drive questions
  193. HP 2649 B/C Terminals
  194. Micropolis 1335 heads not moving
  195. Curious 5.25 Drive Behavior (PC/XT clone system)
  196. Artisoft NE-2 Boot ROM GAL (U21) -- Anyone Have It?
  197. Western Digital VGA card manual
  198. 4MB 30 pin simm RAM configuration headache
  199. Automated CDROM installation on Microchannel system (Brad Parker's MCACDROM)
  200. Does a 286 require cooling?
  201. Standard diskette drive adapter for Personal System/2 edgecard chassis
  202. Easiest/cheapest way to get a GPIB printer to work on a modern-ish computer?
  203. Leaking Dalla DS12xx "Piggyback" RTC chips
  204. Rockwell Development System
  205. 5.25 Floppy Errors and Should I buy?
  206. Service manual for IBM PS/2 Monochrome Display?
  207. Lo-tech: An Update / What's happening with Lo-tech
  208. ATI EGA Wonder 800 : looking for driver/utility disk
  209. Teac 1/2 Height 5.25 360k Drive
  210. Toshiba T1000 PSU Component List
  211. Should I buy this?
  212. 8BIT Texas Instruments (TI) SCSI Controller Card
  213. What is this (8088 FEP-2/3?) board?
  214. Turtle Beach ASC338 PCI sound card
  215. Seagate ST-4096 repair
  216. Quadram MS1422 monitor , is there any info out there?
  217. ID these?
  218. Pros and Cons of 386SX-25 Upgrade from a 286-12?
  219. Dell Ultrascan P990 19" (trinitron tube) found
  220. PCI video card doesn't want to work?
  221. ST351A/X XT mode jumper settings
  222. Overland Data 1/2" 9-Track Tape Drive Information - Halp!
  223. Ethernet on Windows 3.1
  224. Double stepping Teac FD55F 5.25 drives
  225. IBM Graphics Printer (Epson MX-80)
  226. CRLF / Multiple commands in Modem Initialization string
  227. GW-12887-1: A DS1287/DS12887 et al. Replacement
  228. Sound Blaster 16 CT4170
  229. ATI Mach64 not working on Acer Motherboard
  230. TM262 20mb hard drive issues
  231. Seagate ST 4096 and National Computer NDC5445
  232. Zenith Data Systems ZWL-183-92 Power Issues
  233. Is it possible to wire an (old) ATX power supply to an AT compatible Motherboard
  234. Hyundai Super-286E : how to enter BIOS?
  235. Missing keycaps on old PS/2 Keyboard.
  236. Disk on module (DOM) with another IDE devive on same cable
  237. Game Blaster CT1300A
  238. DD/HD floppies in DD/HD drives, and the mystery of the density hole.
  239. Can you ID this?
  240. Creative Music System / Game Blaster clone
  241. Ram Simm traces on board useful?
  242. Where to find Mac Performa Parts
  243. thinkpad lcd problem
  244. Manual or info on Micronics Socket 5 MB55061379 Motherboard
  245. How to open a Gateway 2000 Tower
  246. Sharp LM64C389 LCD inverter issue(?)
  247. NEC Multisync Plus 1501 image warping problems
  248. Sysgen Smart Image EXT Tapes
  249. Is this a PCI card?
  250. Commodore PC10-III wont boot :(