View Full Version : *UPDATE* Dead Atari 400; Working Atari XE

November 28th, 2004, 11:52 AM
*Update: Remember my dead Atari 400? Well, turns out I never needed it. I soon discovered that the carts I recieved with the Atari 400 work in the Atari XE.

I boxed all the Atari stuff, due to space reasons and getting fed up with the Atari hardware. :x Now I have have the XE up and running, which has BASIC in the ROM (nice touch). I can even get a floppy drive for it if I wanted to. (I have a datesette drive already thats hooked into it).

:idea: If you want to play with Atari BASIC or whatever, but are limited due to space, get an Atari XE!

Now I feel kind of stupid not discovering all of this before.

(But on the ligher side, vintage computers have taken over my basement. Nearly every computer I have is set up and ready for use. Now I can start spending more time working on the computers rather than getting them out or boxing them up!)