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October 18th, 2008, 05:36 PM
I just bought my second Kaypro. I already had a Kaypro II - which has software and works just fine. The new Kaypro, which I thought was a Kaypro II, turned out to be a Kaypro 2. This Kaypro had no software, but I assumed the Kaypro II software would work in it. I was wrong. When I try to load, I just get an error message.

Does Kaypro II software not work in a Kaypro 2 or is there something wrong with the Kaypro 2's drive?

Another question: from what I've read, I thought the Kaypro 2 didn't have a built-in modem. Mine does. Is this a strange version or was the information I read inaccurate? If so, is there a good Kaypro site that has accurate information on the different models?

October 18th, 2008, 06:23 PM
Later version, different mainboard, different BIOS required = different CP/M boot disk.

II didn't even have the capability to see the 2nd side of FDD's without mucho hacking, 2 mostly needs just a ROM upgrade+DS/DD FDD's and you're good. The II was basically a copy of the Ferguson Big-Board, whereas the 2 series were MUCh improved.

They made the II, the 2-'83, 2-'84, also known as the 'New 2', and then you get into the 2x, etc..

The II/2's were basically the entry-level machine, with SS/DD FDD's factory.
the IV/4 had DS/DD, as did the 1, which ironically, was the last Kaypro CP/M machine manufactured.

So basically ya got, without bringing in the super-rare models, the II, IV, 2/83,2/84,4/83,4/84,2x,10/83,10/84,10-MTC,1. As I said, we won't discuss the 4x and Robie, as I've never even actually SEEN one....

To quote Yoda :)
"Confusion with Kaypro's, there is much"


October 19th, 2008, 04:19 AM
To quote Yoda :)
"Confusion with Kaypro's, there is much"

To quote Darth Vader:
"Holy friggin crap!"

(...well.. maybe he didn't actually say that)

It appears I have the "New 2", but my confusion hasn't ended. One site says the New 2 has only one floppy drive and another site says the New 2 doesn't have a built-in modem. My New 2 has two floppies and built-in modem.

It looks like I'm going to have a hell of a time tracking down software for this thing - if each model has its own boot floppy. As Luke Skywalker said, "That sucks!"

October 19th, 2008, 03:51 PM
Well, it ain't quite THAT bad...

Put up some pics of the mainboard, and I'll tell you which you have.
Also, provide me the number on the ROM chip - it'll be near center of the mainboard, with a white sticker on it, and a number, like 81-292 or something like that. Mainbard should also have a number on it, but a good portion do not. The only have the 81- silkscreened on the board, and the underlined area next to it is empty.

Keep in mind, there IS a difference between a II and a 2, and a new 2.
Much more so between a II and anything else, really.

The only CP/M machine that I recall Kaypro ever making with only ONE floppy drive is the kaypro 10, which had a hard disk. A a-drive, floppy-only, CP/M-based machine is dang near useless, unless you sysgen each floppy, and have the OS on every floppy. Back then, this woulda' consumed what? 10K or so? on a 90K SS/SD floppy, that sucks!

Now, briefly:

If the memory is on the front left (as you look at the front of the machine) and socketed, probably a 2/84.
If all the connectors are all the way on the right edge (again, as you look at the front), including (front to rear) fdd,
50-pin (may be only solder holes - may actually have a connector) header, the power, then it's an '84.
'84 will also have an slightly empty section in front right corner, with outline of where a battery goes.

here's a pic of the mainboard for a Kaypro 10-'84/MTC:


Has all the traits of an '84:
Socketed RAM in front-left.
ROM just left of center
Connectors all lined up on right side
Gap for battery front right just inside the FDD connector


Terry Yager
October 19th, 2008, 09:17 PM