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June 13th, 2008, 10:49 PM
I dunno......strange bird...

Kaypro 10, '84 motherboard, '83-looking chassis, but super-high serial number (33x,xxx). Definitely an '84 board, all ports to right side, and has clock+modem, so I assume a K10-MTC?

Now, THIS bird had extra stuff inside - TurboROM V3.A, 'Handyman v1.0-2' board in the Z80 socket, Advent 1MB RAMDisk, with the interface plugged into the Z80 socket on the Handyman, and then the Z80 on the Advent RAMDisk interface.

First questions first - what the HECK is a handyman? Has an EPROM on it, and what looks like 2 RAM chips of some sort - HM3-2064-5.
3 sockets:
RAM 1 has one of those RAM chips
PROM 1 has a 27256 EPROM, 'HANDYMAN (c) 1985 Handyman Group" on the label.
PROM 2 has the second 2064 RAM chip ??

There's another doo-hickie on the mainboard, over by the clock section.
A little board that plugs into where another IC was - the little board has a MM58167AN chip on it.

Now, I assume the Handyman EPROM has the Advent ROM inside, as there is NO IC in the standard PROM socket on the mainboard.

Any ideas? is Handyman a ROM clock of some sort?
Isn't that sort of a STUPID waste on a 4/84 with onboard clock when you have a TurboROM?

Department of redundancy department?


June 14th, 2008, 04:11 AM
An MM58167AN is a real time clock chip.


June 14th, 2008, 08:08 PM
Much appreciated, but I know what the IC does - I was wondering what the 'Handyman' did....

It seems to be some sub-board, with a TurboROM on it, but has a 'Handyman' label on the PROM. I assume it to be a ROM-Clock, but I wonder why it was fitted on THIS mainboard, as it HAS an onboard-clock, and TurboROM's directly support the Kaypro onboard clocks!

The Handyman board does NOT have clock hardware on it, though.

The Advent RAMDisk interface DOES have space on it for the clock hardware, although it's not fitted on this one - MM58167A-based, also.