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April 7th, 2008, 05:40 AM
In the sales thread about an Indus GT for the Atari 8-bit, Uwe asked:

the c64floppy and the 1050 a very different things or can the c64floppy makes working with the atari ? (just from that the indus come for the atari and the c64)
I doubt a 1541 and a 1050 can be made interchangeable. To begin with, the 1050 uses FM recording while the 1541 uses GCR. The 1571 is possible to modify to use FM recording as well, useful to read PC 360K floppy disks. I think Indus just used the same mechanism but different electronics around it. For that matter, there was an Indus GT for the Apple II too, perhaps even more computers.

However, I'm quite certain that you could interface a 1541 to an Atari computer if you can live with your floppy disks being in Commodore DOS format. It would be a bit odd, but an interesting exercise. The 1541 and its siblings were used in a couple of non-Commodore applications like some Eastern European homemade computers, some synthesizer and so on due to it is quite independent and straight-forward compared to many other floppy disk systems.

April 7th, 2008, 08:04 AM
thank you very much for this infermation - thats why i lov this forum :)