View Full Version : Mismatched monitor-card resolution

April 21st, 2008, 05:06 AM

I want to buy an SVGA monitor to use with my internet appliance. The internet appliance has the equivilent of a 486 CPU and runs GEOS. It can output VGA (640 X 480) or SVGA (800 X 600) resolution. My question is: if I can only find monitors with higher resolution (like 1024 X 768), will they work with the computer?

Sean, looking to use this to write an article for my club's newsletter - GEOS uses Word's file format

April 21st, 2008, 10:52 AM
I know they generally don't deal with internet appliances here, but since it is technicall a vintage computer (they don't make internet appliances anymore)......

Pretty much any monitor made post 1991 should work assuming that the appliance uses a standard VGA connector. Older VGA monitors will work in 640X480, but not in anything higher. You could even use a modern LCD with it, though it might look rather bad and blocky (especially on an LCD larger than 15"). If you decide to go the modern route, make sure the monitor takes the blue colored VGA connector.

As far as a good monitor, if you are looking used, I'd look for an NEC MultiSync or an old IBM SVGA monitor of some sort, preferrably around 15" screen size considering the maximum resolution is 800X600.