View Full Version : LATEST term emulators for Rainbow, Pro350

November 28th, 2008, 02:38 PM
Yes I know the Rainbow could boot directly into term emulation mode and be a VT102; I also somewhere have that poly-COM/poly-XFR software that let it emulate, I think a VT220.

Now I have a VMS application in development on a VAXstation that I want to make nifty use of the <Do> key. But the app requires a block mode terminal; my research sez VT220 didn't actually have that ability and that the VT320 did.

So is there a terminal emulation program out there that will run on a Rainbow100 or a Pro350 (or...I don't know, are there other systems that used the LK201 keyboard?) that supports VT320 or other LK201-compatible block mode terminal emulation?

'Cause that would be awesome.