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  1. The deterioration of history
  2. Full Sail University
  3. Mac OX 10.5 or 10.6 Boot Camp Files
  4. Wife, family support :)
  5. VME Broken on AMD Ryzen
  6. Game BLog for Project I worked on.
  7. XP and Wanna Cry Fix
  8. Upgrading MacOS X, Apple IDs and will I have to downgrade to upgrade?
  9. Extended warranty and/or Extended service contract - worth it?
  10. The "Tell a member to delete some messages so's you can reply to them" Thread.
  11. Modern gaming on a vintage IBM CRT
  12. Varistor blown
  13. Win 10 on ARM with x86 apps?
  14. Ghost White Toner as PCB Silkscreen
  15. HDD Clock
  16. Vintage raster fonts on modern systems/websites
  17. I lost all of my old computers in storage
  18. Small Retail Questionss
  19. Comcast xFinity
  20. W10 Updates (revisited)
  21. Cheapest way to turn a USB HDD into NAS?
  22. Make friends
  23. Amazon vs. eBay
  24. "Retro" Propeller computer project
  25. Current model Smoke alarms 'fail to wake children'. VERY IMPORTANT read
  26. Veterans
  27. How do people in china make money on computer parts?
  28. Feeling stupid
  29. New mechanical keyboard.
  30. How doublesided boards were made back in the 70s
  31. Thoughts on Intel's Skylake Kaby Lake Hyper Threading Bug
  32. Dead Mice / Mouse
  33. Photobucket is shutting down Hotlinking
  34. Today's Unix?
  35. Looking for a Ubuntu Recommendation...
  36. Decided to do a hot car experiment.
  37. Amazon Prime Day - support VCFed with this one simple trick!
  38. Anyone use Red Hat?
  39. Pet Project (3CX & Debian)
  40. The 'PM Sent' rule...My .02
  41. Email Software
  42. How to save in multiple areas at once? Win10 home.
  43. After 32 years, MS decides to kill Paint
  44. Gigabyte Motherboard Manuals Source
  45. Monthly Long Distance Calling Plan Recommendations?
  46. YouTube ends all support for Flash Player
  47. What's a worthy Mac these days? Used or new.
  48. New uses for older, but not vintage PCs.
  49. BCM Socket 370 Motherboard
  50. Final legacy of 16-color CGA palette is disappearing in Windows 10
  51. It has Maximum speed of 70,000km/hr or 43,495mile/hr
  52. Anyone here work with Verint Audiolog servers?
  53. Retro-modern computer builds
  54. When looking for work, what makes a good resume?
  55. Old IBM typewritet (Model B Executive)
  56. Help identifying this USA Hubbell plug off my Vintage Teletype RPE-26 Re-Perforator
  57. Inverted Screen Colors
  58. learning Wisdom <----> learning Vintage Computer Hardware, Firmware and Software
  59. Bluebird SuperDOS
  60. I'll say this - Mini do look after you pretty well.
  61. RAM compatibility
  62. ms-dos 6.22 VM and shared folders
  63. HP-UX 11i - should I care???
  64. RetroBright Gone Streaky
  65. new (ish) video card recommendations wanted
  66. tablets vs. laptops
  67. Did you ever spill ferric chloride echant on concrete?
  68. War in gaming.
  69. What computer is this, in the movie Hackers?
  70. Best CRTs
  71. Suggestions for a RJ45 100BaseT-to-Wifi adapter
  72. graphing calculators
  73. Intel 5400 chipset and vt-d (PCI Passthru)
  74. I can't deal with this
  75. Facebook for DOS 1.0
  76. The Mavica is in
  77. Screen aspect ratio. What do you like?
  78. DDR3 ECC Unbuffered UDIMMS
  79. Pagemaker 5 for WinXP
  80. Shirley Manson!
  81. So I got this new laptop
  82. Appropriate use of the "General Off Topic" area
  83. Convert to Microsoft Video 1
  84. Motorized Eject PS/2 Floppy Drives
  85. Windows 95 almost had floppy insertion detection
  86. To all our members in TX and FL!
  87. single board computers, past and present
  88. So my friend notifies me about a band ...
  89. Gateway board has no cake
  90. Not "Burning Man", but Burning Car!
  91. Hurricane Irma Live Video
  92. From your experience, should I choose an LG or an ASUS M-DISC Blu ray burner drive?
  93. Linux for older PCs?
  94. Homemade Z80 machine
  95. Possible revolutionary idea: Ultimate ESD protection by working on computer outdoors?
  96. Security warning about coin-miner
  97. need tech history help for novel about kid in chair in 1990 wants to become a Dalek
  98. Disappearing DVD Recorders
  99. SimCity Guru's?
  100. Power strip safety...
  101. Redfly Mobile Companion
  102. RAM question - backwards compatibility of SO-DIMMs.
  103. BDXL Brueray burners?
  104. A question for the GoPro experts
  105. NET2888 USB Interface Controller driver needed
  106. Has anyone used the ESP8266 wifi microcontroller for any retrocomputing projects?
  107. Anyone know anything about fluorescent tubes?
  108. Power Mac 5500/250
  109. Good auto mechanic in the Renton, WA area?
  110. "Electromagnetica" RS-72110B, the last (and single) interurban rotary dial payphone
  111. Printing Coupons...
  112. Alienware owners?
  113. IBM iPoint keyboard--anyone have any ideas?
  114. I guess my car is haunted.
  115. O Canada!
  116. Ebay auction history
  117. Man remember when a 10MB MFM HDD Was the bees kness?
  118. Just when you thought you knew a product...
  119. Help Wanted! Need a Detective with Programming Experience
  120. The Floppotron
  121. What do you guys think of modern computer cases?
  122. For all the Star Trek Fans out there
  123. Two Things I love, One Photograph!
  124. HalleluJAH!
  125. Period Appropriate Music & A Period Appropriate computer
  126. Linux CLI Productivity Apps
  127. Help-comments NEEDED on a Computer Science Degree from University of the People ????
  128. Getting an organ transplant
  129. What is a good cheap 1080p gaming card these days?
  130. Sears / Kmart (near) free stuff for the Holidays (USA)
  131. A search engine for fast-loading, vintage-style web sites
  132. Two bugs in MS software today
  133. Getting RPG on.
  134. Whats a sticky on a post?
  135. Happy Thankgiving to all.
  136. Since it's now officially the season...
  137. Favorite 80s / 90s TV shows?
  138. The original Crysis game is 10 years old and I can finally play it on ultra
  139. Shipping Apple IIe systems
  140. How to trim out 30 pages at a time from a 280 page document?
  141. Christmas Season
  142. Delivery available
  143. the in's and out's of accessing the innards !!!
  144. Amateur Radio Operators
  145. I set my MacBook Air's screen to monochrome...
  146. USB Wifi Caution...
  147. Zenith zf-158-21 Error: Invalid/keyboard code not received!
  148. Anyone know who made this case?
  149. I'm not getting instant notifications any longer...
  150. Windows 10 Product Key from already installed Windows 10?
  151. IBM 6794 and 2GB of Ram?
  152. Was hospitalized this month for 3 open heart surgeries
  153. Electronic Typewriters
  154. So I had a blonde moment.
  155. Strangest thing - My USB flash drives show higher capacity under Linux
  156. Star Wars: The Last Jedi, a short review. *SPOILER ALERT*
  157. For the rest of us
  158. Merry Christmas to all
  159. Horrendously out of place computer placement in a movie.
  160. ECS L4VXA2 socket 478 mobo
  161. Christmas present from Xfinity
  162. HBD mbbrutman!!!
  163. VCFed Swag! (Rare! L@@K!)
  164. Low-Power cheap x86 Based router recommendations that can run pfSense?
  165. Weird issue with a gaming machine.
  166. Port replicators
  167. One for the synth experts - would like a favor, please
  168. where to find big project plastic case
  169. The Case of the Samsung Galaxy S III Mystery Music
  170. Meltdown and Spectre...
  171. A new angle on an old "nussance"
  172. Scored a free Emac!
  173. Early Commodore memorabilia found in antiques shop.
  174. Baking oven to reflow solder
  175. Do CRT monitors have a firmware? LCD and LED monitors do.
  176. I bought a PS2 for 4$
  177. Cheap oriental handheld consoles
  178. Color Maximite Computer
  179. Vintage computer toys?
  180. Please get rid of the ebay style blue buttons.
  181. Microdrives?
  182. So how much RAM do we need in 2018?
  183. Bitcoin Clone SPAM...
  184. Best repair centers for dead mosfets/DC converters/rails on laptops?
  185. Quantam Computing
  186. Disk Image of DesignJet 800PS Formatter HDD?
  187. what do you know about motherboards???
  188. Beer and Onion bread
  189. Purchasing a retail game with no game in the box.
  190. Music CD on a 386, and some fun with a VGA switch!
  191. Power Mac 4400 Floppy Disk Drive
  192. Augmented Reality.
  193. Accessing my e-mails on my laptop
  194. Rest in Pieces
  195. Antec CS600 full tower - side panel stuck
  196. Malwarebytes using all memory
  197. Spectre Fix Reboot Problem - MS Fix
  198. ASUS laptop E402M 32G SSD hard drive under Win10 wont upgrade due to lack of ssd mem
  199. I just bougjt an Intel S5000VSA motherboard
  200. WhatÚver happened to Suse, Red Hat, Mandrake, Yellow Dog, Turbolinux, etc
  201. Problem with XEON motherboard and RAM.
  202. anyone know anything about antique electric model trains?
  203. Stupidity in Movies
  204. Anyone tried the Chinese USB borescopes or microscopes?
  205. Are these mechanical USB keyboards any good?
  206. P4 heatsink/fan with a Xeon
  207. How does one setup an account on AMIbay?
  208. feeling UTTERLY Overwhelmed with my collection and other all my other possessions.
  209. Is anybody doing anything with cryptocurrency?
  210. is a PhD in Computer Science useful
  211. XP & Microsoft Security Essentials
  212. 9" standard svga vs. 9" sony Trinitron
  213. No more E-waste to China?
  214. A USB drive that isn't hot goddamn garbage?
  215. where are we going as a species creating machines like this one ???
  216. How do I change my profile pic?
  217. Permissions on Windows 7
  218. Curious: Fastest Socket 939 CPU?
  219. advice please on how best to format a 1Tb HD for multi OS
  220. DVD-ROM Drive ?
  221. Any former Compaq employees on this forum?
  222. SSI EPS 12 Volt compliance
  223. Connecting Okidata 184+ Turbo to macOS 10.13?
  224. Any HP scope fans?
  225. Tweener computer RAM test recycles during POST and other problems
  226. Lenovo ThinkPad W500 & Age of Empires II
  227. Anyone else notice a marked change in SPAM lately?
  228. Possible to uninstall AMD cpu microcode updates on Linux?
  229. updating old gateway computer
  230. Considering a 2011 PC
  231. PCIE parallel port adapter--compatible?
  232. PSU restoration thoughts
  233. What screws does an early 90's CD drive use?
  234. Who here knows more than I do about Television Cameras?
  235. Looking for electronics help...
  236. When did Linux gain notariety?
  237. TI-86 calculator crapped the bed
  238. USB/PCI to ISA adapter that works under DOS?
  239. Do you guys ever bother to buy vintage items on ebay just for specific parts in them?
  240. Laptop / Tablet suggestions. Or set top box?
  241. Any expwrience w/Xion or Thermaltake power supplies?
  242. Avast Update Caused Reboot Loop
  243. So I hosed the user data partition on my phone
  244. ThinkPad X61 Recovery Media
  245. Red Sparrow the Movie
  246. Lenovo ThinkPad W520 & 2960XM
  247. Strange cmos clock / Battery issue ?
  248. Removal of 10Mbps Ethernet support
  249. Why is this site not encrypted for security?
  250. Power supplies and their failure