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  1. IMSAI 8080 Disk Jockey SD boot sequence?
  2. Zenith Z-100 - fixed after a bit of bother
  3. N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 16MB SRAM V2 and Mezzanine Boards
  4. N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 Bus System Support Board V2
  5. N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 6502 V2 Boards
  6. N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 Parallel Ports IO Boards
  7. Ultimate MFM Controller Card
  8. N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 Bus System Monitor Mezzanine (Display) Boards
  9. N8VEM/S100Computers Group order for S100 V2 80286 Master/Slave CPU Board
  10. A super easy disk bootstrap method for the Sol-20
  11. Morrow HDC/DMA Winchester controller
  12. Pictures Altair 8800 2K prom card
  13. WD chipset in AM-100, same as LSI in DEC 11/02/23 etc..
  14. Helios II up and running PT-DOS!!!
  15. WireWrapping a Z-80 Board
  16. N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 Bus Extender Board
  17. Sol-20 Restoration Complete
  18. Zobex HDCI
  19. N8VEM-S100 S-100 Boards Arrived (SMBV2 and Mezzanines/16MB SRAM and Mezzanines/Parall
  20. S-100 Connectors Available
  21. Compupro Ram 17 in IMSAI problem
  22. A 80386 Master/Slavev S100 bus CPU board + RAM
  23. N8VEM-S100 Group Purchase of S-100 Bus Extender and Bus Terminator Boards
  24. Booting an IMSAI 8080
  25. PT Helios II cosmetic restoration is coming along....
  26. New to me IMSAI PCS-80/30
  27. Can you identify this 16/32K DRAM board?
  28. Morrow DJ2D/B Disk controller board question
  29. Processor Tech Helios II restoration complete!!!!
  30. Success with HSFE + Northstar floppy controller + soft sectored media
  31. Byt-8 MPU Full Schematic
  32. Dazzler and dynamic memory
  33. Versafloppy manual on the auction site
  34. Free ADM-3A lot available near San Francisco Bay Area, Help
  35. IMSAI 8080 or Z80?
  36. S100 Advice needed
  37. IMSAI Z80 plus Shugarts what do I need?
  38. Ithaca Intersystems DPS-1
  39. SOL-20 Fair Price
  40. Vector Graphic ZCB /PHANTOM + Power-on-Jump Error
  41. 8" Drives and Byte Magazines--Now on Ebay
  42. Altair 8800 with Z80 CPU wont toggle anything. Help!!
  43. Mits 88-lpc
  44. Old S-100 Boards for sale.
  45. Z-80B Speed ??
  46. Calif Comp Sys - Altair 8800 - MOSS ver 2.2 - PDF & TXT& ASM
  47. Input on 74LS04 won't go all the way to Ground
  48. Help with DRI MAC.COM & MOSS22.ASM - ERRORS
  49. IMSAI Short Form Catalog Fall 1977
  50. Shipping a floppy drive (Helios II)
  51. Drawings Altair 8800 case
  52. Using a Qume 242 Floppy Drive with a ZFDC Board
  53. Sol-20 with Helios II drive
  54. If your into electronics this may be of interest ?
  55. A new 16MB S100 Bus Static RAM board
  56. Wameco (WMC) CRT-1 video board - looking for a manual and information
  57. S-100 bare boards for sale?
  58. Solid State Music SB1 music synthesizer
  59. Shipping 8" drive...looking for 8" floppy template
  60. Term-Mite ST1000 card - Anybody got one?
  61. Techtran Profitmaker -- rebadged Heath/Zenith Z120
  62. Northstar DOS
  63. Northstar 8/16 board - possible 8087 add on
  64. IMSAI 8080 - Tantalum Capacitors
  65. I found a 88 2SIO Monitor ROM CHIP on 8800 PROM BD
  66. Altair 8800
  67. Hmmm... auction question..
  68. Need help, a mysterious MITS S-100 board
  69. Nice IMSAI sells for $1800 on eBay
  70. Is heathkit H8 computer belong to S100 categary?
  71. Sperry UTS 20 Terminal and Keyboard Restoration
  72. Hard Sector Disks for sale on eBay
  73. Problem with SOL-20 + TARG game
  74. Does anyone know about RMON V1.0 rom monitor?
  75. PolyMorphic System 8813 up for sale
  76. Z-100 Software and Manual Archive
  77. Assembly manual Altair 2K eprom board
  78. How do you pronounce SWTPC?
  79. Another recovering IMSAI 8080
  80. Mysterious MITS front panel board, does it related to MITS Altair 8800 computer?
  81. MITS 1K RAM board, 1975, high definition photos for reference
  82. MITS 88 SIO A board, 1975, high definition photos for reference
  83. MITS 88-4 PIO board, 1975, high definition photos for reference
  84. MITS 88-VI(RTC) board, high definition photos for reference
  85. MITS and Cromenco mark on the same board, interesting
  86. Two drive controllers possible?
  87. CP/M for Single-Density North Star Controllers
  88. Working stock REV 0 Altair 8800 spotted on ebay
  89. Get a cromemco dazzler today
  90. Got a 8085/8088 S-100 computer today!
  91. REV 0 Altair 8800 stock, SERIAL NO. 221876K
  92. Interior mostly modified Altair 8800 spotted on ebay.
  93. 8080 single board computer?
  94. An S100 Bus 8 bit XVGA Video board
  95. Questions/Poll: Boards using WD2793
  96. Atari Development System DS-100 Cromemco / Cyan Engineering
  97. VG Vector 1++ floppy drive power connector
  98. Replacing the fan in my Z-100
  99. Exidy Sorcerer S-100 card?
  100. Instructions for ZFDC Board..
  101. Anyone have pictures of the factory Altair cassette cables/jacks
  102. Wameco S-100 Plate
  103. Idea for a new project?
  104. Video character ROM
  105. Z80 PC Assembler
  106. Does anyone has detailed schematics of Altair 8800 rev 0 silk-printed front panel?
  107. ECONORAM issues in IMSAI...advice needed.
  108. Just missed out on a great Altair!
  109. Hosting Webpages on Google Drive
  110. Altair 8800b-PS question. Upgrade kit serial numbers?
  111. IMSAI 8080 on eBay
  112. IMSAI 8080 30 years since last powerup
  113. Altair 8800 rev 0 with ultra low serial number spot on ebay
  114. IMSAI newbie
  115. Altair 8800 front panel wiring
  116. New V3 Version of teh S100 bus System monitor Board gone out to users
  117. Another Altair 8800 back from the dead (sort of)
  118. Building an S-100
  119. How many Altair 8800 REV 0 with default C8080 cpu produced?
  120. Unusual Altair 8800b rear panel. Factory error or reproduction?
  121. Building a (PT) SUBSYSTEM B without a GPM card
  122. Altair 8800 SN221148A received, factory assemble status confirmed
  123. Altair 8800 or 8800a parts mixed up?
  124. IMSAI fix pt3
  125. WTD: MIO schematic scan
  126. IMSAI Fix Pt 4: Best way to copy a boot floppy with limited tools?
  127. FDC+ Enhanced Floppy Disk Controller for the Altair 8800
  128. IMSAI working (kind of) !
  129. Video of the 1977 Processor Technology Sales Demo for the Sol-20 System III
  130. CompuPro 8/16
  131. Paddle Switches, where to find?
  132. Some detailed photos of absolutely early Altair 8800
  133. Anyone hear of a Zeus 80 computer?
  134. A V3 Version of our IDE/CF card S100 Board
  135. 88-2 SIO board, damaged capacitor, need some help.
  136. Finally (for me) a success story
  137. IMSAI - the Fix Pt4 : Finally (for me too) a success story
  138. Altair #1 - Lost in the mail. Who got Altair #2?
  139. CP/M for Northstar Single Density Disk?
  140. A New 16MB Staric RAM S100 Bus Board
  141. Cromemco S-100 boards for free
  142. A New S100 Bus V3 MSDOS Support Board
  143. RASE80 CPU Board and RASEFDC Floppy Disk Controller
  144. Northstar MDS-AD Not Working
  145. Full demo video of the Altair FDC+ enhanced disk controller
  146. Persci 299 with unknown Persci dual S-100 cards?
  147. Compupro DISK3 and Quantum Q540 hard drive
  148. Altair Ports 31 thru 37 Hex (061 thru 067 Octal).. What are they used for ??
  149. Help with CompuPro DISK3 and Quantum Q540
  150. Help identify this video board
  151. Tarbell Cassette I/F
  152. A New S-100 BUS Breakout Board
  153. Someone grab this Rev-0 on eBay.
  154. Recommendations on a system monitor board
  155. Imsai vdp-80
  156. 5.25" Hard Sector Floppies
  157. Creation of Tiny Basic, Curiousity
  158. Some Compupro porn (and bragging)....
  159. Bringing up a Vector Graphic Mindless Terminal
  160. Wameco QMB-9 S100 kit
  161. Memory Merchant and Morrow 64K Static RAM boards.
  162. Televideo Personal Terminal
  163. My CompuPro 8/16 System - Say Cheese !!!
  164. Questions on replacing tantulum capacitors on Compupro S-100 boards
  165. Help locating new transformer for 8 inch floppy power supply.
  166. A fresh haul
  167. Testing the Compupro Interfacer 4 with diagnostics
  168. Micropolis (Vector) controller mod for drive motor on/off
  169. Feasbility of buying and owning an S-100 compatible computer?
  170. A Z80 based SBC for beginners for the S100 bus.
  171. Anyone been in touch with Todd Fischer?
  172. Booting Cromix on a Cromemco System One - help needed!
  173. Owning and operating an S-100 bus computer
  174. Status of beginner S100 bus Single Board Computer
  175. Looking for an S-100 chassis with backplane?
  176. Virtual Sector Generator for 5.25" Floppies Now Shipping
  177. Mits Altair 88-2SIO Serial Input/Output Board for Sale or Reproduction?
  178. 32-sector 8" Floppy Disk - 3M 740-32
  179. Close to getting a Imsia 8080 but what about the Floopy Drives ?
  180. MFE M750 8" DSDD Floppy Drive
  181. Need help identifying S-100 card manufacturer.
  182. NorthStar Horizon Disks
  183. Question about Sol-20
  184. A new Google Groups S100Computers forum
  185. Value of an Altair case
  186. Sending Emails from an S-100 TurboDOS Machine
  187. Successfully Boot to 88-2 SIO Monitor?, dos anyone know the command???
  188. A New Single Board Z80 based S100 bus board is now available.
  189. Zenith Z-100 boot ROM image wanted
  190. Debugging the Vector Graphic Monitor 4.0
  191. Altair original binders
  192. Northstar HSIO 4 port serial board
  193. A 88 2-SIO board just sold for $396.99, shocking. There's need for replica
  194. Altair 8800b 110/220V
  195. Info Needed: CCS Model 2805 Clock/Terminator S100 Board
  196. Alloy Engineering DS-100 info needed
  197. Restoring N* Horizon withou Boot Disks
  198. TurboDOS for the NorthStar Horizon
  199. Reading 86-DOS disks on a Zenith Z100
  200. FDADAP in reverse
  201. Info Needed: International Data Systems 88-SPM Clock Module
  202. N8vem???????????????
  203. max length of an 8" floppy drive cable
  204. North Star Single Density Controller and Teac Drives
  205. A New Single Board Z80 based S100 bus board for first time users
  206. The Sol 20 case screw fastener thread
  207. 8800b hangs on serial port test
  208. bad video ram in Zenith Z-100
  209. A strange SSM board marked MT WR'GHT I want to sell, does any one know it?
  210. Altair 8800, Serial #220014K
  211. Teletek Systemaster
  212. Interesting 1974 MITS brochure, a Altair 8800 "protoype" with no air vent case
  213. Sol-20 Games under CP/M
  214. Need an Altair Basic 8K verison 3.1 cassette tape boot loader
  215. S-100 Services Wanted (Paid)
  216. Rare Altair MITS Inverter Board S-100 ??? weird eBay Auction
  217. Heathkit H19 + 3P+S...what's wrong?
  218. Floppy disk controllers, 3 1/2" drives, or alternatives?
  219. Zenith Z-100 serial port fixed and CP/M to Windows file tranfer
  220. IMSAI 8080 40th anniversary?
  221. IMSAI 8080 Bootstrap
  222. A new S100 Bus 80386 CPU Board
  223. Processor Technology Sol10
  224. What are the correct boards for an Altair Turnkey?
  225. Write Precompensation Adjustment for Zenith Z-100 needed for formatting errors
  226. is memory parity necessary ?
  227. Techtran 981 Micro-Disc
  228. Zenith Z-100 Gaming Find
  229. Z-100 in Maine
  230. A fresh large scale run of new S100Computers bare computer boards.
  231. Computime Q/T clock calendar partlist needed
  232. Vector Graphic Z-80 Rev 1
  233. Zenith Z100 VGA Color Success Story
  234. Imsai vdp 80
  235. Where is the best palce to sell my collection of S-100 boards.
  236. Found an Altair 8800
  237. Anyone have a Teletek Systemaster II ??
  238. IBM FSU Static RAM Board...for S-100?!
  239. Looking for a Measurement Systems DM6400 Manual.
  240. Help identifying an unknown serial card.
  241. Mystery ROM from MITS ROM Board
  242. Looking for a Dual Systems CMEM memory board manual.
  243. Original IMSAI 8080 artwork or photographs
  244. Where are all the old posts on this forum?
  245. Altair 8800 power supply photos
  246. Issues with 5 1/4" drives and the Versafloppy II
  247. Looking for a Morrow Disk Jockey 2D board
  248. Briel micro-Altair front panel artwork
  249. Altair FDC+ Enhanced Floppy Controller Update
  250. Cromemco S-100 Boards Just Listed On eBay