View Full Version : Cracked IBM Thinkpad Iseries(1171-340)

September 19th, 2004, 02:09 PM
Last year I found a site selling older laptops
it was a factory refurbished model so I decided
on a IBM Thinkpad I series 1171-340.

Now it has a crack that has been growing above the left hinge
and crosses both the back and front panel of the monitor section.

This crack makes the frame bendable and has been
causeing distortion in the monitor.

Is it possible to use a newer shell like from a "dell" notebook
with the components of my thinkpad?
If it is possible which type of Shell/casing would accomodate it best?

Terry Yager
September 19th, 2004, 03:50 PM

Go to your local AutoParts place and pick up an item named JBWeld, or better yet, JBKwick. It's the best product on the market for repairing broken plastic parts on laptops. That should take care of your problem. If you're shakey about fixing it yourself, then bring it to me and I'll fix it for you. I'm located about 90 miles from theMotorCity, in Lennon MI. PM me for the fone # if interested.


September 19th, 2004, 08:02 PM
Thanks for the info

I have had experience just smoldering things with my soldering iron
to repair plastic. I'm sure doing it the right way would make a more
astetic result


September 21st, 2004, 01:48 AM
Regarding using a shell from another laptop, I'm not sure they follow a standard fit at all. The best you could do if the repair work isn't satisfactory, is to find another IBM, maybe a dead laptop with OK shell.

However, personally I would hesitate before ripping things out, considering how tight packed a laptop normally is. Unless you have been working with those things before, you never know if all parts will fit in the right place again. Desktops, towers, server cases, rack mounts I dare to carefully open but laptops I've always sworn free from.