View Full Version : Some BASIC Commands on these early Apple Machines

CP/M User
February 23rd, 2008, 11:29 PM
I've got the Disk Based commands working properly, however I'm interested to know:

* What Command gets me back into Text Mode?

* I've got two other Commands which I'm assuming are used to take you into a graphics mode:

How do they work - I'm assuming HGR2 is a Higher Resolution graphics mode than HGR?

CP/M User.

nige the hippy
February 24th, 2008, 02:48 AM
HGR - 280*160 with 4 lines of text at the bottom of the screen
HGR2 - 280*192 full screen graphics.
HCOLOR= [0..7] - sets colour
HPLOT X,Y - plots a point
HPLOT TO X,Y - plots a line from the last point to a point
HPLOT X1,Y1 TO X2,Y2 - plots a line between 2 points

TEXT - gets you back to text mode

And low res graphics...

GR - is 40 * 40 block graphics
PLOT x,y
HLIN x1,x2 AT y
VLIN y1,y2 AT X

it's all in the user guide - worth a google for a scan - however i don't fancy scanning in 386 pages myself.

Terry Yager
February 24th, 2008, 08:52 AM
I have The Applesoft Tutorial you can have, but since you're half-a-planet away, shipping might be prohibitive. (It's a very small book though).


nige the hippy
February 24th, 2008, 08:59 AM
quick google reveals....


CP/M User
February 24th, 2008, 09:25 PM
Thanks Folks, no I wasn't really after manuals - I was merely after this information so I could interpret a small Apple Snowflake program which I seem to have done successfully.

Guess some people will want to take a look at this Snowflake program written in BASIC?

CP/M User.

P.S. Thanks for the Commands! :-D