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October 19th, 2004, 11:20 AM
(no, this is not a message about women drive better than chickens)

A while ago I bought a 2nd hand HP LaserJet 6L on an Internet auction, and installed it with the default Windows driver suitable for the printer. It seemed to work fine, but I noticed the page header and footer on my documents didn't print. Also, I use notation software and the music notes tend to always hang 1/2 mm below the line or space they should be at. Very frustrating, and it didn't matter which print size I changed to.

Today I decided to investigate, and it seems the default (preferrable?)margins for this printer, when using MS/HP combo drivers are something like 4 cm each on left-right and more than 6 cm each on top-bottom. Huh? While I can understand if it doesn't print to the very end of the paper, leaving up to 12 out of 29.7 cm (I'm using A4) seems like a big waste. Of course I could trim those figures down by a lot. However, when printing from the both applications, they seem to overrule the default margins, so that should not be the problem.

So, I chose to try the latest driver (2000) HP could offer me. It identifies as 5L (older, different model) but obviously the internal firmware works the same. It does not have its own setting for driver margins, but now both the footer prints and the notes are positioned correctly.

I can't remember coming across some other HP or else printer which had these kind of problems with an included driver. I'm running 98SE, so maybe newer Windows drivers would work better, but on the other hand this is a parallel port printer which is a segment about to disappear and maybe have no support at all.