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  1. IBM Xseries 226
  2. Vintage 1999 HP Pavillion 8485z tower
  3. Calculator Help - Unisonic 747
  4. Want a POWER8 workstation?
  5. Ferranti computer & mainframe??
  6. ASUS Service Materials
  7. PATA IDE To Serial ATA Adapter Converter Card
  8. Gateway M285E Quirky Graphics
  9. Dead Power Supplies Society
  10. WIN95 Intel 440BX chipset driver problem
  11. Anyone know much about 1992
  12. minuszerodegrees' IBM 5150 early CGA comparison photo's rights
  13. Valentine's Day Heart Candies
  14. What was it?
  15. "Big computers, big hair: the women of Bell Labs in the 1960s"
  16. PC-Doctor for DOS
  17. Rearranging the "Genres" category -- feedback please
  18. PC-Doctor for DOS
  19. Request: get the old theme back as an option
  20. What would it take to...
  21. Request: Forum Support Forum
  22. Holy dear GOD oook at that monster!
  23. Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+
  24. The "regional" subforums make no sense
  25. Backpack CD-ROM Sound Option
  26. Happy birthday per!
  27. Electronics pros here? How to add a solar panel to a computer?
  28. Gray background changed to solid block
  29. Nice to be Around at Computer's site!
  30. How to set up a dial-in node for Internet access? (Being my own ISP)
  31. Video Card Recommendations for x8 or x1
  32. Tax Programs for Windows XP
  33. Location based mobile buy & sell apps, AKA, Virtual Flea Markets
  34. Hiya from NASHVILLE and a new forum!
  35. A domain for sale
  36. Dispute route with Ebay
  37. Sell it Whole or Piece by Piece?
  38. Is there any PHP script to manage computer collections?
  39. Forwarding links from the old forum domain to the new
  40. Hybrid SSHDs--any experience?
  41. Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade adware keeps coming back!
  42. Regarding Twitter, Facebook and Social Media generally...
  43. do you buy hard drives from Walmart?
  44. Malware took out laptop network drivers and sound.
  45. What a good e-commerce website should be like?
  46. Change my forum name?
  47. My gaming prospects.
  48. "Cut the Cord" Movement
  49. Proxy Server Solutions
  50. Re-Born AC adapters
  51. 5.25 floppy drive trouble on Dell 4400
  52. W8 search feature for W10
  53. Extracting Disc info into Steam.
  54. Any Android Experts in the house?
  55. anyone know this auction seller?
  56. 1989 Emerson TV AM/FM 5.5" portable color TV external video help.
  57. Windows 10 Accessories Folder
  58. Dell Resource CD Repository
  59. 1985 Sharp "My Video" VC-363 help
  60. OH HAPPY DAY: Windows 7 SP1 convenience rollup
  61. anyone using multi cpu mothetboards?
  62. CentryLink DSL modem issues easily solved
  63. Sketchy untested computers on eBay
  64. Anyone re-purpose e-waste?
  65. Alternatives to the Neoware CA21
  66. WinImage oddity
  67. Zero analog multimeter?
  68. Paypal no longer sending text-only e-mail?
  69. Orlando mass shooting
  70. A Question about DOMs
  71. You guys ever feel bad about tossing something instead of fixing it?
  72. FreeNAS/DIYNAS on Socket 754 (Athlon 64)
  73. Guys, I need your help... is anyone from here also a member at Amibay's forum ?
  74. Elnec EPROM programmer (Memprog2) experiences ?
  75. How many people are running 4K monitors?
  76. Manual backup/organizing software recommendations
  77. I need assistance with a maaaaaarvelous capture card
  78. Has anyone ever 3D printerd a mouse?
  79. Nvidia gtx 1070/1080
  80. U P 844 Runs Again
  81. Windows 2000 BAD_POOL_CALLER on IBM 390X Thinkpad
  82. Lotus Freelance - Finding the Buyer
  83. Latitude E4310
  84. Packing CRT Monitor. Need some input
  85. vcfed IRC room?
  86. Who says Win7 is better than WinXP?
  87. Old data: Don't Ask, Don't tell?
  88. My M.2 Upgrade Project
  89. W10 Anniversary Upgrade
  90. Old writing in a blog I did.
  91. Happy Birthday IBM PC!
  92. Determining DRM for Software
  93. Preparing a DOS SD card for XTIDE using fdisk / Windows 10?
  94. How you start your morning?
  95. W10 Hyper-V: Creating a Virtual Machine
  96. Google vcf
  97. The End of the Price Drops?
  98. How many people here collect original app software for their vintage machines?
  99. I build a Dual Xeon E5 2670 main pc and OMG LOL
  100. Do you think you really want a clone?
  101. IFA VR presentation.
  102. PC Activity Log software
  103. Strange DDR DIMM
  104. House Wiring Fail -- Can You Spot the Stupid?
  105. Question on Auction Description
  106. Vintage Computers in movies and TV
  107. Help identifying SMPS IC
  108. Anyone know what happened to leaknoil?
  109. following a eBay's Global shipping nightmare journey of rare Processor PCB
  110. APM2518N help
  111. BIOS hacker help...
  112. This is strange - I don't recall retaining an attorney...
  113. Vista-era PC, very strange hard drive issue
  114. The safest way to ship a vintage computer (or anything)
  115. Laptop Recommendations for 4:3
  116. My solder wick no sucky
  117. How do those Amber Alerts that show up on your cellphone work?
  118. 312 People Watching !!!
  119. 4K Monitors
  120. My thoughts & wishes go out to all members & families affected by Cyclone Matthew.
  121. A capture card to flawlessly record VHS
  122. Newegg sells out to the Chinese
  123. Nixie Tubes Are Back
  124. Scanner: s.h. "Epson" CT 20000 vs new "Mustek"
  125. Bios CR2032's...Is anyone still selling cells with date codes on them?
  126. Apple G5 Tower Disassembly
  127. XP and Browsing
  128. Geeks with Old Computers Getting Coffee
  129. FreeTelly...
  130. EFNY: Lifeclock One retro watch
  131. Driver for a "Advanysy" S.C.S.I.-P.C.I. card
  132. SecuRom Question
  133. Happy Pocky and Pretz Day!
  134. Good Macro Builder
  135. In Memory of Leonard Cohen -- One of the Great Poets
  136. Collection survives New Zealand earthquake
  137. James Bond film goof ... 83 Key Model F in 1989
  138. Using a 256mb Video Card
  139. Surge protector neon lamp replacement
  140. How about a Quote of the Day thread?
  141. Smartphone forums reader
  142. few pics of my attempt to 'program' (read train) my pets. enjoy.
  143. pic and brief description of my Transportable computer /hobby room.
  144. CRT help!
  145. Ummmmmm... Tomorrow's Dinner...
  146. Here's a puzzler - does anybody recognise this mystery item?
  147. Radio Shack CCR-81 tape recorder volume gone
  148. What to do with dead hard drives.
  149. Annoying fans
  150. Using Cat5 to extend a LPT/Printer port, is it possible?
  151. Google NTP service: time.google.com
  152. DEC/Commodore/other computer company memorabilia?
  153. Sharp Slim-Cam VL-L50U No Power issue
  154. GRiD Compass keyboard styling for your modern PC
  155. MS-DOS on a Dell
  156. How's everyone dealing with At&T's 2g GSM shutdown?
  157. Vga -> rs232
  158. Anyone here deal with IDIS cctv capture cards?
  159. 'Tis the season for static, be careful!
  160. "Revolutionary" Epson Cartridge-Free Printers
  161. Try this on for size...
  162. Bliss is
  163. Please help save my kitty! Share this everywhere!! Need a miracle
  164. Getting Orinoco Gold DOS wifi packet driver to work correctly
  165. Looking for titles of older PC games (late 1990s)
  166. Merry Christmas...
  167. Semi-off-topic: tech gifts?
  168. What are you having / did you have for Christmas dinner?
  169. No Power to Motherboard
  170. Happy Birthday, Mike
  171. Happy New Year!
  172. Please help me find this win9x website
  173. Dell Inspiron 3700 Restoration Thread
  174. Linux for Playstation 2
  175. EPROM Programmer
  176. Out of curiosity what was the fastest AMD dual core CPU made?
  177. I need help with my PSU tester please
  178. What were some of the best VHS camcorders? Does it matter?
  179. Washington, D.C. Next Week
  180. Vintage computer in the 1986 Buick Riviera
  181. Question about 4GB DDR2 high density RAM
  182. Happy Birthday, Tezza
  183. EAGLE Moving to Subscription Model
  184. Why does scanning distort?
  185. Averatec 5100 Laptop Drivers... Anywhere?!?
  186. Finally cut the (phone) cord
  187. Sony Handycam CCD TRV-87 glitching
  188. What type of Retirement Unit/Home/Village setting would you opt to live in ?
  189. My Eee PC 1005HA finally kicked the bucket
  190. Oversized 4k monitor options, any cons for the overly enormous?
  191. Cherry Switches
  192. Compaq Portable Tegra
  193. What is one of your favorite computer-related movies?
  194. Meet the new 128 GB Floppy Disk...
  195. HALT & CATCH FIRE on AMC TV General Discussion...
  196. Happy Birthday, Erik
  197. Volatile USB RAM disk?
  198. browsing this site on mobile?
  199. PayPal raising rates... a bit...
  200. Flushing the cache
  201. 3GB HP Pavilion 7955
  202. Suggestions for a Gmail Desktop Mail client...
  203. Buying an OS that shipped with a new PC (Dell, etc.)
  204. Stuff I have for trade
  205. Windows/Linux USB Easy Boot
  206. Not every cloud has a silver lining . . .
  207. VNC authentication includes user name (new to me)
  208. Anyone played with the RPi Zero yet?
  209. Income Tax Programs
  210. Virtualizing a working machine
  211. MP2359 will sometimes be damaged if the input voltage is too high
  212. Short story about time travel, in the form of a discussion thread.
  213. Network routers/hubs: Is "newer" better?
  214. How long before spinning disks are no longer made?
  215. Calculator recommendations?
  216. NTFS Alternate Data Streams
  217. Micronta 22-205 tech help
  218. A way to figure out which switches are in a keyboard, without disassembling it?
  219. Windows 9x Update Rollup CD
  220. Internet speed up from Spectrum
  221. Home Automation Controller (AKA: a Rebranded Industrial Machine)
  222. Microsoft's Windows 10 Anniversary Update 1607 misfire?
  223. AOL Client
  224. Dosbox is bloatware, but why?
  225. Basic questions about transistor in control a stepper motor
  226. This guy whants 2500 usd for a wooden box
  227. More on W10 1607 Update
  228. MCU USART "hunt" capability
  229. What is the max number of USB 1.1/2.0 plugs supported by the mobo style pin header?
  230. USB Null Modem Cable.
  231. Anybody up to speed with modern PCs? Need a new one.
  232. W10 1703 Update
  233. Battle.net
  234. eMachines 366id questions
  235. Microsoft, Kaby Lake & Ryzen
  236. WARNING Doomsday Clock now at 2min 30sec, the Closest since 1953 to Midnight
  237. IBM Netvista 8311ccu - snagged
  238. Happy Birthday Lutiana
  239. Happy Birthday, Billdeg
  240. Replacing 300W T3 halogen in floor lamp
  241. Classic Space Invaders
  242. Mistery transformer inside atx psu
  243. Using Virtual Machines to support older computers
  244. At my Garage sale there was a Compaq keyboard
  245. Tektronix Prism 3001 & 3002 Logic Analyzer Software disk label photos
  246. Prism 3002 TekLink 174-1391-00 or 174-1152-00 cable data needed
  247. Possible Last Month 4 eBay Listings, Please make Offers, Tucker Electronics for Sale
  248. Recycling Options
  249. Dell Inspiron 9100 CPU Upgrade
  250. Atari Lemans Racing arcade cabinet