View Full Version : Turbo function

September 1st, 2008, 12:02 AM
Having some troubles with a late socket 3 motherboard, the model is an ECS UM8810P-AIO
It has the latest bios version and a AMD 5x86 CPU on it.

My problem is that I cannot make it to run in non turbo mode by using the case turbo switch...nothing happens...not even when putting a jumper on the two pins on the motherboard makes any difference.
The only thing that seem to change anything is when I use the good old CTRL + ALT and KP MINUS but is just works for a second or less and then back to full speed...it's like something is forcing it back to full speed.
I've done my tests with Norton SI 8....did a CPU benchmark where you can see the CPU performance in real time

There's no BIOS settings for this function....

What am I doing wrong? I'm starting to think there's a bug somewhere...