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December 5th, 2004, 10:35 AM
Hello All,

I am forwarding this fantastic announcement from Gaelyne Gasson of VideoCam Services so that everyone here will also receive this great news.

See the message below:

It is with great pleasure to announce that VideoCam Services is now
accepting pre-orders for the ReRun Compendium CD. This is a fully
licensed product due to an agreement between Click Here Software and
VideoCam Services / VCSWEB.

This CD includes all of the ReRUN Monthly Magazine disks, almost all of
the Special issue disks ever released, and the greatest compilation
packs of Applications, Games, and GEOS software ever sold on ReRUN

The ReRUN disks are stored as D64 and D81 "Disk Images" on the CD.
Simply click on the disk you want using your web-browser, and copy it to
your hard drive. Or, you can even use the disk images on your CD
directly with your favourite Commodore emulator. Disk Images also allow
you to easily copy the disks to real Commodore floppy disks with any of
the many free and popular tools available for download.

This CD also contains a *complete index* of every article, program, and
review ever published in RUN Magazine. The index is formatted in HTML so
that you can view the index on just about any computer using your

The Index is formatted to provide an Annual (Yearly) index for every
year of RUN Magazine. From their premiere issue in January 1984 to their
final December 1992 issue, youíll find a listing of all of your favorite
articles, programs, and reviews. This index will make it fast and easy
to find the article you are looking for.

In addition, there is also an Index arranged by topic and category. So,
click on games (or reviews, applications, etc.) and see every article in
that category listed in alphabetical order. The category listing will
also list the year, month, page number, and everything you need to find
your favourite article.

Michael Hunter had the idea of creating this CD and has seen it through
to its completion. Heís spent nearly a year working on its organisation
and this shows in the final product. Itís very well organised!

To kick off the release of this CD in a really BIG WAY, Michael Hunter
also has an eBay auction at the moment that includes the very first
release of the ReRun Compendium CD.

It is to be included with the complete collection of EVERY issue of RUN, ReRun and Commodore Magazines. The auction link is:

If the link above becomes broken in the posting here, you can also use the following "TinyURL" to get to the auction listing:

The ReRun Compendium CD will start shipping on December 13, 2004 and
will sell for $14.95 USD plus shipping. We are accepting pre-orders for
the CD in the Commodore Central Market. The listing is located at:

If this link becomes broken in the posting here, you can also use this "TinyURL" to get to the pre-order section:

Merry Christmas from Rod & Gaelyne at VideoCam Services / VCSWEB!


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