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  1. IBM IR Keyboards cheap, anyone know?
  2. GeekHack.org offline?
  3. Windows 98 drivers
  4. Maker Faire
  5. Searching with Apple Siri
  6. (100% off topic) Insurance on vintage cars
  7. SWTOR goes f2p up to lvl 15
  8. Game Players Magazine – 1991 – Vol3 – No 01
  9. Can't get this 20x4 LCD to work
  10. 25 years of the first Robocop movie.
  11. Asus Striker Extreme motherboard
  12. Wanted: Older Intel Chip
  13. Ultimate Steampunk over at TED
  14. Hard drive mounting?
  15. Damn those gui's
  16. Snagged an HP Dual slot-1 server
  17. P54C resurfaces...
  18. Are you guys ready for Sunday ? Mars landing
  19. Give me a lesson in Dial-up infrastructure (Please)
  20. DSL is back
  21. Forgot how good this movie is...
  22. What is the newest stuff you bother to collect?
  23. What do you guys feel about this purchase?
  24. How Many IBM PC's (5150's)
  25. Are you coming to Brazil?
  26. What about that computer software from movies?
  27. Comcast altruism.
  28. Computers in Novels
  29. Archive.org hosting large amounts of data via torrent
  30. MS Launch Videos
  31. End 'o the line for Firefox and Win2K
  32. We Really Need to Populate the Wiki
  33. TigerDriect Good Deal
  34. Top of the lingitale system in Late 2001\Early 2002
  35. Intergraph TD-310
  36. Somewhat off topic, but if you want to make a 1920's VDU this might be for you!
  37. Beware of apps offered by both presidential campaigns...
  38. Lyrics for a Nat King Cole song - Mr.Cole Won't Rock & Roll
  39. Gauging Opinion on the Raspberry Pi
  40. IBM Update Connector
  41. Resurect a modern pc
  42. I Need Your Help-Speech to Text
  43. Long Delay on POST
  44. Methods of Recycling Your Stuff
  45. Vote for me to win an upgrade :)
  46. DOS Lives On!!
  47. Only need a good PC emulator for my Mac
  48. SATA RAID Card Diagnostics?
  49. International shipping options?
  50. 46 years of 'trek
  51. Raw Image Program
  52. I just spent 18 dollars on an HDMI cable.
  53. My Arcade Cabinet
  54. Ast 202465
  55. ST 506 type of Controller
  56. Hugely improved Fake86 8086 PC emu...
  57. 8 inch floppys still in use
  58. Recommendations for a new motherboard
  59. I'm not sure if this is off topic or vintage...
  60. What's the best way to make images of floppies?
  61. Has anyone got a tel. for Terry Y ?
  62. Ensoniq ES1370 DOS drivers
  63. Toshiba Maintenance (Diagnostics) Disk
  64. Proxy Cache Software
  65. Linux anti-virus necessary?
  66. Working Garbo Archive Mirror?
  67. External SATA Dock (USB)
  68. Unfortunate foxconn riot (page translated to english)
  69. To emulate or not to emulate; that is the question.
  70. Hoarding... & today's salvage
  71. San Diego mule request
  72. TV Question
  73. Slashdot's temporary logo (DotSlash)
  74. HBD barythrin!
  75. Reason to keep an NEC Multisync CRT?
  76. Tomy Robots from the 80s
  77. LCD's and Backlights?
  78. Real spies still use floppies!
  79. car usb charger input
  80. Anyone know typewriters? Adler J4 with shift problems
  81. BNC cable connected VGA on Linux?
  82. Best and worst floppy disk brands.
  83. Making movies!
  84. Raspberry Pi
  85. A super computer for everyone...
  86. Info on Acorp 4S661QP motherboard
  87. Cassettes are the future of big data storage!!!
  88. Primary Operating System?
  89. So who needs teachers?
  90. Have you ever money grammed?
  91. Wreck-It Ralph
  92. Constructors and Deconstructor
  93. How to Survive the Windows 8 transition without experiencing chest pains
  94. To dual core or not dual core?
  95. I just posted a bid on Ebay for a 12" G4 iBook - Opinions?
  96. P2P: What do you prefer - eMule or BitTorrent? AVI or MKV?
  97. Played Bioshock on computer, messed up Display settings XP... now what?
  98. Raspberry Pi
  99. Warning From Toshiba
  100. Goatse.cx is open again...
  101. McAfee Anti Virus founder wanted for murder
  102. A Quick, Informal Poll
  103. Looking for an open NNTP Usenet server (just for text)
  104. Is anyone on here an admin on 68kmla?
  105. Open Cores
  106. I just don't get some people...
  107. Listwire...
  108. DOS programs can't create files in XP
  109. So how do you pay for your collecting
  110. Small Cases and modern systems
  111. Laptop vs Mainframe
  112. Alignment O-Scope
  113. Windows 7: Copying a corrupt file
  114. Internal USB floppy drive on Desktop
  115. Leap--another very cool gizmo.
  116. While doing some ‘mining’ at home...
  117. hercules graphics in DOSBOX
  118. There's an app for that...
  119. Can anyone send me a few specif game screenshots for something i'm writting?
  120. I need to stay away from Craigslist
  121. Amiga porting some classic games to Blackberry "Playbook" (tablet)
  122. Physical size of electrolytic capacitors...
  123. Mayan long count calendar
  124. So how fast is your internet?
  125. My son's 15 minutes of fame...
  126. How the internet became a closed shop
  127. Cyber crime / war - Tom Clancy new book – “ Threat Vector “
  128. Ahhh, it must be Christmas...
  129. “Computerized “ eye glasses for us “older folks ! “
  130. So what do you guys use for networking old gear?
  131. Companies printing out Wikipedia articles & selling them as books?
  132. Understanding Engineers ...
  133. Happy New Year for 2013!
  134. Problems with a NEC Multisync CRT
  135. That relieving feeling of being outbid on eBay...
  136. Router discussion
  137. Windows 8 pro for $14.99 or your local currency for same amount
  138. Not so vintage: Tualeron socket mod compatibility?
  139. New “ physically larger “ consumer oriented computer !
  140. Warning from a friend that is trusted (ebay stuff)
  141. Help wanted recovering system Volume on Mac OS X Tiger
  142. Hapy birthday Tezza!
  143. Anybody wanna have a look at an old Trojan?
  144. chaintech not helpful
  145. Dick Smith returns. But is too rude for Australian TV!
  146. How would you describe a modern computer to a person 50 years ago?
  147. Micron Transport NX / Chicony MP989 laptop dip switch settings.
  148. Soldering Station
  149. patscc disappeared?
  150. dell dimension 2350 no video
  151. Microsoft Backoffice 4.0
  152. TEMPEST demo, not vintage, but interesting.
  153. A couple of power supply questions...
  154. Apple 2E Disk Drive will not power up
  155. 64 bit Windows
  156. I also write fiction as well as BASIC. Just found out I'm No.1 on Amazon Downloads!
  157. My pentium 4 computer turns off after BIOS?
  158. Does anyone here have a Robo 3D printer?
  159. QuarkXpress 6.5, or QuarkXpress 7.0 ?
  160. Superbowl?
  161. Hypothetical: Could a 5150 be viable today if not for GUI/Graphics?
  162. Why does my disassembled Pentium computer does not power up at all?
  163. The best desk for my IBM ever
  164. Guess This Tune!
  165. UEFI and Secure Boot mandated for Windows 8 certified PCs - your thoughts?
  166. PC Posture?
  167. EIDE LLF Utility...
  168. x64 Linuces/BSDs evaluation
  169. shielding requirements for a vacuum tube amp inside of a desk top?
  170. What screwdriver shall I use to open up a hard drive?
  171. Cheap video editing
  172. Finger memory?
  173. What is better for a 65 year old lady? Tablet/Laptop?
  174. I summon you, oh Postmasters of the world, to answer this
  175. “ Now wearable computers ! “
  176. Fiscal user check. Any news from Terry Yager or Druid6900?
  177. Am I the only one always eraseing what they type by hitting the "reply to thread" but
  178. Possible to create .iso of a laserdisc?
  179. Educate me about modern PCs!
  180. OK, Break Time...
  181. 24V Relay Control Board
  182. Pentium II MOBO Help
  183. Newsgroup proposal for comp.sys.mac.vintage
  184. New Notebook
  185. What is the term for this?
  186. Can a faulty Power Supply cable be repaired?
  187. “How Kasparov beat IBM computer at chess – but just once - 1997 !
  188. Recommendation needed: PCMCIA Ethernet with DOS packet driver
  189. SunRay 1 thin client
  190. Recommended ad blocking software for IE10
  191. Old cable modems (Motorola SB4200) - What to do with them?
  192. Collecting newer obsolete but not that common stuff
  193. Why do we have wide-screen displays?
  194. Scary things for sale online
  195. Windows XP won't connect to wireless network until "helped"
  196. Business Winstone
  197. April fools joke from Goggle Analytics
  198. Weird NVRAM failure on a Sun machine
  199. When does obsolete become collectible?
  200. Mobile Phone Turns 40??
  201. The ten SEXIEST computers of ALL TIME
  202. Anyone use Cypress PSoC 5?
  203. Cheapest way to add ROM to NIC?
  204. If you make PCs and you’re not Lenovo, you might be in trouble
  205. Getting StarTTY running again (Was: Please help
  206. Help with Synchronet (Was: What am I missing here?
  207. Switches and hubs
  208. New toy: Google Search Appliance GB-1002
  209. 3d.. or not 3d..(realms)
  210. Questions about repairing mainboards
  211. HBD lutiana!
  212. Multimeters
  213. Display driver for a ThinkPad 760CD
  214. Your email inbox and what it says...
  215. Anyone know how this thing works?
  216. Nice article on vintage computers in PC World
  217. I've been in the hospital
  218. My Scratch Built IBM 5150 Replica Case!!!
  219. Not quite vintage--AMD Sempron vs. Socket 478 Pentium.
  220. Rework station
  221. Win2k with 8GB of RAM
  222. "Probably not good news for MS" Department
  223. Abit BP6
  224. Anyone here lucky(?) enough to try out a Google Glass device?
  225. such a monster as an active 'reverse' usb to ps2/at adapter?
  226. Anyone repair LCD screens?
  227. What is this software called?
  228. Blueray burners
  229. Portal/Portal 2 Easter egg (SSTV)
  230. Stupid prices on Model III's --- ebay
  231. Best thickness for a copper shim?
  232. Storing expansion cards
  233. VOIP/Dialup emulation
  234. Change in behavior for eBay Best Offer?
  235. Beginner Collector...
  236. Old USB internal header
  237. Picking up a Sun Enterprise 450. Sorta.
  238. Apple goes off the deep end again....
  239. acer aspire one d270 wont turn on
  240. World's fastest supercomputer is Chinese
  241. Dead ATX power supply
  242. 78lbs of Intel processors.. probably around $10
  243. How rare or expensive does a hobby machine have to be before you get nervous using it
  244. Going all on the cloud.
  245. Windows 8.1 Has 5000 new API
  246. Possible alternative for the R Pi
  247. We need a car thread
  248. Microsoft ditched tapes for backup
  249. Do you guys ever take a chance on ebay stuff working out?
  250. Another “ computer great “ gone – Doug Englebart inventor of mouse, etc. !