View Full Version : Morrow Micro Decision MD3

March 1st, 2008, 12:37 AM
Got this puppy in today....from VintageMicros.

Man - that dude can pack like NOBODY'S business!

REALLY nice condition - doesn;t even look like it was used!
One of the FDD's was DOA (known in advance of purchase) so I had previously bought (2) Mitsubishi M4851's for it (360k DS/DD) for it, beige faceplate, thinking it would look cool...

Popped it open, had firmware 2.5...
Nothing my EPROM burner can't fix - WHAM! 3.1 ROM now...
Boots up Morrow CP/M 2.2 Ver 3.1A without a hitch...formats b:, read a: (both M4851's now).

Nice box - when you look inside, it's amazing how much like an 80's clone it resembles. Single board, 2 floppies, PSU.
That's it - nothing else.

The strange thing, is it has a controller port for EACH FDD, so each FDD is set as DS0, and each has it's own cable ONLY for itself, going to a connector on the motherboard.

Strange birds... runs nice, though.
I'll post pix on PhotoBucket tomorrow - just finished mounting the drives, but I gotta make new, um, whatcha' call them? The top drive has no mounting - the bottom drive mounts to the chassis by the bottom, and the top drive is help in place by 4 strips of plastic screwed into the mounting holes on the sides of top+bottom drives.

Don't quite line up to my liking with the M4851's, so I'll be making new pieces tomorrow on the mill, probably out of aluminum.

Nice to have basically a machine shop in the garage...