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  1. Power supplies and their failure
  2. Win98 vs Win10 vs SMBv1
  3. Oric and Microdisc diagrams
  4. XGA to SXGA+ LCD swap on IBM Thinkpad G40 (possible issue)
  5. ThinkPad X61 Recovery Media
  6. My new Sammich Grill!
  7. So I bought this sorry excuse for an E-ATX case
  8. Mini 2133
  9. US electrical supply question
  10. I Just Beat Far Cry 5! *SPOILERS*
  11. Modern laser printer toner refill kits
  12. Raspbery Pi terminal emulator
  13. Emulating Mac OS in Windows
  14. Idea for the blinkenlights front-panel crowd
  15. large box of vintage star trek books for free - you pay shipping from WA
  16. R.I.P.Wierd Stuff Warehouse
  17. So, I quit smoking...
  18. Gungnir Gungnir Gungnir
  19. Ever invented your own (successful) diet?
  20. Any Radio Geeks Here?
  21. I bought thermal paste from Israel
  22. anyone use software to build projects? 3d and produce a build sheet for metal work?B
  23. Farming out a circuit board for a retro project
  24. Ebay mobile app annoyances
  25. Odd floppy controller problem with KT7A
  26. Thank You
  27. F.I.C Laptop Floppy Drive
  28. Grub4dos
  29. TI-86 calculator
  30. Modern Windows file systems and my ignorance of them.
  31. Bending plexiglass, lexan, etc.
  32. Just how far off?
  33. CD-R 650MB versus CD-R 700MB
  34. searching for freeware software to wipe data from my USB flipvideo camara
  35. My latest YouTube venture. It's pretty vintage.
  36. Devuan Linux
  37. Microsoft Azure Sphere OS-Custom Linux Kernal
  38. Cut'n the cord . . .
  39. Web Browsers
  40. Dell Optiplex GX240
  41. latest 8bit guy video
  42. Activate Win 98
  43. Who's rushing out to see the Infiniti War tomorrow?
  44. Emachine W3400
  45. Did you hear Art Bell died?
  46. What to do with an IBM model 41c typewriter
  47. Shelbern Electronics Ltd, "Fire Place" Stereo System.
  48. Computer built
  49. HDMI vs. DVI vs. DisplayPort vs. VGA?
  50. Windows XP SP3
  51. Why I Downgrade Some of My Machines
  52. OS Bloat
  53. Old dvd-r's
  54. Some Thrift Store Finds, & "Almost a Find"
  55. I've mad the cassette plunge!
  56. Merging in Libre Office Writer for Linux.
  57. Linux Help with Graphics Cards
  58. Lots of thrift store luck today!
  59. Am I correct about reset buttons?
  60. Windows 7 compatible IDE DVD drives list?
  61. Linux desktop enviroments or window managers
  62. HELP ! i am about at my wit's end with windows, may make the jump to linux
  63. Windows 7 audio driver for Dell Dimension 2350?
  64. Is power led to molex connection is safe?
  65. Slot Machine Help?
  66. Just In Today! 8-Track Player!
  67. i did a short search -nhow to post pic's ??
  68. Router Beta Test - New Zealand or Australia
  69. Ink Cartridges Are a Scam!
  70. Anyone upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS yet?
  71. Some days I want to quit the hobby
  72. got the wife to read sci fi - she's hooked on Asimov ( paul french) Lucky Starr serie
  73. New Thread for Phone Discussion
  74. Nikon L105 flash bulb shot
  75. Thomas Chavez - BettaBlue
  76. Microsoft not so evil? Presenting Microsoft Adaptive Controller
  77. Ubuntus snap repository had malware.
  78. Bad USB Thumb drive
  79. Hybrids
  80. So what are you guys currently using for wired optical mice?
  81. Back from VCF show
  82. My First Mixed Tape
  83. FreedomPop first impressions
  84. 386's 27th Birthday!
  85. ADVICE PLEASE I have a Totally Off Topic post but am two minds if its appropriate
  86. Remembering Shakespeare On Memorial Day
  87. Broke my Back
  88. Comcast xFinity Modem/Router
  89. Pentium II MMX Based Compaq Deskpro EN
  90. Logging me off
  91. Miter saw suggestions
  92. "First Laptop,ever" from FB
  93. Linux on 1GB
  94. Does anyone own a Thetmaltake F51 case?
  95. Thrift Find: Webcor Model 12-5000
  96. Beowulf Clusters?
  97. Get off of GitHub!
  98. I bought (anothe) backup hard drive
  99. Escrow question
  100. Disassembly tools
  101. Vintage 70's Sound Design Speakers
  102. Intel releases new 8086 CPU!
  103. Thin Clients
  104. All hooked up at last!
  105. just bought Linux in a box
  106. What are you guys using for mousepads these days?
  107. Catastrophic HDD failure (large pics)
  108. The passing of Syd Bolton
  109. Need some extra brains on this one.
  110. stm32f103 eForth
  111. Toshiba Satellite Pro
  112. Comment trolls on my blog
  113. Anyone else find Pinterest a really creepy sketchy site?
  114. Best Windows 95 compatible scanners that also have drivers for Windows 2000/XP?
  115. Are modern Macs in a sad state?
  116. Power supply shut down
  117. A Mobile site would be nice
  118. Do you operate your computers during rain storms?
  119. Suggestions for an Ampro style SBC enclosure
  120. Question for the network buffs...
  121. I'm mad after typing up a message.
  122. Coco2 and my Tape Drive
  123. Are their modern OS's that are designed to NOT update?
  124. Returning a notebook to *actual* factory state
  125. Vintage Sewing Machines anyone?
  126. RetroBrite I have never use it.
  127. what is the purple puter in the bottom of the photo?
  128. Norland
  129. could someone explain eBay's Global Shipping program please
  130. Dropped netbook while it's on
  131. P4+ motherboards iwth ISA support.
  132. A question about London (UK) for those who are familiar with it currently.
  133. Quick question about desktop systems
  134. Truth on ZIP drives
  135. Do any Ubuntu 18.04 distros come with flash preinstalled and working?
  136. Inverters for AC motor speed control
  137. Faster than a speeding bullet . . .
  138. What do resource forks do on modern OS/X?
  139. the wizard and my new Coco3
  140. 5G Internet
  141. Stopping W10 Updates
  142. ASUS X54C-RB01 issues: power cycles during cold boot or reset/saving and exiting the
  143. Newbie questions on DRM playback in browsers
  144. Personal experiences with Teracopy?
  145. eBay GSP screwed me out of my IBM 5150
  146. Microsoft Game Explorer Vanishes
  147. FDD choir (or What to do with FDDs of the 2000's)
  148. Older consoles to mess with
  149. Spun up 2 Jacks and a King. Still amazed by the old hardware I have collected
  150. Should I buy this computer or not?
  151. page alignment issue with my Canoscan 5600F during scans
  152. Dual 1218 Turntable refurbishment
  153. Opinions Please; AZZA PT-5IT - AMD K6 200ALR - 16MB EDO - 512K L2
  154. My "New to ME" Dell XPS 8700
  155. Video Card Recommendations?
  156. How long is an account moderated for?
  157. Wordpress comment troll silliness
  158. Gotek
  159. Any recommendations for an uber simple Windows snipping tool?
  160. Recommendations for inexpensive 1-2TB SATA drives?
  161. Box'o'processors
  162. Know any good ISPs in Michigan or nearby states that respect consumer data?
  163. Ubuntu Mate & Formatting Flash drives, MSDOS fat16
  164. California fire
  165. Applied for a car sales job
  166. Hearing amplifiers
  167. Gateway GP6-400C
  168. Dell XPS 630i issue
  169. Almost purchased a motherboard for my IBM ThinkPad R40 2682 laptop when cleaning it
  170. Linux and UUID issues
  171. Ever wanted to play cassette tapes on your PC?
  172. Storing data on VHS tapes, a good or bad idea?
  173. Sometimes i hate computers
  174. NEW ARM Cortex Development pcbs I bought were faulty due to No Pb solder faults
  175. Is SSE2 really that important?
  176. What will still be functional in 20 years, a current SATA HD or a current SSD?
  177. Retro-uC: the microcontroller with the right instruction sets for the retro geek.
  178. Convertible Laptop/Table Recomendations?
  179. Is Moore's Law on its deathbed?
  180. Recommendations for an IP DVR Package
  181. Is this paper or metal?
  182. Upgrading the video card on my "new" computer!
  183. Windows XP SP4 update issues
  184. Anyone ever dismantle a Nikon L105 (or equivalent)?
  185. connecting 2 ATX p/s's to get 24vdc
  186. Samsung and the dreaded Capxon cap's
  187. Can an upgraded pre-built machine game?
  188. What defines a vintage computer as of 2018?
  189. Suggestion for the archive page
  190. Why do most web browsers ask to be your default browser?
  191. Who's granpa.
  192. Steam - The end is near
  193. Anyone need a 9" Sansui tv vcr como?
  194. Home Network help please
  195. Dell Inspiron 8200 - My favorite Windows XP notebook
  196. Anyone capable of modernizing DOS Cadstar Gerber files?
  197. My Intel Socket 370 - 815 Video Hassle
  198. Any luck finding Drivers for the NEC D720101GJ USB chipset for Windows 98se?
  199. Any problem using USB 2.0 on systems close to or even below the 266MHz cpu requiremen
  200. Best Pentium 4 desktop in 2001?
  201. XP Networking Issues (New Old Stock Mobo)
  202. Motherboard compatibility
  203. Building a 2ork bench
  204. Dual X5470s vs. The World
  205. Liquidating Collection, Need Advice for Packing Materials
  206. Anyone ever had this problem with a BT speaker?
  207. Windows Server 2008 r2 - 2012 r2 - 2016 - 1709 - 2019
  208. . . . If you deal with Newegg
  209. 35mm Slides to Dgital??
  210. 35mm Slides to Digital??
  211. A quick tutorial on Instruction Set Architectures
  212. Unplugging USB thumb drives while it's still transfering data. Bad for the USB port?
  213. Spiderzzzzzz
  214. Diagnosing cars in the old days
  215. Cheap LCR etc. tester
  216. I successfully read off a cracked cd
  217. Replacement T8 fluorescent fixtures--LED or not?
  218. Are expensive PC cases worth it?
  219. HP battery premature failure
  220. A Computer case without any front bays? O_O wow... (Point of interest)
  221. IBM Network Printer 12
  222. Audio/amp issues
  223. Gateway LC-2
  224. Quick power supply question
  225. Xerox Docate 3220
  226. Anyone seen "Maniac" the mini-series on Netflix?
  227. So what are you and your Mavica up to these days?
  228. Panasonic PBX Programmign Software
  229. The lstest from Microsoft . . .
  230. Magnets are built into cpu coolers. Unsafe?
  231. Happy Leif Erikson Day
  232. Windows XP activation no longer working?
  233. dogchainx
  234. Hurricane Michael...
  235. Does an external scsi drive dock with usb to computer exist?
  236. Do not watch the haunting of hill house before bed
  237. seller does an Important eBay Listing Edit but eBay DOES NOT flag it by BID window
  238. Capacitors
  239. Anyone knowledgeable of baseball cards (1970s)
  240. Know any good brands/models for enterprise-grade laptop hard drives?
  241. Being a 'Dentist' on my Cretaceous period Mosasour's pterygoid tooth.
  242. Should OFF TOPIC area be Scrapped or posting ability limited to those with +80 posts
  243. With SSDs, does RAM eventually become obsolete?
  244. CPU-Z Hangs on AMD Processor
  245. Lead free solder
  246. Modern captcha/"i'm not a robot" check stuff is insane!
  247. Xbox 360
  248. What DDR2 is this?
  249. Most powerful windy case fans to use in a desktop PC without damaging the connecters?
  250. AMD FX turbo-core question - TDP usage