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May 13th, 2008, 10:51 PM
From Atariage:


***Well, we finely sold off the last of our business and got rid of the building that it was in the other day, and among other stuff I got out of it was an old Burrows Work Station (not much use without the Mini computer it was designed to go with, but an interesting curiosity none the less) it has a keyboard, and a 10 key with it, boots and you can type on it, but as I said, without the mini it's not much use.

But I did end up with 4 Tandy computers, color monitors, and keyboards. I think I even have a box for at least one of them. They all boot, the disc drives work, and it's kinda interesting. I also got one Tandy compatible Printer and the cable that goes with it.

Now Tandy is just a Radio Shack version of IBM PC in the mid 80's, not the more popular for gameing Commodore, Atari, or whatever computers, so I have no Idea what these things might be worth. And i guess, that's really my question. What would these things be worth?

I don't remember much, but I did use to play a Basic Pac-man on the thing, and we had Wheel of Fortune for it, and I loved the hell out of Rogue (wish I could find that one again) I think I even played Lemmings (and remembered it was LOUD AS HELL, and you couldn't turn it down (so I ed And of course, it did...well...computery stuff too. Ran on Dos if I remember right.

I don't know, but the guy that had them said they had 20meg hard drives (not that they would work, if they did, but I don't think they did, as they ran on dos, so I don't know)

Anyhow, any Ideas? Is it worth something, is there some more cool games (and easy way sof thetting them?) or is it pretty much junk?***

I have asked for more detail, I will keep y'all posted. Another 1000 would be nice to have. Especially the all-in-one unit.