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  1. Things are looking up.
  2. Forum issues
  3. How profitable is selling linux?
  4. EOL for this OS/2
  5. Microsoft stops activating Windows XP
  6. The way it yousta be . . .
  7. Would anyone like for me to log my over the top sleeper build?
  8. Dual Xeon mobo
  9. Heat pipe heatsinks
  10. Threw in the towel.
  11. Performance of the original Argon/Pluto/Orion Slot A Athlons at faster speeds 750MHz+
  12. File corruption problem on fat32 formatted Windows XP installs
  13. Preferred aspect ratio and screen resolutions?
  14. fastest socket 775/771 uP
  15. Anyone in Japan?
  16. Cibola Burn
  17. List of most reliable hard drives
  18. How do you like these apples?
  19. I just upgraded my Thinkpad T500
  20. Is old-computers.com slowly going defunct?
  21. How to tell if a hard drive is 512k native, 512e or 4k native and verify it's format
  22. Let's hear it for UPS . . .
  23. The Digital Research House
  24. Anybody care much about the power draw of your vintage systems?
  25. HTTPS and a Secure Login
  26. Plugging in smartphones into PCs with older operating systems - file reading issues
  27. My unicomp model m arrived today
  28. Facebook for MS-DOS on 3.5'' and 5.25'' Diskettes
  29. Happy thanksgiving to everybody
  30. STRESSED:- Physically lost 32Gig data in the blink of an eye. THANKS ASUS & Microsoft
  31. Is what I plan to do a bad thing?
  32. Help a noob play Civil War Generals 2 (CWG2)?
  33. How well do socket g34 amd c32 Opterons run non-server Windows OS?
  34. P6SBU Help
  35. Makefiles: yes or no for small projects?
  36. Weird icon on Google bookmark tool bar
  37. Modding an old tv
  38. ECS P4VMM2 Corrupt BIOS
  39. One thing I wish Unicomp would do for the Model M
  40. Fundraiser for my work
  41. My Contact Info...
  42. DIY text roll-in effects for video
  43. What is the best storage media?
  44. Recovering uninstalled Mac OSX?
  45. Ghost lines on my Philips 15 inches FSQ Philips anubis
  46. Chrome/Chromium being too helpful?
  47. Who whant to do the 64 bit port of geos ?
  48. Anyone tried a FirePro W4100 under Linux?
  49. Rover.eBay
  50. Edge out Chromium in
  51. How do I know if a server motherboard supports ERC, TLER, and/or CCTL hard drives?
  52. Early boxed Linux distros
  53. Floppy Disk Self-Defense
  54. Pattern/Object recognition Software
  55. Western Digital USB hard drives junk?
  56. What does Caleb look like?
  57. Hi Friends
  58. How do I fix an obscure old TV?
  59. Far Cry 3
  60. Word processor pioneer Evelyn Berezin dies aged 93
  61. should we have a separate section for posting on people of Importance to Computing?
  62. Wirtanen
  63. replacing the fan inside pc power supplies with much faster rpm ones
  64. recreation (soon to be) missing ICs
  65. Socket 754 "smart" fan question.
  66. XC68LC040RC25B microprocessor
  67. False USPS worry
  68. Do tears in equipment cable rubber shielding cause the cable to lose it's FCC cert?
  69. HP ZR30w screws - how to identify them
  70. another eBay nasty GOTCHA I had happen to me today.. Nasty
  71. How the heck do you even flash a BIOS now?
  72. Instant Facebook Ads
  73. How Do You Look After and Store Your Vintage Laptops?
  74. Password hell
  75. Merry Christmas!
  76. Merry Christmas
  77. I found my first thumb drive
  78. Help needed why a N300 Wi-Fi Gigabit Router-NF12 is not Resetting to Factory default
  79. So I have tried the offerup and letmego "APPLICATIONS"... so very dissapointed
  80. Ordering grotesquely (under)priced items on eBay.
  81. Viewsonic CRT A90f+ vga cable repair/replacement
  82. Remembering my Friend Thomas BettaBlue
  83. Post
  84. Minibikes, anyone?
  85. Advice on woodburning/woodstoves
  86. VooDoo2 card detected in Windows 98SE, but, not in dxdiag and error in desk.cpl
  87. Hacking a Rigol 1052e to 100mhz?
  88. When will Windows XP finally become abandonware?
  89. Came across this thing on ebay
  90. Newer old
  91. Super fast Windows ME system
  92. Motorola 9" Black and White TV smell
  93. What exactly is it that triggers a need to re-authorize XP?
  94. My TV Typewriter Youtube Project
  95. 1001 Microsoft Visual C++ Programming Tips
  96. DDNS problems
  97. IBM AntiVirus
  98. Holder for 3 AA cells
  99. Anybody collecting old LCD monitors?
  100. Any demonstrations of hard drive g-shock episodes available?
  101. Antistatic pc case feet
  102. is Vista vs Win7 better for playing older games?
  103. WRP Web rendering proxy the gift of the internet to everyone that never happened
  104. Adventures in dial-up networking
  105. Looking for a unicorn: A roomy, horizontal ATX desktop case
  106. Has anyone in the US tried Informed Delivery from the Postal Service
  107. How aged is my SSD? (First time user)
  108. Windows vista/7 built in keylogger rumor
  109. Anybody here use a driver download helper app?
  110. Thanks to Archive.org AKA the WAYBACK MACHINE!!
  111. Is there a sound quality difference between the 3.5mm mic and the big plug mics?
  112. Skeptical about tape drives
  113. Found a nice treasure trove in my childhood home...
  114. When is site going to HTTPS?
  115. Capacitor Repalcement on an Asus 5PGD1 Motherboard
  116. Posting pics from an iOS device
  117. Tinned cans
  118. So I found a complete koolance PC2-C.
  119. Steam quits XP & Vista
  120. Hot tip regarding small paint brushes
  121. Adaptec SCSI RAID 3210S and WindowsXP
  122. Ever pick up a machine then wonder what you were thinking?
  123. Lexmark fuser explosion
  124. Compaq PSU--anyone know the pinout?
  125. If you use unix.com forum, be warned: Moderators read your PM
  126. Changing computer recycling laws
  127. Opinion: How picky are you on computer cases?
  128. Sun/Sony 21" (18.5") crt monitor in Virginia
  129. GTFWL Disc Games
  130. TIL: Popular Electronics Magazines are tiny???
  131. HP Digital Entertainment Center video card
  132. Shutting down Windows on ACPI systems, WITHOUT having the computer turn off by itself
  133. Radeon HD 4850 no sound
  134. Tax Deduction Estimation Tips - for IBM System 36, Printer, Modem donation?
  135. RPN calculators: new, old, HP, non-HP?
  136. W10 February 2019 Cumulative Update KB4487017 Will not install
  137. Kylix 2 Development, book and cd
  138. Liquid Wrench frees up those stiff laptop hinges!
  139. storing pc parts out in the open
  140. HP 10b - 20s - 32s - 42s - ?
  141. Anyone Wanna Suggest Foreign Vintage Computers in Canada?
  142. Questions about Pentium II/Asus P2B
  143. Canadian Vintage Computing Prediction Listing
  144. Any experience with Brave browser and Quant search?
  145. Images attached to posts - change portrait / landscape orientation?
  146. Simple web hosting?
  147. How do I edit my posts, here on the VCFed forum?
  148. Dell Inspiron 5100 - another old Dell!
  149. Question about where to ask my issue
  150. Win 10 Circle of doom
  151. Convert HDMI to Coax
  152. Getting cheap BT dongle to work--Ubuntu64
  153. Vintage years.
  154. Best Affordable VCR recommendations???
  155. How do I compare the dvd releases of Windows 8.1 to tell the difference between them?
  156. Leaving Windows update turned off, just use up to date antivirus
  157. Need help updating my MBP2018
  158. Electrical Question
  159. 32-bit emulation on newer processors instead of native support
  160. What is the best web browser?
  161. How can I prevent ram from going bad when a PC is stored?
  162. Poor memory performance with my FX 8350 and a single stick of ddr3 1866 ecc
  163. Windows 10 still free for Windows 7 users!
  164. What a crap show
  165. funny / dishonest buyer on ebay
  166. I love comcast business clas internet but
  167. Solar flares damage tech and communications
  168. Need some suggestions on a webcam
  169. Don't pc fan filters lessen airflow?
  170. Sata
  171. why is it the only seller on ebay that has what you need has a bad reputation
  172. Finally a post about something good
  173. Can I add more RAM to my modern computer?
  174. Nixie clock?
  175. I thought people here liked repairing old hardware
  176. בראשית
  177. eBay humor
  178. Trying to download firefox using internet explorer 8 but can't find any working site
  179. My trusty microcassete recorder is failing... What are some good replacement models?
  180. Amazon Prime--a good deal?
  181. PSU starts but no POST for Intel rig
  182. Free SIP Trunks?
  183. IBM WheelWriter Docs
  184. Clogged dehumidifier
  185. Keyboard woes, just for laughs.
  186. Security system question
  187. Wifi router issue--advice solicited
  188. DNS server
  189. What Adblocker can I use?
  190. What can I do with an old Powerbook g4 laptop?
  191. Mice buttons--side or top?
  192. Plugging in laptop chargers the right way
  193. Gateway Convertible Motherboard Oddity
  194. Kindle Fire HD--root or not?
  195. Forgot to take out battery first while working on laptop. Am I ok?
  196. Recommend me a good inexpensive VHS camcorder please
  197. eBay Scammers
  198. Cisco Aironet Drivers for Windows 95
  199. When did low-quality eye glasses become the norm?
  200. Esd shock usb flash drive
  201. Need a offline map program that supports NMEA serial GPS and Windows 7
  202. Windows XP Era Aopen Computer
  203. Physically small desktop-type computer, with a floppy connector?
  204. Question about transformers
  205. Please help me find the right kind of hdtv screen cover to reduce screen brightness
  206. Why is the computers clock setting being correct a big deal when accessing websites?
  207. which screen resolutions are most accurite to real life?
  208. Engine tach pulse division
  209. Vogons forum offline?
  210. Bluetooth, bah!
  211. PCB mounting suggestions
  212. IBM PS Ref for Consumer Level
  213. Finding a list of hard drive models that are 512k native 512e or 4k sector
  214. Rufus alternatives?
  215. What really happens when I try using aWindows XP or Windows Vista or later that does
  216. "Not for sale in California"?
  217. Does anyone know old TV's?
  218. Anyone else using Microsoft Edge on Windows 7?
  219. NVIDIA Control Panel Error