View Full Version : if you need model 100, 102, or 200 things

vic user
September 21st, 2004, 08:48 AM
I wanted to mention that I had a wonderful transaction with
Rick Hanson, of the Model 100 user group, and would encourage
anyone looking for model 100 stuff (including actual 100's 102's etc)
to do business with him.

I sent many an e-mail to him, and he always responded in a quick
and polite manner.

He also sent out the merchandise before actually receiving payment
from me, so I could get them quicker!

I am so used to dealing with big companies, and although they may put
on a good show about how they care about customers etc.., nothing
compares to dealing with small business owners like Rick Hanson.

Rick Hanson

If only he sold vic 20 things... I would probably have to sign some pay cheques over to him ;)