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  1. Shugart 800 has read errors past track 8?
  2. A Dual IDE/CF Prototype card for S-100 Bus systems
  3. S-100 EPROM boards
  4. Kaypro II keyboard problems, only one key works
  5. A New Parallax driven S-100 Console-IO Board
  6. Parallax S-100 Console I/O testing.
  7. Shugart SA 400 Minifloppy Read/Write Head?
  8. 5.25" drive cabinets?
  9. Heathkit Z19 terminal
  10. Interfacing a HD44780-compatible Display to the S-100 Bus
  11. Help: Restoring Lear Siegler ADM-3A terminal I just received (pics)
  12. 8080 Assembly Routine for Serial IO Board
  13. Do you know where to find this Keyboard? Pics
  14. A new 8086 S-1000 CPU board, 8086-monitor & Bringing up CPM86+.
  15. Processor Technology SOLOS-1 ROM
  16. Keytronics Keyboard Foam Replacement Pads: What's the demans? Kaypro, Lisa, Sol
  17. BUYER BEWARE -- SALOTA 32K Mixed Memory Boards
  18. Morrow MPZ80 PALs
  19. Fixing a Sol-20
  20. New owner advice for IMSAI 8080
  21. JC S100 bus (multiple CPU)
  22. CBIOS source for Northstar Horizon?
  23. Can anyone identify this connector on a Lincoln keyboard?
  24. MC862P MDTL TTL chip?
  25. Do you know how these key switches work? (Pics)
  26. Pointers debugging a Hall Effect Keyboard?
  27. Sol-20 Faceplate recreation
  28. Restoring an Altair
  29. these look like they're suitable for S100
  30. Altair 8800 owner in Australia
  31. Help with Kaypro II Keytronics keyboard debounce?
  32. Kaypro II Keyboard Schematic? Anyone have it?
  33. Sol-20 programs in .wav format
  34. Videos of my 34 year old IMSAI PCS-80/30
  35. How to test 2102 RAM Chips?
  36. January 1975 Popular Electronics
  37. S-100 buffered prototyping board PCBs
  38. Build a S-100 Debug Board
  39. HOWTO: Repair a Kaypro Keyboard (or Apple Lisa or SOL)
  40. SOL-20: Question about serial in and out
  41. An 8086 Bios for S-100 systems to run MS-DOS/FreeDOS
  42. Code Identification - A long shot
  43. LOGOS-I RAM Board: Still No Documentation
  44. Possible Project: Simple Serial Board
  45. ZS Systems 64K RAM Board -- Any Information?
  46. Proper Method of Triggering S-100 Interrupts
  47. Lots and lots and lots of boards for sale (S-100)
  48. Questions about the NorthStar MDC Floppy Controller
  49. Northstart Horizon MDs controller (all types) - best replacement drives?
  50. The Dajen SCI (System Central Interface)
  51. home brew S-100 PCBs
  52. The 1980's: Hard Disks for your Microcomputer!
  53. Anyone want a Cromemco 4PIO Board ?
  54. Looking for some Altair 8800b turnkey info
  55. Use CAT28C16A EEPROM instead of 6116 SRAM in Compupro RAM-17 ?
  56. altair 8800b with 3 drives ....value?
  57. Best place to start when building S-100?
  58. Advice on testing an 8 inch floppy drive?
  59. Altair 8800 Plays Daisy (Bicyclee Built for Two)
  60. Building a ROM/RAM Board Around the IO-2
  61. Source for a good, working S-100 floppy disk controller?
  62. S-100 Z80 CPU board PCBs available
  63. Anyone ever heard of Inner Access 68K-P CPU?
  64. BYT-8 - How rare?
  65. IMSAI CPA ECOs missing instructions?
  66. A New S-100 Bus 68000 CPU Board
  67. s100 back plane
  68. cannonical processor tech cards / products
  69. Cromemco CDOS 2.17 on System Three
  70. Alpha Micro AM-100/L and related boards
  71. S-100 MS DOS Support board PCBs
  72. My Altair 8800b turnkey with floppy drives and Beehive terminal
  73. Construction details of a new S-100 Bus "MS-DOS Support Board"
  74. A New S-100 Bus 8088 CPU Board
  75. Altair 8800 and 8" disk drive
  76. A New S-100 Bus SVAG Video Board
  77. S-100 IDE V2 board PCBs available
  78. Expected cost of an s-100 system
  79. Interested in punched tape
  80. S-100 Altair plus items pulled from storage 4-sale
  81. Ithaca Intersystems ZMU need help..
  82. Loaded *working* Altair 8800
  83. compupro disk1
  84. which disk drive controller
  85. IMSAI reassembled
  86. Two New S-100 Boards Available
  87. Vector Graphic Vintage desktop microcomputer on craigslist
  88. Announcing the reboot of IMSAI and the IMSAI series 2 systems
  89. A master/Slave S-100 6502 CPU Board
  90. Update on 8088 S-100 CPU Board
  91. I need help with a CompuPro Interfacer 4 rev. 187E
  92. MITS 88-2 SIO Board Project
  93. New Production S-100 Systen Enclosures?
  94. Altair Basic floating point error
  95. Ebay score of sorts
  96. IMSAI MIO as Printerinterface on PIO2
  97. IMSAI 8080 - Reboot
  98. paper tape preservation
  99. Info on Solid State Music IO4 serial card
  100. 8 inch dual floppy drive id help...
  101. Punched Fanfold Paper Tape For Sale?
  102. Need help with "unresponsive" Teletek FDC-1C all in one computer-on-a-board.
  103. went for one thing..came out with a car load...need help id boards
  104. Altair disk drive found (and bought) off ebay!
  105. OSI with OSI kb - dual drive
  106. S-100 "Motherload?"
  107. 3P+S Card won't let my Altair Reset... Need troubleshooting advice...
  108. A New S-100 Bus Master/Slave 80386 CPU Board
  109. Altair s100 motherboard edge connectors.
  110. Remaining S-100 board PCBs available
  111. OK past the 3p+s Hanging issue, now the next problem...
  112. 7805/7905 Switch mode VR replacements
  113. Heathkit Z-120
  114. Turbodos 1.43 and looking for ADC Super Six and/or the boot EPROM
  115. Compupro S-100 Boards Available
  116. Large Collection Of S-100 Boards & Hardware To Be Available For Sale
  117. CP/M almost running on IMSAI, need help
  118. Imsai pcs 80/10
  119. IMSAI Running Altair 4K BASIC
  120. Need help getting SSM VB1B video board working
  121. 8" Drive Woes
  122. Dynabyte Naked Terminal info
  123. System track copy program stalling
  124. Does anyone know the hack for the SOL-20...
  125. Northstar Horizon on eBay - worth a chance?
  126. A new 80386 Monitor Program
  127. Wanted: 5.25" boot disk, IMSAI 8080, Northstar MDC-A4 floppy controller
  128. Morrow M20 with Memorex 102 20MB Hard Drive Interface to S-100?
  129. eBay: Original Unassembled Altair 8800 Computer Kit
  130. Available S-100 PCBs
  131. An 80386 CPU board and RAM Board for the S-100 bus
  132. Altair 8800b-T Turnkey board
  133. NorthStar Anvantage 8/16 (no Boot)
  134. Altair 8800 Power transformers question
  135. Altair cards
  136. altair 8800 faceplate stenciling and repainting question
  137. And don't forget to Re-cap....
  138. eprom programs where can i find them online???
  139. altair 8800 question
  140. Wanted: STD-BUS Pulsar Electronics Cards?
  141. Altair 800bt restoration
  142. 4k basic running on my Altair!
  143. How to get output from SIO with Intel 8251A USART
  144. Is there a way to bootstrap a sol-20 with northstar dos over serial?
  145. IMSAI 8K BASIC working
  146. Vector Graphics PROM at auction (not mine)
  147. A new 68000 CPU Board For The S-100 Bus
  148. 5.25 inch, 10 sector, hard sector, floppy disks
  149. What is the safest baud you have found for loading basic without flow control
  150. Guide to configuring the Solid State Music IO4 as a MITS 88-2SIO serial board
  151. Problem with the Tarbell MD2022 DD/DS Controller
  152. 2708 eprom substitution, 2716, 2816
  153. Floppies
  154. Has anyone successfully loaded MITS 4K basic with an SIO-A card
  155. Altair 8800 Front Panel PCB Photo
  156. Altair 8800 restoration, first time run, problems
  157. New Altair Replica?
  158. Altair Timesharing BASIC
  159. MITS Computer Notes, hi-res searchable archive
  160. Source for S100 Motherboard Sockets
  161. Wargames IMSAI for sale
  162. The IMSAI Series Two Computer
  163. Capability's of a s-100 system
  164. CP/M on a SOL-20
  165. Altair Peripheral Emulator - Returning to life?
  166. EconoROM problems...help!
  167. Progress with new S-100 bus boards
  168. Magic smoke
  169. S100 "debug" panel options....
  170. Memory test parameters
  171. Hacked ALS-8
  172. Getting a Northstar Floppy Disk Controller working in my IMSAI
  173. Technical Design Labs/Xitan
  174. A new S-100 Bus general purpose 1MG Static RAM + EPROM S-100 Board.
  175. S-100 68K CPU board V3 (report from N8VEM-S100)
  176. Weight of IMSAI 8080?
  177. North Star DOS I/O Patches
  178. S-100 6502 CPU boards are available!
  179. accepting pre-orders for S-100 80286 CPU board PCBs
  180. accepting pre-orders for S-100 buffered prototyping board PCBs
  181. S-100 Parallel IO PCBs available
  182. S-100 IDE V2 PCBs available
  183. Building a Power on Jump Board
  184. Altair CP/M
  185. HxC Floppy emulator
  186. Help needed finding manuals (Extended Processing PROM Burner & RAM65)
  187. Versafloppy working, looking for SDOS
  188. accepting pre-orders for S-100 bus extenders. These are the nice ones!
  189. New S-100 80286 Board.
  190. Prototype S100 Boards for 80386 CPU with 8 or 32MB Static RAM
  191. Info Needed: MSD Inc. Boards
  192. IMSAI DIO/PDS board set
  193. Programming a ST78C34 Parallel Port Chip
  194. Looking for dump of Vector Graphics monitor ROM
  195. 1979 Wicat S100 Computer
  196. Help debugging Altair 8800
  197. Pragmatic Designs DBM-1 EPROM Simulator
  198. what are these zpu mods?
  199. A New S100 Bus 1MG RAM+EPROM Board
  200. Class Action Anybody
  201. Is there an ethernet S-100 card?
  202. Did any 8080 based S-100 cards use DMA?
  203. SD Digital S-100 boards
  204. Software for Cromemco Dazzler video board
  205. Running a 80486 CPU on the S-100 bus
  206. S-100 Utility board (RAM, ROM, UART, parallel, RTC, keyboard, cartridge, etc)
  207. Wiring up keyboard to Flashwriter II
  208. Bringing Up a Vector Graphic MZ
  209. PT 3P+S board setup to emulate Northstar serial port. Help needed.
  210. S-100 Power Supply
  211. Going back in time - The Cromemco Dazzler Board
  212. Anyone have a termcap linux file for a Sol-20
  213. Sol-20 questions
  214. Northstar DOS up and running on my SOL-20
  215. IMSAI 8080 Switch Reloaded
  216. Questions about Northstar DOS
  217. Swtpc 6809
  218. VintageComputerMuseum is at it again!
  219. Another Action Computer Enterprise machine....
  220. Bringing an Altair Online!
  221. Cromix running on ZEMU emulator
  222. Delta MPM/IO Sq00 board manual
  223. New S-100 V2 Z80 CPU Board working fine
  224. Northstar Horizon ROM's
  225. TurboDos Resurrected!
  226. Looking for the part number for a PT 48kra Data Delay
  227. Bare-Metal Boostrapping Cromemco CDOS with a 4FDC
  228. IMSAI 8080 New User! :) Need Help :) too many questions :)
  229. HAM Sol-20
  230. Altair 8800 Restoration Start-To-Finish w/Photos!
  231. Northstar Yahoo group disappears
  232. A V2 version of the S100 bus "MS-DOS support" board
  233. A new 16MB S100 bus Static RAM board
  234. DMA troubleshooting
  235. Help needed estimating weight and size of IMSAI 8080 for shipping.
  236. Pricing for a SOL-20 and related hardware
  237. SATA HDD on S-100 board? To use as data drive with CompuPro System 8/16
  238. Reading and Writing diskettes with Cromemco cscopy
  239. S-100 Breadboards
  240. Software loading S-100 via PC parallel printer port & DMA
  241. IMSAI 8080 Owner, please help...
  242. New Sol-20 Owner
  243. Anniversary of Ed Roberts Death
  244. VectorGraphic vs. IthacaIntersystems Z-80 CPU
  245. Imtair 8800
  246. Seattle Computer Products 8086 Computer with "MS-DOS 1.25"
  247. HxC SD card diskette emulator for 5.25 and 8" disks on Cromemco systems
  248. Hard disk controller and driver for the SCP S-100 MS-DOS system??
  249. What is the best way to test the DMA on a Sol-20
  250. Altair kit / case