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  1. RGVX Attempts: Phantom Attack, Commodore Vic 20
  2. How mcuh more advanced was a NES to computers at the time?
  3. Rods & Cones Are the Bones!
  4. My Vectrex is ill :o(
  5. Seeking out a ZZT game..
  6. Vectrex Teardown & Repair Part 1: Replacing Capacitors + How to discharge the crt + h
  7. Grotty Gameboy Teardown and Restoration / Repair video :o)
  8. Youtube Channel For DOS Gaming
  9. classic Mac OS gaming
  10. The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble (1995 Sierra, Sealed Boxed Copy)
  11. Air Raid (rarest Atari 2600 cart?) on eBay
  12. Super Mario Bros clone (beta) on Atari (from AtariAge)
  13. Looking for the name of an apple ][ game - help needed
  14. Games for the IBM 5155 portable (or XT desktop)
  15. Old Mech Game I played back in '98
  16. Infocom adventures and green-phosphor displays
  17. Old DOS Games divided into multiple 720K floppies
  18. Which Roland should I hunt for?
  19. simcity anyone :P
  20. Good Ole Games now have a Mac OSX selection of games
  21. How to get a computer with Windows 98 for gaming?
  22. Neo Geo rides again.
  23. Does it compute? Japanese Famicom and others.
  24. The first commercial video game with blood and guts?
  25. These new-fangled games!
  26. Poll: Does DOOM lag because of my graphics card or my CPU?
  27. TRS-80 Model 1 and its role in early game development
  28. Will these games work on an Olivetti M24?
  29. Not truly vintage but gog.com sales going on (DRM free classic games)
  30. Need Help with a really old Computer game...been trying to remember name for 20 years
  31. Real Wreck It Ralph Arcade Cabinet sells on Ebay
  32. History and Review of the first Star Trek computer game
  33. Pyrotechnica CD-ROM game
  34. Does any version of Silpheed have a monochrome mode?
  35. Vintage game suggestion
  36. Looking for (2) Items to complete pro wrestling console game collection
  37. Looking for Infocom booters (PC)
  38. Your favorite games for 8088
  39. Game Consoles for Trade
  40. Shroud of the Avatar.
  41. Atari Battery Eliminator specs
  42. What Lucas Arts Games would you recommend for the 5160?
  43. DOS on a ds!
  44. Computer Chronicles! Battle of 1990s Game Consoles!
  45. Any emulator for early BASIC games?
  46. Zircon Joystick
  47. Mbasic games source codes
  48. Sega Genesis Cleaning / Touch-Up Question
  49. Finally got my BBS back up
  50. WANT - Sega CD Model 1
  51. WANT - A few gaming systems
  52. Duke3d atomic not loading
  53. WANT - Atari Systems
  54. magnavox odyssey 200, possible component video mod?
  55. GameBoy Advance Flash Carts
  56. Video Review: Oh Mummy, Tatung Einstein :o)
  57. SoftMPU 1.0 - Software Intelligent MPU-401 Emulator
  58. Pro Wrestling Computer Games List?
  59. My video of NERG 2013 (North East Retro Gaming)
  60. 5162 Refuses to run some games.
  61. Nintendo Family Computer
  62. Eye of the Beholder III : need image of disk 4
  63. Suggest me some good games for Macintosh.
  64. Video tutorial: Using SD2IEC with the Commodore Vic 20
  65. Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy
  66. ColecoVision, anyone, anyone
  67. Opinions? Raspberry Pi or Android MiniPC (PC on a USB Stick) for emulators?
  68. Games getting an appraisal. But Where?
  69. On the lookout for Demo CD (Wanted!)
  70. Weird install problem with Quake and Heretic
  71. Technically not vintage but Retron 5 info
  72. quick question on early 3D accelerater cards
  73. Windows 98 computer running Doom and Hexen
  74. Microsoft Decathalon and the PCjr.
  75. Sega Outrun
  76. Scored some Atari games recently.
  77. Need to make an image of my Lemmings disk for a VM
  78. ID Software and what did they run on back then?
  79. Leisure suit Larry 1 - need disk 1
  80. I don't know if I posted this before about video gaming.
  81. Roberta Williams vs Richard Garriott.
  82. Warcraft II & III
  83. ** I'm looking for some games from 80s and 90s **
  84. Where to find vintage games
  85. Looking for King's Quest III factory sealed (Tandy)
  86. About Gradius by Konami (UBM/Tandy DOS version)
  87. Dune II - Original 5.25 value???
  88. Early MUSE games for sale, one that inspired Richard Garriott's Akalabeth
  89. Looking for "AD&D Curse of the Azure Bonds" (IBM 5.25" version 1.0, not 1.1 and 1.2)
  90. 3-K Trivia (1984)(IBM) [Strategy] (Re-dumped)
  91. $306 for Origin's "2400 A.D." for PC/Tandy
  92. X-Wing, 3 of my 5 floppies are bad :( Any help?
  93. Downgraded Ultima II (From Re-released version 1985 to Original release 1984)
  94. IBM Microsoft Decathlon (1982) (Non modified score)
  95. wizardry archives transfer to floppy questions
  96. Old Zork Items Put on Auction (Zork Users Group)
  97. Detailed run down of KIM-1 Microchess (1KB) by its original author
  98. "Stocker" by Capcom (IBM)
  99. Vintage Game Consoles - new book on computers, consoles, handhelds
  100. Video Build Log: MS-DOS / W95 Hybrid Gaming PC with 3DFX Voodoo
  101. New Apple II Game: Retro Fever
  102. Recover Cracked or modifed image to original status (Crack --> Protected)
  103. Be careful to run Bannercatch (PC Booter)
  104. Lode Runner for the PC with V20
  105. Poster for the new film, Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution
  106. Ultima I
  107. Updated Game's Database of PC booter or DOS from MobyGames
  108. Double Dragon 1 DOS, 2 5.25 360 Kb disks version
  109. No luck getting Wing commander to install on my 386
  110. Online ZORK 1 through 3 on an Altair (clone) Computer
  111. How is this possible?
  112. How to play originals that are in drive b looking for drive a?
  113. Brand spanking new Ultima Online freeshard has opened up!
  114. Trailer for the new film, Gameplay: The Story of the Videogame Revolution
  115. Basica Games
  116. Commander Keen CGA on 2 360k disks
  117. MS Typing Tutor for the IBM PC on... cassette?
  118. Longshot - Dynacomp INC games for IBM
  119. Value of a large collection of NES cartridges?
  120. Mario!
  121. A Super Mario clone on the Commodore 64?
  122. Phillips gets REVENGE on Nintendo.
  123. After 25 years I finally finished Infidel!
  124. What is the name of this tank game?
  125. Atari moved onto Computers?
  126. Flashback to gaming from 20 years ago - GWJ episode 404 - 1994
  127. 55 dollar Witcher game on GOG
  128. Game . that id like to figure out the price ton
  129. Old adventure in The Hitchhiker tv series
  130. Silpheed on PC-8801FA
  131. XT Era Games won't load on IBM XT Computer
  132. Game Development Diaries
  133. Apple IIgs Ultima
  134. spaceinvaders ROM image (INVADERS)
  135. [Request] unmodified "DRIVERS" file from Autoduel (IBM) disk 2
  136. Best Games era (years) for the MT-32
  137. Need help backing up copy protected game (5.25'' Ultima V) (IBM)
  138. Mattel Electronics Auto Race 1976
  139. Sealed Apple II Atari games?
  140. New Retrogaming channel on YouTube: It's a Pixel THING
  141. NES TV remote control replacement
  142. List of games for each model of PC
  143. CivNet
  144. anyone every play the DOS port of Akalabeth on a 8088 era machine?
  145. Two types of SQ1 black box
  146. Vectrex Controller Replacement Fascias / Overlays
  147. Ultima for DOS Upgrades
  148. Papers, Please
  149. Ralph Baer dies at 92.
  150. Spectrum Vega coming out
  151. Temporarily free SimCity 2000: SE (Vista/XP) from EA
  152. B&W DOS Battleship / Submarine game ID
  153. I want Siri + Infocom
  154. Makijng a mental journey. (Chinese console thingie features N64 games)
  155. Need Help with Microsoft Adventure Disk
  156. Tank Wars
  157. Games Powered by Gamespy
  158. THe debt of video game cartridges.
  159. Slowing Down Joystick Game Cards
  160. Atari/amiga versions of Rogue
  161. Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Video Series
  162. atari 2600 with a pirated eprom reloadable cartridge & 400 eproms+danish cookie tin
  163. Name changes of gmaes.
  164. Digitally Archiving Ultima (IBM-PC). Anyone know versions and timestamps?
  165. Ultima VI for IBM PC. Anyone have a version timestamped before 03-20-90?
  166. SoftDisk and Big blue archives?
  167. [Game Boy] Trade Pokemon over the internet
  168. Sim City (IBM PC) (1989) - Does v1.1 exist?
  169. Games on my 5150 HDD. What needs to be sent to archive?
  170. Lemmings
  171. Happy 30th Year, Super Mario Bros.
  172. amstrad 64K Colour
  173. vintage computing on a modern system,
  174. Early '80s "IBM" freeware games/software (w/Mystery Codes)
  175. Mario is Missing versions
  176. Help needed : Heavy Metal (IBM version by Access Software)
  177. Looking for someone w/ a KryoFlux & unmodified Might and Magic I & II disks & more
  178. GUS and The Settlers II Gold
  179. Virtua Cop Link.
  180. Defender of the Crown EGA
  181. System Shock Running Slowly - Meets System Requirements
  182. Dungeon Hacks new book
  183. Anyone here into collecting big box PC games?
  184. 9" Sony PVM Monitor Useful for Vintage Gaming
  185. C64 Atari Pac Man: joystick lag bug
  186. Request : King's Quest I: Quest for the Crown (Non modified disk 1)
  187. Pirates Gold! - sound & image
  188. DOOM Add-Ons...
  189. Screen tearing/skipping frames help!
  190. Nomera: a Win95 style 2D platformer about Russian numbers stations!
  191. Retro Gaming PC Build Help
  192. Any leads on new games for old hardware?
  193. Civ2 Programming language?
  194. Problems running Millenium: Return to Earth on my PS/2. Is anyone running this on XT?
  195. I'm working on a PS/2 Model 25 full color MCGA compatible games list for my blog
  196. ZX Spectrum HD
  197. Retro Gaming in 2040
  198. Sega System 16 and color in games.
  199. Computer Gaming World's 150 best games of all time (from 1996)
  200. Did The Lion King and Aladdin for MS-DOS really get a US release?
  201. Namco "Ms. Pac-Man" Plug N Play Handheld Controller!
  202. LAN games of the 8086-286 era?
  203. Looking for all King's Quest II (Gray Box)
  204. Alley Cat 1/10
  205. Day of the Tentacle triangle box
  206. Help Me Find A Game - Apple IIe - Early 90s - Possibly Educational Software
  207. Soundblaster add-on card (waveblaster compat)
  208. Rare Boxed Apple II Copy of Zork 1
  209. Looking for Pirates! Dos Cardboard folder. (First Edition in manual)
  210. RGB modded my Nintendo 64
  211. troika three gaming masterpieces from russia "english translation"
  212. Sega CD Model 1 Issues
  213. Looking for disk 5 of "Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse" (3.5" SSI USA release)
  214. Which CPU for retro gaming ???
  215. Point and Click adventures.
  216. Classic Mac Gaming
  217. Asking for assistance with a new project to document classic floppy disk contents
  218. Mechwarrior 2 Launch error 5012?
  219. Really need help/point and click about dog in elizabethan times
  220. GENERAL MIDI in MS DOS - MPU-401 Not Detected, works under Windows 98
  221. The Secret History of Mac Gaming book
  222. Coming soon: New Apple II RPG by 6502 Workshop
  223. Final Fantasy V Four Job Fiesta
  224. Were Computer Console Like In the Past?
  225. Ancient Legends
  226. Nox Archaist Graphics Contest Winners
  227. New Versions of Intellivision and Coleco Color
  228. Using modern conveniences for mapping retro text adventures
  229. Problem running Round42
  230. Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback drivers, can't find!
  231. Lunar Lander
  232. Can't play from hard drive- need to get floppy versions?
  233. Global Pets 2002
  234. Kings Quest 3 Disks
  235. problem with audio stuttering in MAC version of Full Throttle
  236. Does anyone know this obscure text adventure game?
  237. "Chuck Jones: Space Cop of the Future", New adventure game for DOS! (in development)
  238. Game runs from floppy but not IDE drive.
  239. Old games
  240. US console market crash 1983
  241. WHy are the Borderbund titles so hard to find?
  242. USB keyboard lag in DOS games
  243. where to find fzero dos edition
  244. Installing and Running Quake Expansion Shrak
  245. Help identify joystick DB-15 connector
  246. Light Cycles 3D Released After 40 Years!
  247. Updates on my new DOS game.
  248. Amiga Cannonball (Outrun) realesed.
  249. Wolfenstein 3D freezes when using gamepad
  250. I've noticed retro NES and SNES games popping up on newer consoles.