View Full Version : Looking for URL for 'Cluba Oldbits'

September 16th, 2008, 11:09 AM

I had this site bookmarked for its excellent collection of photographs of disassembled vintage computers, but it seems to be gone. The URL was : http://cobit.mma.com.br/ (obviously in Brazil), which is now some sort of portal page for god knows what (not speaking much Portugese).

I found some of the original pages on the internet archive:


but some of the newer versions of the site give some odd errors.

Anyway, Googling for 'Cluba Old bits' or 'Cluba Oldbits' doesn't help much. I tried emailing giovane@epnet.com.br (from the above archive) and this email address is also a dead end.

So if someone knows the state of this site or can lead to a working URL then thank you very much :-)