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  1. WTH happened to IBM?
  2. When someone doesn't ship
  3. Make offer
  4. When eBay sellers don't pack right.
  5. Verizon FIOS Router Maintenance Charge
  6. Here's What "vintagecomputermuseum" Is Bidding On Now...
  7. Here we go again.
  8. Confusing sign up questions... or am I just putting too much thought into it?
  9. Why is the quite rare item you need, always being sold by an Ignorant eBay seller ?
  10. Australia is frigging AGES away
  11. Needing to choose between:- buying Hardware OR Firmware/Software OR Documentation
  12. Vintage parts on places like Impact/ETI/PartsExpress etc......
  14. Apple not making (m)any Computers any more.
  15. Locked PDFs
  16. ebay Search Strings to find interesting computer bits.
  17. 'Error' listings
  18. Wanna get into computers but doesn't want to solder
  19. Vintage Computing TFWs
  20. Why do undergarments have the seams on the inside?
  21. Where's the Delorean?
  22. Phone company "access" charges
  23. United Parcel Smashers
  24. Wired landline serivce not what it once was?
  25. eBay Website Performance
  26. Norton and other crap.
  27. Is Computing As Cool and Fun As It Once Was?
  28. I am told I am HOARDER and have Asperger's.
  29. WTH, Paypal?
  30. Domain Hosting and eMail Forwarding Woes
  31. Friggin' Windows Update!
  32. Rant, rant, rant
  33. Any way to bypass Viglink redirection?
  34. Pictures
  35. Does this forum deal with non performing sellers?
  36. Component People
  37. Try not to cry
  38. FeeBay is Right
  39. I Hate Printers.....especially modern ones....
  40. Modern Prebuilt PCs are too garish.
  41. I Hate Facebook & Other Internet Ills
  42. The dang Gummint... Again!
  43. The ELF hoarder strikes again.. but I'm making him pay
  44. Huge mistake buying a Trane air conditioner
  45. Friggin' hospitals!
  46. Stinkin' cheap USB "A" bulkhead connectors
  47. I hate re-sellers
  48. Just missed a big Amiga haul
  49. eBay - you have to laugh
  50. I Saw Some 5-1/4" Floppy Drives For $6 Each and Didn't Buy Them!
  51. Windoze Update
  52. What I like about ROM cartridge video games
  53. POPPY vs. COMMODORE?!?
  54. I wonder if they knew when it was made
  55. It seems a fine line with the youth between laziness or having mental health issues
  56. eBay deliberately contributing to inflated resale values
  57. Living without memory protection
  58. HDMI overscan
  59. Toll by plate toll roads/bridges
  60. MicroSD "push to release" sockets
  61. Harassing political surveys
  62. Whittled my once-mighty fleet...
  63. Firefox seems to be craps shoot lately.
  64. Is he a shill?
  65. Thieves
  66. "This seller has set buyer requirements and only sells to buyers who meet them."
  67. Nuisance alarms, aka Cry Wolf.
  68. Scanner distortion
  69. A Note About the Photos in My Ads (PhotoBucket Blackmailing)
  70. LEDs. What gives?
  71. delete this thread please
  72. vintagecomputermuseum strips a 6800
  73. Big brother is watching you
  74. Overuse of touch sceens on news
  75. Unicomp, can somebody help explain?
  76. Microsoft Strikes Again with the W10 Fall Creator's Release
  77. Concurrent DOS, GEM, and KnowledgeSet
  78. So, I bought proper solar eclipse glasses for everybody...
  79. All of California is going to pot!
  80. IBM and slotted screws
  81. Youtube - taking content without asking or credit
  82. Too much black gear!
  83. Vintagecomputermuseum Trying A New Scam?
  84. Is There A Reason That AT&T Always Blames DSL Problems On the Modem?
  85. Grrr Paypal
  86. Ask and ye shall receive
  87. Most expensive 286 motherboard in the world ?
  88. I hate when that happens
  89. Root, brick, unbrick.
  90. Always at the worst time.
  91. What's a millimeter?
  92. Self driving shuttle bus accident
  93. Google's evil factor quickly rising!
  94. Shipping USA->Canada via UPS+Purolator
  95. AT&T Yahoo Server
  96. Quick mini rants.
  97. Given Tuesday
  98. This one p---ses me off.
  99. The best offer on all ebay
  100. iphone old? Apple might be slowing yours dwn. On purpose.
  101. Atariage forum
  102. New eBay scam
  103. I like cereal
  104. 'Digital Quality'
  105. RANT! Whats your take on LinkedIn?
  106. Relax and take a chill pill
  107. A New Big Brother?
  108. MS's anti W7 game crusade
  109. is ebay going down?
  110. Far east cables
  111. RANT! Trust and paying for things online
  112. Un-rant: Sometimes it pays to buy good stuff
  113. Eventbrite has some flaws as a usable search medium
  114. Motorola made the PERFECT smart phone
  115. AT & T 6300: A comprehensive users's manual
  116. Unexpected hazards of vintage computing.
  117. A rant about Microsoft
  118. C programming - why?
  119. Everything is cheap, ridiculously cheap.
  120. Bad RMA websites
  121. Cobb EMC "Recycling Day" / "Earth Day"
  122. Google Boorks
  123. First it was leaded solder, now itís coffee
  124. WeirdStuff is going out of buisiness :-(
  125. Radio Shack - It finally happened
  126. Use of the word "vintage"
  127. Arby's
  128. Slow shipping from China
  129. My New Job has Windows 10 on every machine... including mine.
  130. Why do records never have the playback speed printed on the label?
  131. Sites that don't allow windowed browsers
  132. The New Roseanne was Cancelled over a Tweet, of all Things
  133. Ebay miscategorizations
  134. eBay broke vintage computing search a couple of days ago
  135. Poison Ivy.... Oh god
  136. Got my first power supply zap!
  137. Chainsaws, and all commercial grade equipment they sell, ie. Craftsman poulan etc
  138. What was this guy thinking???
  139. Catch-22 with Google Drive
  140. Usps
  141. "Tsted and orking"
  142. Anti-discount for cash?
  143. A Lament for my Tek 4051
  144. That's the last straw, Amazon.
  145. Google Drive
  146. Two strikes and I'm out
  147. Fedex ground shipping
  148. Office XP sucks
  149. United Parcel Smashers
  150. I was beginning to lose hope ...
  151. I have a quick question about Microsoft, please hear me out
  152. cordless anti static wrist strap
  153. Why Microsoft. Why?
  154. Modern Computer Games
  155. Why I hate SW as a service...
  156. Sketchy auction
  157. Can't stand the bugs in Linux, so i'm switching back to Windows, quick questions
  158. Thanks a *&^*&^ lot, Google!
  159. Is there a worse modern website than Home Depot?
  160. What is it with single piece laptop bottoms?
  161. Disappointed with Lexmark
  162. Don't let the door hit you in the backside on the way out, Paypal.
  163. Page Salad
  164. Why can't we have a common AC plug size?
  165. CPUs inside a hard drive? Sounds crazy advanced.
  166. Compression? Who needs it.
  167. Cheap y-splitters, chip fans, and long power runs oh my
  168. eBay: We found something similar
  169. Black Thursday/Friday - more lamo every year?
  170. "I Can buy a new one for that" - No you can't
  171. Old hardware has a shelf life
  172. I hate Electronics Parts Houses
  173. Rant / Survey - Dusk Sun in eyes while driving
  174. Got "the notice" today
  175. Android MTP on OS/X sucks
  176. Well that was colossally stupid...
  177. Two words : Keyboard poachers.
  178. Millennials!
  179. Security vs Beauty vs WHY FORCE YOUR HAND
  180. Wireless Keyboards and Mice are the worst
  181. Microsoft messes up again
  182. Does the Vintage Computer Forum Search Work?
  183. A Morrow Goes to the Keyboard Ghouls
  184. OK, now ebay has pissed me off
  185. Search doesn't work
  186. Freight Forwarder Lament
  187. The silliness of tamper-proof screw heads
  188. Intel needs to fix their RMA site
  189. "Rants" is closed