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June 6th, 2008, 02:32 AM

By the way, is there anybody here who doesn't like being referred to as "Gang"? I might be able to think of something else.

I bought the book who's title appears in the Subject header off of eBay. It's "Volume 0 - A Beginner's Book." I heard that at one time, ever IMSAI 8080 shipped with a copy of this book. So I expected it would have specific information on attaching peripherals to the IMSAI, or to S-100 computers in general.

It seems like the book is really a very, very general examination of the topic. I have only quickly scanned the pages, but except for some info on bus timing I didn't see anything that I hadn't figured out from fooling with my Science Fair Microcomputer Trainer. It definitely can't be used in place of the manuals for the original equipment.

One dubious thing that it says is that teletypes used to interface the computer rarely break down. That may be true for an ASR-33, but the ones we had in the Air Force were constantly breaking. You'd think that they were 'made of reeds', to quote Bach.

Boy, to put up with text input/output at ten characters per second, you must have had to really, really want it bad :)

There's an eBay seller, Dynacompsoftware, that is selling late seventies-early eighties manuals scanned onto CD-ROM for reasonable prices.

Last night I found a guy online who makes Xerox copies of old manuals, too. I will put his website on here as soon as I remember.

Oh, I secured a second 'silentwriter' terminal - the kind that uses thermal paper. I'm going to give one to my Mom and we will type back and forth. "I-eem-osaurus".


June 6th, 2008, 11:16 AM
I have an old TI KSR that actually still works and it's a wide carriage to boot. One of these days I'll lug it up to the workshop, clean it up and put it on my site.

Never know, might be some masochist that wants to play with those sort of things.

Stuff continues to show up in my basement........