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  6. Atari 8-bit floppy to CD conversion needed
  7. Desperately need help with Kaypro disk near Columbus, Ohio
  8. Adapter cable needed
  9. IBM Info a' plenty
  10. commodore pet
  11. Acceso Computer Repair - serv's offered, stuff for sale
  12. Vintage Chip Supplier
  13. Need to find someone to do an ANSI art piece
  14. Repair and Restoration Services
  15. Needed: 720K file recovery
  16. Any hardware designers in the house?
  17. Wanted: Simple game made
  18. Person to inventory collection in LA
  19. repair for sx64 drive
  20. NorthStar Floppy Disk Data Recovery
  21. 3" & 5" Floppy disk transfers
  22. Custom burned vintage EPROMs
  23. I need system diskettess for tandy 1000 TL
  24. Need User Manual for Orchid Ramquest 8/16
  25. W: Proxy bidder in the USA
  26. I need a Tandy VGA driver file (256 colors)
  27. Searching for Lab for Testing Application in 3.1 Environment
  28. Transfering a file to 5.25 disk
  29. 64 and 256K DRAM Testing Service
  30. Pocono PC - Mac and Pc Repair
  31. Request for Kilobaud February 1980 article
  32. Anyone in Arvada, CO ?
  33. 5 1/4" floppies
  34. Non-disclosure agreement needed
  35. I have old Macintosh System software on 400K/800K disks for sale
  36. SWTPC gear
  37. Computer Services in COLORADO SPRINGS, CO
  38. Floppy Drive Cleaners
  39. Monitor Repair Services--Looking
  40. EPROM Programming and Erasing
  41. Tandon TM-100 Disk Drive Service ---Looking
  42. Kapro II Mother Board Service ---Looking
  43. Custom BIOS upgrade makers needed
  44. Someone who can fix a Timex Sinclair (DE, USA)
  45. Legacy Media Reading/Conversion
  46. vintage computer services?
  47. Does anyone have a paper tape punch?
  48. Glitch's Low-Cost I-81 Freight Service
  49. Programming PALs
  50. Move 80 column card data to modern media?
  51. Old RAM repair service. Anyone?
  52. Picking up, packing, and shipping near Chetek, WI
  53. Monitor Repair?
  54. Shipping Boxes
  55. Selling large quanatities of systems
  56. RAM Chips?
  57. IBM Screws
  58. Raven's CPU Pin Straightening Service
  59. Hobbyist in Phoneix, AZ Willing to Help with Checkout/Storage of an ASR-33 Teletype
  60. EPROM in need of re-programming
  61. Needed: EPROM programming
  62. Needed: Microcontroller programming (D8749)
  63. Need Help ID'ing this computer.
  64. Vintage Computers Needed for Edmonton Film
  65. IBM EGA Card Repair
  66. AST RAMPage Bracket Fabrication
  67. Unisys Laptop Repair.
  68. Wanted: Someone to Recap 2 Mac SE/30 boards & 2 Classic II Logic Boards
  69. Disk Image Archive
  70. Wanted - 27C1001 ROM Programming (UK)
  71. Looking for Philadelphia/South Jersey Help
  72. XT/IDE Testers Required - DP V2 Board
  73. Apple II Disk Image -> Disk Service
  74. Need adjustments made to AppleColor RGB Monitor for IIgs
  75. IBM Cover Plates
  76. a friend in need..
  77. NEEDED: author for N8VEM article or access to publication
  78. Need Mac SE Software
  79. Floppy Drive (8" & 5.25") Repair Service
  80. Compupro S-100 Board And System Repair Service
  81. 5.25 360k Disk Service
  82. 3.5 720k & 1.44 Macintosh Disk Service
  83. P2/P3 parts needed for benchmark (Was: A modest proposal...
  84. Drive Recovery Service
  85. kayprso 4 boot disk
  86. Greetings from GE Canada!
  87. need help with building home Q-BUS pdp-11 system
  88. WTT: two homemade 10 sector hard-sector floppy disks for VCF review
  89. Flashing / emptying / dumping (e)eproms, Amsterdam area
  90. IBM EGA 5154 Repair wanted
  91. Vintage Barrel-like CMOS Battery Replacement.
  92. Wanted XT-IDE v2 bill of materials
  93. needed: anyone offer motherboard trace fixes or 30 pin holder replacment?
  94. Amstrad Monitor Repair
  95. Anyone with working IBM System 34 or 36?
  96. Think it would be possible?
  97. Repair needed: GVP 68030 Impact I
  98. 5.25" Drive Refurb
  99. $$ Printer Repair in Los Gatos, CA $$
  100. Looking for a Someone knowledgeable in Vintage Computers
  101. Backpack 3.5" Driver on 5.25 DD (Wanted)
  102. Motherboard repair required - NEC powermate 1
  103. Looking for someone to test Commodore PET 2001 ROMs (UK)
  104. Need someone to build an XT-CF-Lite
  105. Commodore PET 2001 monitor repair required
  106. (From cctalk) "Tech Pickers" TV show looking for cast
  107. HP 9845 desktop computer pile of bits
  108. Chip programming
  109. Looking for someone to write a 27C64 EPROM (UK)
  110. [UK] EPROMs for sale, blank or programmed including MCM 68764C
  111. CHICAGO area HELP NEED - DOS Computer
  112. Looking for IBM 5250 or 3270 display
  113. Looking for someone who can service a commodore PET
  114. 5.25 inch drive service wanted
  115. Looking for help with Board debugging/rework debugging South Bay Area
  116. Need to read an IBM 3363 WORM disk
  117. Testing 9-track tapes
  118. Stop on by The Amiga or CoCo Lounge
  119. NEEDED: 3.5" floppy drive alignment
  120. NEEDED: Repair of a early 90s vintage laptop power supply.
  121. S-100 System Services (Altair, IMSAI, SOL-20, Cromemco, et c.)
  122. 8088 8086 Soft IP processor FPGA core
  123. Help Needed: Convert Apple ii Motherboard from PAL to NTSC
  124. 8" and 5.25" Floppy Drive Sales, And Repair
  125. Help Needed: Did I Mess It Up?
  126. Looking for transfer of 2 8" 20MB Bernoillis
  127. MOBO DS1287 Socket Installation (USA)
  128. Looking for interest in custom molded cartridges
  129. Shugart 800/801 drive alignment/testing? (UK)
  130. Wanted: Paper Tape Punch Services
  131. Unsure what i have ?? Please help ??
  132. Want to Work
  133. Need help identifying/pricing old computer
  134. Power Supply Rebuild
  135. Through-hole soldering
  136. Plug: Clicky Keyboards
  137. Computer repair services requested, NW Indiana
  138. Request: 4-pin PC Speaker output to 3.5mm input jack
  139. Want -- IBM 5154 Monitor Repair service
  140. Recycling Service?
  141. Needed: Commodore drive repair
  142. Aluminum, Zinc, Brass casting?
  143. Can anyone dump surface mount ROMs / MCUs?
  144. Someone in the UK to repair my Amstrad 486 SLC motherboard
  145. Someone in Sweden to buy driver disk
  146. Need someone to help me in Slovakia
  147. Atari 800 tape data recovery?
  148. Burning to a 2364 compatible EPROM
  149. Vintage laptop PSU repair
  150. Looking for an artist that can do vector graphics art
  151. Any members with a 3D Printer willing to print/sell me a part?
  152. Wanted: CRT repair and tuneup
  153. Needed: Configuring 3Com 509B Network Cards to Work in XTs
  154. Moving media to a 5.25 or 8 disc
  155. Does anyone know how to fix Zenith Laptop "Pop-up" Floppy Drives?
  156. Who can configure an ATI Mach32 PCI graphics card for me
  157. Anyone Australians here from the Apple Isle?
  158. 27C256 ROM Burning Request: Shipping to Maryland
  159. Backpack Drivers on 5.25 DSDD Disk
  160. Yamaha C1 Music Computer screen repair
  161. need cleaning/recalibration of 3.5" diskette drives
  162. Repair Service needed for STB BlackMagic II Voodoo2 12MB
  163. Repair of a PET 4032
  164. [Wanted] PS/2 Mod. 80 Floppy Drive and IBM Caddy CD-ROM Repair
  165. Toshiba Satellite 4600 Power Jack Repair
  166. Anyone do recap work? Need IBM floppy drive done
  167. Looking for Someone to Fix my TRS-80 and Coleco Adam
  168. PET 2001-N repair
  169. Prom and Eprom Programming services for most vintage computers
  170. Need: U.K. based SMT repair capability
  171. PS/2 Floppy Repair
  172. Mac 512K Floppy Drive repair
  173. Does anyone have a working WORM drive for 130mm discs?
  174. What's my wang worth?
  175. How much can be Thinkpad 700C worth?
  176. Shipping options for boat anchors
  177. BAS to CAS
  178. TRS 80 Model 4 keyboard
  179. Disk Drive Repair Service Recommendation Needed
  180. Request: Well Established Member For Recapping of Early 1990's Laptop Motherboard
  181. Can anybody reputable repair an NEC CDR-206(PI) 2x CD-ROM drive for me?
  182. Help Needed Transferring MS-DOS Data From QIC-80 Tapes
  183. Capable technician to update Dell laptops to Linux Mint
  184. Apple IIGS Monitor Repair
  185. Macintosh Portable M5126 Repair Needed
  186. Wanted: Someone to test a KD11-A board set.
  187. SGI Indigo2 Power Supply Repair Service
  188. Wanted: ADM terminal repair in central Iowa
  189. Wanted: IBM PC Server floppy drive repair
  190. WANTED: Eagle CP/M Computer mainboard repair
  191. Recapping in Boulder/Denver area?
  192. WTB: IBM Personal Computer Internal Modem 1200 & Cluster Adapter
  193. Wtb: Ibm 5170