View Full Version : Can a TT030 be upgraded from 16 to 32Mhz?

August 6th, 2008, 10:05 PM
Does anyone know if a 16Mhz TT can be successfully upgraded to a 32Mhz? I am aware that
there is a 16 to 32 mhz daughterboard for the TT. However, the early TT's were reportedly somewhat unstable at 32mhz, thus Atari downgraded them to 16mhz. Whatever the problem was, it was apparently fixed in the later versions of the machines. At least, this is my understanding.

Can anyone shed any light on this? Thanks.

December 1st, 2008, 02:18 PM
You can use a 32 mhz daughterboard as you said yourself.
The mainboard gives 16 mhz which is doubled by the daughterboard while a lone CPU will run at 16 mhz.

Else you might try to overclock the mainboard to 24 mhz as did the CaTTamaran (which had the effect of running the 32 mhz CPU at 48 mhz).

Afaik the 16 mhz models were planned, but as other manufacturers came up with faster machines Atari decided to double at least the CPU speed to have a more impressive speed.
Today 16 mhz TTs are quite rare (although you can downgrade any daughterboard TT through replacing the daughterboard with a CPU).