View Full Version : RIAA preamp

November 15th, 2004, 04:15 AM
A few months ago, I picked up a 2nd hand JVC turntable (LP) for $3 at a flea market. The belt was loose, the cover was missing and the needle may need replacement, I haven't determined yet.

Sad to say, I was too un-technical or un-skilled to know how to put the belt back on. I took off the turntable disk and tried to find a way to have the belt go through the inner workings. Then my brother helped me by explaining the belt is supposed to around the disk itself, not in the trace below.

Anyway, now I need a RIAA preamplifier, either by getting an old stereo or amplifier part, or one of these dedicated RIAA preamps. Since I don't want to spend much money, I've found four cheap models but the reviews on Internet says that most of these are junk when it comes to sound output, distortion etc.

Right now it seems I'm going to buy a RIAA preamp in the range of $40-85, which is almost thirty times as much as I paid for the turntable. I suppose a new needle cartridge would put me off at least as much too, but I'll try with some bad records to see if there is something wrong with the needle.

Once I'm done, I'll capture some of my old vinyl to CD. I've done it before, but using my old compact stereo with built-in turntable (whose motor is about to stop working) and only headphones out rather than line out.