View Full Version : ET-3400, Part Two (short - hardware stuff)

June 23rd, 2008, 04:05 AM

I forgot to mention that my microprocessor trainer has soldering pads all through it's circuitry. I guess that this is for the interfacing experiments.

Mine came with what I have elected to call a breadboard. It is a piece of plastic with rows of holes in it. The holes accept Duel Inline Package Integrated Circuits, and mine has one each of Motorola 6820, a Texas Instruments 7806 and 7810. I'm guessing that the first is an extra C.P.U. The other two are also in the computer's circuitry.

I get the impression that you can really do a lot and learn a lot from this thing. Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday that it has a reset key on it's keypad. That sets the address counter to the start of a program that tests to see that it's ready to work. It doesn't erase the memory (all 512 bytes of it).