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  1. Reseating ICs
  2. Removing ICs
  3. Desoldering ICs
  4. Inserting ICs
  5. Reseating
  6. Soldering ICs
  7. Troubleshooting
  8. Reset the BIOS in an IBM PS/2
  9. Low Level Format XT Class Hard Drive
  10. Using a HD FDD in an older PC
  11. Use a High Density FDD in an older PC
  12. Use a HD FDD in an older PC
  13. How to Use a High Density D FDD in an older PC
  14. Use a High Density D FDD in an older PC
  15. C/PM to Windows 7
  16. Future of AS 400 and Net
  17. I dont knw how comunicate with printer port
  18. compatible sysyem for programing
  19. How to use an old IBM PC case with new motherboards without damaging it.
  20. How to Downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 7.
  21. How To: Allow the MSS-100 to recieve and send telnet calls automatically
  22. Killer Poke and how to check for it
  23. Uploaded a profile PIC but don't see it in posts
  24. HDD capacity limitations for phoenix notebios 4.06
  25. Newbie moderation