View Full Version : ibm ps/2 p70 finally working

April 13th, 2008, 04:41 AM
i finally got my p70 to work. only took two p70s and a 35sx.lol got it to kinda work but still no floppy so no getting past the error codes then some how by unplugging the floppy i got into rom basic. but then the 35sx died error 3015-11 a few times then no screen or anything at power on so i put its drive in the 70 and it didn't work would sit there like first drive and spin. well using my great do it yourself repair skills i HIT it and all of a sudden it started seeking around i thought i had broke it until the ibm screen came up. so i now have a p70- running 3.11/dos 6.22 120 mb hdd and 8mb of memory now trying o locate a networking or sound card and a math co processor. only problem with it now is some characters on the screen streak a little. i will oon put a video of it and my 70 (120mb hdd 6mb ram os/2 warp) on you tube

April 16th, 2008, 09:09 PM
well i took it to school today (with the looks i got you would think no one had ever seen a portable computer :rolleyes:) to show the teacher who had gave it to me hes a substitute/ special ed teacher and he set it up and let the kids in his special ed class play with it. they got a kick out of it. only thing ive noticed is some times the hdd will grind but shake it and it will be fine are the bearings going?