View Full Version : Otrona Attache Clock battery Warning

March 2nd, 2008, 12:00 AM
Just as an FYI for you Otrona Attache owners.
The Attache has a real-time clock onboard, and uses 357A-sized 1.5v button batteries.

Yes, they leak. yes, they make a mess.

1. Remove the cover, which is a wraparound.
2. Looking at the front of the unit, they'll be on the right side, edge of the mainboard (which is mounted upside-down)
3. remove and swap - if ya got acid leak, well, remove the 4,157 screws holding in the mainboard, and get to cleaning.

If not leaking, just pull straight out with some needle-nose pliers (preferably serrated, to grip the sides) and just swap 'em. fat-side (+, - is the button part) towards the mainboard.