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  1. Looking for a schematic/diagram of a "PAL Encoder" card...
  2. Apple IIe Emulation Mode?
  3. PSU repaired
  4. Can I format HDD 3.5" floppies on an Apple II?
  5. Bell & Howell case with hard drive in it
  6. Apple IIe Help
  7. Commodore has SID, Atari has SAP, what does Apple II have?
  8. Apple Newton got jokes...
  9. CFFA 3000 run#4
  10. Use 2 SSC cards?
  11. Original Apple computer sells for $365,000 at New York auction
  12. Apple IIC Plus internal 3.5" drive
  13. Apple II ROMS
  14. RAM chips
  15. Help me diagnose this Apple Color Composite Monitor IIe?
  16. Apple IIe issue
  17. Mac SE with 2 800k drive options for restoring/running?
  18. Apple IIe stick button issue?
  19. Original Transwarp and Ultima V
  20. Davong Hard Drive
  21. What network adapter is this
  22. Isaac Cyborg 91A Data Acquisition Interface for Apple ][
  24. Tall order
  25. AppleColor Composite Monitor IIe - pincushion problem?
  26. What am I forgetting?
  27. Image problem with my Apple Composite Monitor IIe
  28. Apple IIE - No colour
  29. Apple IIGS Capacitor Replacement?
  30. Apple IIc Color Adjustment? Tint is way off...
  31. Apple //c ProDOS or Z-RAM Ultra III problem?
  32. anyone own a non-Franklin Apple ][ clone?
  33. Vintage Micro Music on Youtube
  34. ok, show me the most suped-up Apple ][/][+/][e/][c/][gs . . . IN THE WORLD! Hit me !
  35. Apple II and Sup'R'Mod II
  36. can the IIgs use a DuoDisk
  37. Apple IIc Volume Control and Keyboard Repair
  38. Centronics 737-1 schematics and service manual
  39. Apple II board repair
  40. Anyone else here grow up playing Oregon Trail and WitW is Carmen Sandiego?
  41. Apple2Online.com Celebrates 5 Year Anniversary
  42. Advice about this apple II rev 0 auction?
  43. Announcing the Marina IP stack for Apple II
  44. Apple II VisiCalc - IIe's 80 Column vs VideoTerm
  45. Should I leave IIe unenhanced?
  46. Does anyone use the Technobyte Compact Flash Drive for the Apple II ?
  47. Apple II power key replacement
  48. Apple 1 and other early items on eBay
  49. Apple II+ Keyboard bend
  50. Help needed with Apple IIe Power Supply repair (ASTEC)
  51. IIgs AE Sonic Blaster back panel connector on eBay
  52. Help me troubleshoot this IIGS
  53. AppleColor monitor not maintaining focus
  54. Apple IIc 9 inch monitor repair - Flyback replacement
  55. Apple IIe PAL - Color Killer Display Problem
  56. Did I break my Apple IIc?
  57. Did I break my Apple IIc, the start up disk, or the monitor? Really confused.
  58. Early 1976 Apple-1 computer, from the garage of Steve Jobs.
  59. Is this an Apple II Hard Disk Drive System?
  60. So, I bought a Classic IDE from TEchnobytes....
  61. IIGS with SCSI card and drive
  62. Bullet-connectors on 1980 Apple II PSU PCB
  63. Apple IIgs RAM Card
  64. Apple /// No Boot - owner sad
  65. Raspberry pi adaptor card? Anyone got one/ where to buy one?
  66. Woman recycles Apple I as e-waste
  67. Apple III complete with tons of extras
  68. Apple II spotted on TV
  69. Apple IIgs for sale
  70. Apple II repairs
  71. WTB: Apple IIgs - Any advice on what to look for?
  72. Apple IIgs 120V PSU - does it easily convert to 240V?
  73. Happy Birthday to the Apple II
  74. What could this be? Not a Super Serial Card!
  75. Apricorn Super Serial Imager with ADTPro
  76. Copam EPROM Burner
  77. Apple //c power brick - how to open?
  78. I want to fix my Apple ][e, but I have no idea where to start.
  79. Apple II+ - starts in monitor mode - need help to diagnose and fix it
  80. AppleDisk 3.5" doesn't like to eat the disk!
  81. MM5740/AAE Keyboard Controllers
  82. ADT Pro and IIGS System 6.0.2
  83. Small chip thingie in an Applied Engineering.
  84. TEAC drive Apple II compatibility (Trackstar 128)
  85. Apple IIgs woes - unreadable screen, snow
  86. There is a ZIP chip in this Apple //e configuration on ebay...
  87. EEVblog #788 - Apple IIC Teardown
  88. Retro Apple II Photo Contest - win an Uthernet II
  89. Eizo LCD monitor almost displays 15 kHz analog RGB video
  90. Apple II S/N 5
  91. AppleColor Composite monitor for Apple IIe - only B&W?
  92. Apple IIE 5.25" Disk question
  93. Did I shoot myself in the foot? Apple IIe Enhanced RAM repair
  94. Fixed characters on screen at boot - no loading - no ADTPro RAM or ROM?
  95. Any Apple III owners out there with a Profile HD
  96. Early IIe motherboard, no display, trouble shooting help requested... ?
  97. Is this power light normal?
  98. The Uthernet II is shipping
  99. Apple II Monitor Stand
  100. assistance requested on project to contribute to Apple II community
  101. Apple IIe no video issue
  102. Apple Writer /// issue
  103. Assembly Language question: odd JMP behavior in boot1
  104. Weird Wico trackball mod
  105. I/O error converting Lisa assembler to DOS 3.3 using Muffin
  106. Apple II keyboard ribbon
  107. Rev 2 Apple II value opinion
  108. Big Voltmeter: The IMWI ADALAB Card and an Apple IIe
  109. Apple IIe Platinum Reset key not working
  110. Rev 02 Apple II Arrived
  111. Flaky Apple ][e
  112. Isopropyl alcohol drying time for A2 keyboard?
  113. Apple II NOS keyboards?
  114. Modification for DHR on a Rev A Apple //e
  115. Apple II Second Raised Power light question
  116. Apple II Graphics Tablet ROM found
  117. Apple ][ GS - PSU help
  118. ][c vs. Laser 128
  119. How to disassemble and clean Apple IIe game paddles
  120. Incase anyone missed it, a2heaven.com is up!
  121. Apple IIe/IIc
  122. new in box //e Platinum -sell now or keep as investment for later?
  123. Apple IIe Platinum - No Sound
  124. Raspberry Pi as Mockingboard D or AE IIc system clock emulator?
  125. Z-Engine Z80 CP/M Coprocessor
  126. Random Letters and Symbols All Over The Screen On Boot.
  127. Apple IIGS Floppy Drive Weirdness
  128. Building an Apple ][c OS For Raspberry Pi B?
  129. Best Apple 1 replica?
  130. Run apple 1 cassette programs on an apple II?
  131. Does anyone have a Brain Board for sell?
  132. Unknown floppy drive controller
  133. Videx 80 col board - just a phono..how to connect to monitor
  134. Best ways to clean keys
  135. MOS Technology Ceramic 6502 for sale on ebay
  136. Apple 1 Replica Video Section Not Working
  137. Anyone remember Maces & Magic games for the Apple II ?
  138. Rev 1 Apple II board value?
  139. apple ii europlus - worth getting a language card? and will a iie enhanced board fit?
  140. Apple 1 Replica What's the purpose of this NOT gate on CB2?
  141. My saga of building and troubleshooting an Apple II Plus from scratch
  142. Broken Apple IIe - garbage screen
  143. Early Apple II+
  144. Merlin Assembler Problems
  145. Apple IIe motherboard power problem.. ?
  146. New disk controller - drives still not working
  147. What interface does this Teac 5.25" drive have?
  148. Film capacitor Apple II+/e power supply
  149. Apple IIc power issues
  150. Apple IIe Power Supply Failure
  151. Early 1980's Apple, so many questions...
  152. Floppy Emu Device from BigMessOWires... :) for my Apple IIgs
  153. Ugly yellow ][e cases
  154. Fingerprint Card Serial Port
  155. Happy 40th birthday Apple
  156. Apple IIc keyboard and display issues
  157. How to load .bin files on an Apple IIc
  158. TWO original Apple 1s at VCF East - April 15-17
  159. Vote for Apple II
  160. Apple II disk drive woes
  161. Apple ii power supply connector
  162. Monitor/TV cable for Apple iic?
  163. Apple ii+ keyboard encoder chip
  164. This Can't Be Normal
  165. WAV files as substitute for tape drives
  166. Apple IIe not booting
  167. Toy Laptop Mouse on Apple iie
  168. Apple ][ Clock Card - Conceptual Instruments - The Organizer
  169. Seeking another old Apple II game
  170. tiny troll and EBS for the Apple II
  171. Rampak 4 GS Memory Expansion Card Question
  172. Apple 1 (not replica!) demo @ VCF East: the video
  173. Apple2e-Card in LC-475 and no software :(
  174. Apple IIgs hard drive success
  175. APPLE ][ PLUS NEW IN ORIGINAL box with the large memory NO Paper work make offer
  176. Apple II plus issue
  177. Gotek or other floppy emulator for a AppleII Clone/AppleII...
  178. Apple IIGS power supply
  179. Apple IIe HAL chip
  180. Apple /// Problems...
  181. Lisa with original faceplate
  182. Apple 1?
  183. And a Rev 0..just $30,000
  184. Applied Engineering Conserver
  185. Apple II+ sudden keyboard death
  186. Using a US Apple II in the UK
  187. Apple Iic Check Disk Drive error
  188. Apple //GS + Mac se/30 and Asantetalk together.
  189. Coming soon: New Apple II RPG by 6502 Workshop
  190. Apple /// Issues
  191. Upcoming: Apple II Prototype Cards
  192. Diamond Trackstar 128: Original utility disk needed (or borrow to make a disk image)
  193. Apple II experts have a look at this please Doesn't look right
  194. IIgs Change DTE and DTR
  195. Apple II Rev 1?
  196. 3.5" drive gears
  197. Questions about Apple IIGS
  198. Rarest Apple 1 ever for auction
  199. BinSCII. How he heck does this work?
  200. Anybody know where this Apple I went?
  201. Need some help Apple IIe & Cider Press
  202. Wolfenstein music IIgs
  203. ADTPro problem? Hardware problem? or user error!
  204. How to connect apple profile to apple IIe
  205. Apple iie control key problem
  206. Nox Archaist Graphics Contest Winners
  207. What's a RAM Disk?
  208. Need help ADTpro host timeout error on IIGS
  209. Word Processing on the Apple //e
  210. Accessing total RAM available on my Apple lle
  211. Macintosh Classic
  212. Apple II card - C.D.C. 503509-C. What is it for?
  213. Best place to put a SCSI card in a IIGS
  214. Borrowed an apple II scsi card and not recognized
  215. How to make floppys from disk images...
  216. Apple II+ No beep, no keyboard light...
  217. A2+ beeps, works, no text display. Help please?
  218. Apple Color Monitor IIe - Getting Color
  219. Apple iigs Serial Cable - Make One
  220. Apple ][+ Boot Issues
  221. Thank you, Tom! :D
  222. Apple 3.5" Disk Drive Formatting Issues
  223. AST Multi I/O card for Apple II
  224. Apple IIe Price Diiferences
  225. So, this big metal box followed me home...
  226. Lego 9767 Interface Build
  227. 2 Apple IIe and 1 Apple II+
  228. ProDOS 2.4
  229. Videx Videoterm clone - looking for the firmware
  230. ROM / RAM replacement board for Apple ][+?
  231. Apple //c plus RAM expansion
  232. Problems with Certain Disks
  233. Just picked up a iie now what?
  234. Apple IIe - strange expansion card - help needed
  235. Query about SW1-8 component on Computech Diplomat Comms. Interface card in Apple iie
  236. Apple II Power Supply. Problem (NON-ASTEC)
  237. AP-64e eprom programmer
  238. Help identifying these expansion cards?
  239. PC to Apple II Joystick Adapter?
  240. Which Apple //e was this?
  241. Apple ][ keyswitches
  242. Apple II Disk Restoration Project
  243. TRANSWARP II rom
  244. Need expert help identifying game from my childhood
  245. Apple 2 Astec power supply repair
  246. Apple II+ Visicalc VC-Expand
  247. Nox Archaist S1E1: Shattered Sword, a game play demo by 6502 Workshop
  248. Apple II clone - can you identify this board?
  249. Apple IIc power unit replacement
  250. external color on IIc