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June 14th, 2008, 11:17 PM
Here's a machine I am working on for a customer.
This is probably one of the rarest non-special Kaypro machines.
By non-special, I mean the Robie, 12x, etc...

The Kaypro 10/84 MTC, is the basic '84 motherboard, commonly seen in the 4/84's, with modem and RTC hardware onboard. Although the K10/84 had the same mainboard as the 4/84, the sections for the onboard modem and onboard RTC were empty. If you added the extra hardware, you could have those extra functions. The K10/84 MTC was the only K10 that had both the modem AND the RTC.

You can see from the photos, I totally strip them down, cleaning and replacing/repairing any faults. The mainboard has had the battery removed, and solder removed as well, to prep for a new battery - this is the gap on the bottom right of the motheboard.

The mainboard has been fitted with a TurboROM, as seen in the photos, and another quick tip-off of an '84 vs and '83 mainboard is the 28-pin PROM socket.

In the drive cage, the hard disk has been replaced with a 42Mb Seagate ST-251.

The front panel of this unit is probably a 9-9.5/10 in condition. I don't think there is a SINGLE SCRATCH on it.

The FDD in this unit is bad, so it will be replaced with a period-and-model correct FDD. I don't just swap it out for anything - it MUST BE a unit listed in the Kaypro Tech Ref for the model, and it MUST BE of the similar datecode. Usually I yank my parts from period-correct Kaypro parts machines.

The display on this one is bright, crisp, and clear, no jumpiness, and is nice and horizontal.

I'll get more pics as progress continues....

Chassis Pic:


Drive sub-chassis pic:


Mainboard pic 1:


Mainboard Pic 2, focus on RTC and removed battery:



June 16th, 2008, 08:43 PM
Machine about 95% done:

Floppy drive changed out with Kaypro OEM Fujitsu 2551 DS/DD just as the original failed drive is.

Battery removed, and 2 x AAA pack installed, to make it easier on the owner in the future. Batteries die? No problem - just pop in 2 fresh AAA batteries!


Close-up of mainboard RTC area: